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DesignState Intralink to AgilePLM

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DesignState Intralink to AgilePLM

  1. 1. DesignState Intralink to Agile Demonstration<br />Zero Wait-State Company Confidential<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Definition of Zero Wait-State<br />Zero Wait-State in Product Development<br />About ZWS<br />DesignState Architecture<br />ZWS Engagement Model<br />Demo<br />Next Steps<br />Discussion<br />
  3. 3. What is Zero Wait-State?<br />Wait-state: a time-out period during which a CPU or bus lies idle. Wait states are sometimes required because different components function at different clock speeds. <br />Zero Wait-state: an environment in which a CPU can process information at its optimal speed without having to wait for other components to catch up. <br />
  4. 4. What is Zero Wait-State in Product Development?<br />Wait-state: <br /> Unnecessary delays in the product development cycle.<br />Zero Wait-state: <br /> An environment that is fully optimized to eliminate unnecessary delays in the product development cycle.<br />
  5. 5. Wait-States in Product Development<br />Executing a change when necessary files live in multiple systems…<br />Creating new parts from scratch when you know they already exist (but are WAY too hard to find)…<br />Everyone asking engineering to do something for them (e.g. create a photo rendering or a “simple” view of a design for making a technical illustration)… <br />Tracking the impact of one change across a full product platform…<br />Figuring out who has the latest version of “xyz”…<br />Managing the work of many partners simultaneously and making sure they are working on the right data…<br />These are just a few examples, do you have any others?<br />
  6. 6. About Us<br />Operating since 1999<br />Over 150 customers both small and large<br />Partnerships with key technology and service providers (PTC, Oracle, Microsoft, VMWare)<br />Domain Experts in Product Development solutions<br />Extensive background in software development and deployment<br />Zero Wait-State Company Confidential<br />
  7. 7. DesignState Windchill to Agile (WC2A) Capabilities<br />DesignState WC2A<br />Transfers BOM Structure from Windchill to Agile<br />Supports publication of native data or viewable formats into Agile<br />Publication can be interactive or event driven<br />Publications are maintained in the synchronization log for accuracy<br />Compatible with Agile’s change management functionality<br />Can initiate, drive, and report on the change process between the two systems<br />Maintains control and synchronization during the change process<br />Slide 7<br />
  8. 8. DesignState Architecture & Process Flow<br />Policies dictate when information is published and how the information is transformed<br />DesignState<br />Rules Engine<br /><ul><li>Synchronization
  9. 9. Transformation</li></ul>ECO Created<br />State Change<br />ECO Released<br /><ul><li>Part number assigned
  10. 10. Released State</li></ul>DesignState communicates with PDMlink utilizing the API<br />DesignState communicates with Agile through the Agile SDK Connector<br />Slide 8<br />
  11. 11. Event Queue<br />View<br />!Events<br />!Events<br />!Events<br />MCAD Architecture<br />ZWS – DesignState<br />Agile PLM<br />Windchill Intralink<br />PDM2Agile<br />Intralink<br />PLM API<br />PDM Publisher<br />UGS Teamcenter<br />PFP<br />PDM2Agile<br />Teamcenter<br />A~A<br />Synch-Log<br />ZWS – Webapp<br />Slide 9<br />
  12. 12. Intralink<br />Pro/Engineer<br />System Overview<br />DesignState<br />Agile PDM<br />Create/Update<br />Part: 3086071-101<br />Drawing<br />Create/Update Object<br />Create/Update Object<br />Create/Update Object<br />top_boom.drw<br />3086071<br />Sync to File<br />Sync to File<br />Sync to File<br />Doc: 3086071DOC<br />Doc: PL3086071<br />3086071.pdf<br />Assembly<br />3086071-101.stp<br />PART_NUMBER<br />3086072-001<br />Native Pro/E File<br />top_boom.asm<br />3086071-101<br />Native Pro/E File<br />Part<br />Part<br />Part<br />top_boom.drw<br />Cam_plate1.prt<br />Dummy.prt<br />NO_PUB<br />Cam_plate.prt<br />3086072-001<br />Library.prt<br />3086073-001<br />PART_NUMBER<br />3086071<br />PART_NUMBER<br />3086071-101<br />PART_NUMBER<br />NO_PUB<br />Part: 3086072-001<br />Native Pro/E File<br />Native Pro/E File<br />Dummy.prt<br />Library.prt<br />Add to BOM<br />Library parts are<br /> not synchronized<br />PART_NUMBER<br />3086073-001<br />NR or ECO<br />Create New<br />No object published<br />Part: 3086073-001<br />Native Pro/E File<br />Promote to Pending<br />top_boom.asm<br />
  13. 13. Process Overview<br />MCAD Interface<br /><ul><li>Checks for:
  14. 14. Parameter/attribute validity
  15. 15. Existing Agile Objects
  16. 16. Existing Agile C/Os
  17. 17. Actions:
  18. 18. Objects created/modified
  19. 19. Objects synchronized
  20. 20. Viewables created/attached
  21. 21. Structure created/modified
  22. 22. Create/update Models/Drawings.
  23. 23. Build structure (CAD BOM).
  24. 24. Use the ‘Agile’ table to generate balloons (assembly drawings) and ‘fix’ find numbers
  25. 25. Create a FN file (optional)</li></ul>Agile<br />Pro/E<br /><ul><li>Explicitly published objects are added as affected items on COs.
  26. 26. Files explicitly published together (same RTP form), are combined onto COs, if PA (Project) matches and require the same CO type (NR, ECO).
  27. 27. If a CO exists which has the affected item listed on it already:
  28. 28. The CO will be Redlined/updated if it’s not yet at the submitted state in Agile.
  29. 29. The publishing event will Cancel if it’s at the submitted state or higher.
  30. 30. Republishing Intralink objects to EXISTING Agile objects WILL NOT update attributes.
  31. 31. Items NOT from a Library folder will redline DESCRIPTION on a C/O.
  32. 32. Check in modified objects
  33. 33. Use the Agile configuration table in Intralink to easily check for parameter validity:
  34. 34. PART NUMBER
  35. 35. CAGE CODE
  36. 36. PROJECT
  37. 37. Description</li></ul>Intralink<br /><ul><li>Promote objects in CS, OR
  38. 38. Promote the objects during Check in
  39. 39. Promote ONLY the objects to be explicitly published (on a C/O).</li></li></ul><li>Consistent Results<br />Established processes leads to higher quality solutions and faster time-to-market<br />Internal support infrastructure in place for quality customer relationship management<br />Focused on providing tangible, measurable value to our clients<br />Leveraging Industry best practices ensures high impact/low risk solutions<br />Zero Wait-State Company Confidential<br />
  40. 40. Zero Wait-State Benefits<br />ZWS methodology maximizes value for the client<br />Tailored solutions impact critical issues <br />Domain knowledge ensures maximum results<br />Partnerships give clients access to best in class resources and applications<br />Zero Wait-State Company Confidential<br />
  41. 41. Next Steps<br />Schedule a discovery workshop<br />Map out key departments and personnel that can provide a full view of your product development process<br />ZWS will conduct the discovery and gather data for a scope document<br />ZWS will present scope document with recommended solutions.<br />Client reviews results and recommendations<br />