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Software Modernization Revisited: Challenges and Prospects

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Slides of the presentation performed at JISBD 2016. Salamanca.

The slides briefly summarize the results reported on the papre titled "Software Modernization Revisited: Challenges and Prospects" published at IEEE Computer 48(8): 76-80. 2015

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Software Modernization Revisited: Challenges and Prospects

  1. 1. Software Modernization Revisited: Challenges and Prospects Hugo Bruneliere, Jordi Cabot, Javier L. Cánovas Izquierdo, Leire Orue-Echevarria Arrieta, Oliver Strauss, Manuel Wimmer Flickr/BenNuttall JISBD 2016 - Trabajo Relevante (IEEE Computer 48(8): 76-80. 2015)
  2. 2. Postdoc PhD Students Professors Lecturers The Team
  3. 3. Our Research Lines Software modeling • How to store and transform large models • How to build (meta)models collaboratively Formal Methods • How to check the quality of a model (beyond toy examples) • How to write better tests (from your models) Software Analysis • What we learn by looking / mining past projects • How I attract (and manage) more contributors
  4. 4. The Real Face of Software Migration Flickr/Clement127
  5. 5. Analysis Technical Space Origin Purpose Architectural Viewpoint Environment Size
  6. 6. Technical Space Source code (Java, Python), XML Source code (C#, PowerShell, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP, XAML), XML, plain graphics Source code (Java, OWL, WSDL), XML, plain text, plain graphics Source code (C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), XML Origin Manual code principally, some code generation Manual code principally, some DSL-based code generation Balanced (partial generative approach for code) Manual code principally, few code generation Purpose Application, Data Application, Configuration Application Application, Data, Configuration Architectural Viewpoint Presentation, Business Logic, Data Presentation, Business Logic, Data Presentation, Business Logic, Data Presentation, Communication, Business Logic, Data Environment Eclipse Platform (Java), Linux OS Microsoft Visual Studio + SQL Server (.NET), Windows OS Eclipse Platform (Java), Protégé (ontologies) Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET), Oracle RDBMS Size Medium Medium for GPL parts, rather small for DSL parts Large for ontology parts, rather small for the rest Large for the application, medium for the rest
  7. 7. Key Success Factors Flickr/RyanWick
  8. 8. Oneformattorulethemall Differentviewsfordifferentstakeholders Nonfunctionalpropertiesasfirst-classcitizens Migrationasaprocess
  9. 9. Flickr/Idreamlikecrazy One format to rule them all Models and metamodels Model transformations UML, SysML, BPMN, KDM, DSLs
  10. 10. wikimedia Different views for different stakeholders Concrete vs abstract syntaxes Definition of viewpoints
  11. 11. Flickr/EmkoAB Nonfunctional properties as first-class citizens Relevance of nonfunctional properties Specific properties when migrating to the Cloud
  12. 12. Wikipedia Migration as a process Process as a model Systematic migration road
  13. 13. Our Approach to Cloud Migration
  14. 14. Flickr/JimRafferty Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Thanks! IEEE Computer 48(8): 76-80. 2015