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  1. 1. Arif uddin HORROR FILMS
  2. 2. BBFC GUIDE RESEARCH • The main objective for BBFC is that they want to create preference and independence. • They don’t intend on making profit. • The BBFC adjusts its standards and criteria in response to any changes in public attitudes. There are two key principles, laid out by the BBFC guildline • to protect children and vulnerable adults from potentially harmful or otherwise unsuitable content • to empower consumers, particularly parents and those with responsibility for children, to make informed viewing decisions.
  3. 3. UNIVERSAL • A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over, although it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child. • U films should be set within a positive framework and should not offer any violence, threat or horror. If the film is suitable for pre- school children, this will be indicated as universal film.
  4. 4. Parental Guidance General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised that it may contain un suitable content for their child.
  5. 5. • Films classified 12A and video works classified 12 contain material that is not generally suitable for children aged under 12. No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. Adults planning to take a child under 12 to view a 12A film should consider whether the film is suitable for that child. To help them decide, we recommend that they check the BBFCinsight for that film in advance. No one younger than 12 may rent or buy a 12 rated video work.
  6. 6. • You must be 15 and older to be able to watch this film. This age restriction tends to use less explicit language than (18). But more than a (12)
  7. 7. • No one younger than 18 may see an 18 film in a cinema. No one younger than 18 may rent or buy an 18 rated video work. Adults should be free to choose their own entertainment.
  8. 8. • The R18 category is a special and legally-restricted classification primarily for explicit works of consenting sex or strong fetish material involving adults. Films may only be shown to adults in specially licensed cinemas, and video works may be supplied to adults only in licensed sex shops. R18 video works may not be supplied by mail order. Credit to BBFC
  9. 9. FILM DISTRIBUTION • Before a film is released the company will do many things to hype up their audience in order to make profit. An example would be for them to release a trailer, in order to get people intrigued and curious for when the film is actually released to the public in the cinema. • The film can either be released to the cinema, video on demand, personal home viewing or broadcasting syndication for the audience to view.
  10. 10. FILM PROCESS • A director of a potential film has a plot/script ready to sell to a producer. If the producer likes what he reads, a written agreement is placed and a budget for the film is set. An example of a producer company would be ‘Illumination Entertainment.’ • The second step is the casting of actors and other technician (editing, filming, sound etc.). • All the crew members then begin to shoot the film, and eventually when its finished, the director and producer decide when and how to release it to the public. For this to occur, a distributor is needed. A distributor also helps release the film globally, increasing the chances of higher profits. Films are distributed by many ways; - Cinemas - VOD - DVD - Blue-Ray
  11. 11. EXAMPLES OF FILM DISTRIBUTORS. Warner Bros Pictures 20th Century Fox Television Universal Lionsgate
  12. 12. CONVENTIONS OF FILM OPENING • The first few opening scenes must hook and engage the audience. It will also give little hints of what will occur later on in the film. The institution title is normally editing to fit the genre it is in. So in a horror film the Walter Brothers logo may have been edited with dark and sinister lighting. • Establishing shot is sometimes used to clearly give the audience the date and setting the film. For a horror film a establishing shot a forest may be used. This will be to engage and to get the viewers thinking right away. • Music is essential, seeing this intrigues people. It also builds tension for the rest of the film. Non-Diegetic is used the most, as this makes the viewers feel uncomfortable. • Some Horror films start straight off with an action scene. This to give the audience a taste of what's going to occur. This is also to engage and intrigue the audience.
  13. 13. SUB - GENRES • Combines horror with comedy • They often mix famous horror films with their wacky comedy such, scary movie with scream. • They make the viewers fear and laugh throughout the film. Comedy Horror
  14. 14. PARANORMAL FILM • Relies on characters fear, guilt and vison. • Very dark and sinister • Creative angles are used to built tension
  15. 15. SLASHER HORROR • This genre is very gruesome and violet. • This normally includes a crazy serial killer stalking his victims , slowly killing them off one by one, with the same unique weapon. • There is often a reason to why the serial killer does his killing, later found out. • Serial killer often killed off, or left injured for another possible sequel.
  16. 16. SOUND CONVENTIONS • Sound conventions are things that typically are heard in a horror film. There are many things that always appear in horror films. These can be loud banging noises, creaky sounds, whispers, silence and music to build to tension. There are a lot more, but these are only a few. There are two types of sound used in films (Diegetic and non-Diegetic): • Diegetic sound is sound that the characters can here. For example voices of other characters, source music, atmosphere of the scene and many more. • Non-diegetic is sound that characters cant hear. For example the narratives commentary, mood music, sound effects and more. Fast paced music is used a lot in horror films. This is used as it is very good at building suspense and tension in within the film. It is usually ended with a fright scare. In order to scare the audience and to engage further. The scare is always partnered with a loud bang to end it off. To add to the tension of the scare.
  17. 17. EDITING CONVENTIONS Parallel editing: Is used a lot in horror films. This is the technique of altering cross cutting scenes that happen straight after one another in different locations. This type of editing adds interest and excitement to an otherwise boring scene. Why use it? Imagine a scene of a man, just about to go to bed. He’s in the bathroom brushing his teeth. As he begins to wash his face a masked serial killer stabs and murders him. Yes its exiting, but it can be improved by parallel editing. For example the first shot would be the man entering the bathroom. The second scene would could be the masked man entering his house through his windows. The man would then begin to turn on the tap so that he could start washing his face. But the masked man grabs him before he can, and stabs him in the back. This adds visual value too. The first version had one key exiting point, which was the stabbing of the man. However the parallel edited version increase the suspense and adds even more excitement as it is slowly built up by the director. It has the viewer thinking and worrying for the victim unlike the first version. Background sound music will be added too to build that tension just a little more. Its added superfluous content, enjoyable for the viewers.
  18. 18. EDITING CONVENTION Close Up Shot: This types of shot is where the camera tightly frames an object or person. Why use it? Horror movies often use a lot of close up shots. This is because they can be used to show many things. Such as showing importance, creates an atmosphere and bring the viewers closer together. It also increase fear. This is used a lot in movies. This is a very frequent use of editing.
  19. 19. CHARACTER CONVENTIONS Horror is based upon conflict and dilemma the main protagonist have to endure and even overcome. Horror film always contain a main protagonist. This could either a hero/heroine or a villain. Most likely a hero. If a villain it could be masked serial killer, a monster, mutant, super natural element and list goes on. In most horror films the ending of them film would end in the death of the villain and the victory of the main protagonist, but recent films have changed where the villain is superior at the end of the film. EG- paranormal activity, conjuring 2 etc. These tend to be super natural themed films. The action of the villain always have a reasoning to it. It could be revenge, need of possession of the human soul, or could be the need to killing.
  20. 20. Types of Characters The protagonist: Could be either male or female and are the smartest of the group. They tend to be the last one alive of the lot, and the one manages to solve the dilemma or escapes. They make the right, smart obvious choices whereas the other make not so bright decisions. The Suspicious Friend: Others members of the group begin to suspect them to be the antagonist due to there actions. Annoying Friend: The one friend who makes really dumb choices, and is very irritating to the viewers. Often first killed off, leaving the views happy satisfied rather than upset. The Antagonist: Often revealed at the end. Sometimes killed at the end with a dramatic scene. At this point we find out why all this occurred. Could be left injured for a possible sequel film.
  21. 21. CINEMATOGRAPHY In horror films different and unique angles and canted cameras will be used to enhance the viewer further. This also adds the element of tension and to even express fear. They will also use colours such as red and black because they suggest danger and death. So you could tell right away that you are watching a horror movie. Whereas a romantic comedy, would use bright vibrant colours. One technique used a lot by the directors would be the filming of someone through something. For example a women eating at a restaurants being filmed through the window of the shop. This suggests that she is being watched and examined, and could be targeted and attacked later in the plot. Builds suspense and fear for the woman.
  22. 22. CREATIVE CINEMATOGRAPHY EXAMPLES • Low angle, silhouetted shot. Normally used on the antagonist, to create fear, as the audience are not shown his face, making him/her even more scary. (no identity) • Through window shot. Normally used in all types of Horror Genre. Normally occurs on the protagonist and makes it seem as if they are behind watched by the antagonist. Adding another layer of fear. • High angles shot The high angle makes the character on the less superior to the audience. Because they (camera) are looking down on him.
  23. 23. NARRATIVE What is the difference of plot and narrative • The narrative is a device used to communicate to the audience. It tells the story through sequence of actions and events. • The plot is the main events of a play, novel, film. For example in a Rom-Com the plot will be man falling in love with a woman. Types of narrative structure • Open – There is no foreseeable ending – soap shows (Eastenders) • Closed – The ending is given, wrapped up, so no questions are asked. (most films) • Multi-strand - is telling a story from more than one person's point of view. Or two stories of two different people. • Linear – Tells the story one point at a time without using flashbacks or flash – forwards. • Non – Linear – Does not follow normal pattern. Out of chronological order.
  24. 24. MISE – EN – SCENE The film is usually set in isolated area or even super natural areas. This is so the viewers can clearly identify and figure out that there is no around to help if anything helps. Often its dark, old abandoned run down buildings etc.. It would most likely be shot at night seeing as it would have a bigger effect on audience. The director will use pathetic fallacy which consists of thunder and rain. These are used to add even more tension and fear to the unusual isolated setting. Props that might be used Weapons Knives Holy books Dark paintings Old belongings Why? These props have a sense of eeriness and darkness to them. Therefore they are perfect for Horror Films. Props add to a scene by giving more dark sinister scene and it builds tension. Example could the Holy book could show the presence of a super natural element. Knives could show that someone is out there to murder them.
  25. 25. QUESTIONNAIRE RESULT ANALYSIS From this question we an see that 67% voted for the Horror films, and the remaining 33% is shared between Thriller, Comedy, Sci Fi and Adventure. However no-one selected the action category. This shows us that horror movies are more popular than the other given options. From question 2 we can analyse that the sub – genre, Comedy Horror is preferred more than the other provided options. These are Paranormal Horror, Slasher horror and sci – fi horror.
  26. 26. This question was answered by 15 people, in which 40% where 15-18 and 19-24. The remaining 20% is for those who are 25 or older. No-one was 14 years old or younger. This shows us that Horror films are targeted for the older audience. From this question we can see that there is a large proportion of those who watch horror films ‘whenever they can’. Specifically the percentage of this is 40%. But there is very small proportion of those who ‘never watch it’. (7%). This shows us the popularity of this genre. This could be because of many reasons.
  27. 27. In this question I asked them what was the last film they watched. These where • Conjuring 2 • Aliens vs Predators • Nightmare on Elm Street • Batman vs Superman • Paranormal Activity 5 • Iron Man • Suicide Squad • Bounty hunter • Finding dory • Captain America Civil war • Conjuring 2 • Don’t breath • Avenger 2 • Hangover 3 • Conjuring 2 I asked this question because I want to get an idea of what my questionnaire answer like and enjoy. The majority of these where horror films. This shows us that Horror films are hot and trendy right now.
  28. 28. I asked this question because I wanted to see why loved their favourite films. From those who chose Horror films as there favourite films, they all seem to like the film being based on true events and the use of gore to represent death. As makes the film that much more realist. From this question you can see that more people like to watch horror films with friends rather than alone, or with family or with siblings. Watching with family came in second with 26%, and watching alone and with sibling came in with 14%. This shows us the majority like watching we someone else rather than alone. This may because they like to share and enjoy the fear of the film with someone else. Makes the film more entertaining to watch.
  29. 29. From this we can clearly see that horror films are more appealing when they are based on real life events. Such as – Paranormal Activity. ‘Yes’ earned 80% of the vote whereas ‘no’ earned 20% of the vote. From my questionnaire I have learnt that the Horror movies genre is more appealing to watch compared to other genres, such as action, comedy etc. I have also learnt that the comedy – horror sub genre had a greater proportion of the vote rather than slasher – horror, paranormal horror and sci – fi horror. This has had a great influence on what type of genre I am going to shoot for our final production.
  30. 30. TARGET AUDIENCE PROFILE My target audience is for the younger audience as I feel that in this generation enjoy Slasher Horror Movies more. At that age they are open to experiment on their emotions, and almost fearless. Therefore they are perfect for target audience.
  31. 31. OPENING SEQUENCE ANALYSIS – CONJURING • The opening scene starts with a black screen and people taking in the background. After a while the viewers will be able to make out the words in which were about a possessed doll. As soon as the doll is mentioned an extreme close of the doll is shown. It is zoomed into the dolls eyes as this looks very realistic. This is give the doll a realism to it. No noise is used throughout this scene, however the input of the doll still adds a shocking surprise as now the viewers can visually see what the characters at the beginning were distressing about. The camera then slowly zooms out to show the dolls entire face, to further frighten viewers as they know that this doll is possessed so whenever it appears, bad things will happen. Narrative is introduced through a conversation that the characters are having. The other people in the conversation who are most likely experts in in sprits explain why the sprits wanted to be closer to doll and its owners. This information is given to the audience in order to make them feel even more disturbed for the rest of the movie. The lightning throughout the film is very dark to add to the eerie effect and to make it feel twice as more creepy and scary for the audience. This is also used to show that something bad is going to occur. This is matched with the use of eerie music to build the fear.
  32. 32. OPENING SEQUENCE ANALYSIS – WOMAN IN BLACK • At the beginning of the film we are introduced with a close up of three children playing with their dolls with eerie creepy music being played in the background. From the use of the tea cups and the setting of the house we the audience realise that the film is set in England. Seeing as the house is very Victorian and tea cups is very stereotypical item which has an association to England. The Victorian house also gives us a sense of when the movie was set in. The use of the characters also portrays this. The music was used in order keep the audience on edge. The music used was slow and calm. From this it gives the audience a feeling of something bad is going to occur. This also foreshadows what the audience are going to witness later in the film and foreshadows future events. The next shot shows a high angle shot of the three children playing with their toys whilst they sit right in the middle of the room. Suddenly all three children come to a stop, suggesting that something bad is going to take place. The music also begins to speed up to make audience even more aware. It also makes the audience think whether there is another character in the movie.
  33. 33. NEW LINE CINEMA • This film distribution company is an American film studio found in 1967. They began as a film distribution company, but later on became a independent film studios. They mostly participate in marketing and distribution for horror and thriller films. Some example are the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘The Conjuring’ ect. • This company has been successful with many movies within the horror genre. Film distribution companies in detail
  34. 34. SCREEN GEMS • Screen Gems are also an American film production company. This company is responsible for the distribution of films such as ‘obsessed’, ‘Dear John’ ect. • This company is a widely known distribution and production company. It mostly works with Romantic Comedy films. Film distribution companies in detail