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Brazilian Buffaloes

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Marajo island is the very door to amazonian world. Here you can see how marajoara life is.
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Brazilian Buffaloes

  1. 1. Photographs <ul><li>MS </li></ul>Paint Brazilian Buffaloes
  2. 2. Marajo Island : at the mouth of Amazon river. A mouth of 4 hundred kilometers wideness
  3. 3. Isolated from the country. Not having cars or trucks, Marajo island use buffaloes to perform all traction needs.
  4. 4. Here you see a house. It is suspended from the ground. In Amazonia you live together with floods yearly.
  5. 5. Islander riders: more buffaloes than horses. The water buffalo is an amenable animal.
  6. 6. The fluvial harbour. Goods must be distributed all over the island.You see buffaloes everywhere.
  7. 7. At County´s Service: Collecting garbage. Palm fences divide public beach from private areas.
  8. 8. Buffaloes need water ever. Marajó island has no fences. Daily walking to the next beach is part of life.
  9. 9. You see here not ocean waters. This is the mouth of Amazon river. Salt waters 6 months a year, during the dry time. When the rain season beggins, they turn potable. You can drink it.
  10. 10. Stop, please. Just a photograph !
  11. 11. The waves brought something interesting to the vultures. A dead ray, perhaps.
  12. 12. We have no time to watch vultures. We have job to do downtown. Noblesse oblige.
  13. 13. Photograph/Text/Edition Zuateg/Mônica Nikon OneTouch AF Quartz Date Camera