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Great ScrumMaster 2018

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Great teams make a huge difference to your company’s success.

Great ScrumMasters create such high-performing teams.
I will tell you some of the secrets you need to know to become a great ScrumMaster. Create a high-performing collaborative environment at your organization, which makes your organization more than competitive in the current complex globalized world.

This session is targeted to all leaders of Agile transformation, Agile Coaches, and ScrumMasters who understand the Agile basics but have the dream of achieving significantly better results with Agile/Scrum.

The session is based on my book The Great ScrumMaster, published by Addison-Wesley, Signature Series (Cohn) on Jan 2017. The Great ScrumMaster - #ScrumMasterWay.

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Great ScrumMaster 2018

  1. 1. #ScrumMasterWay Great ScrumMaster @zuzuzka Zuzi Sochova
  2. 2. Languages of Papua New Guinea today number over 850. The most linguistically diverse place. With very different cultures.
  3. 3. Margaret Mead 1901 – 1978, Philadelphia American cultural anthropologist cooperation, competition, and individualism.
  4. 4. ScrumMaster
  5. 5. Do "nothing"
  6. 6. ScrumMaster is more than just a team assistant
  7. 7. #ScrumMasterWay State of Mind
  8. 8. Teaching, Mentoring
  9. 9. Help Remove Impediments
  10. 10. Facilitation
  11. 11. Coaching
  12. 12. Observe
  13. 13. #ScrumMasterWay Metaskills
  14. 14. Curiosity
  15. 15. Respect
  16. 16. Patience
  17. 17. Playfulness
  18. 18. #ScrumMasterWay Learning
  19. 19. Unlimited learning...
  20. 20. #ScrumMasterWay Leadership
  21. 21. Servant Leader
  22. 22. ScrumMaster is a leadership role #1
  23. 23. System View
  24. 24. System Rule
  25. 25. Look at organizations from system level #2
  26. 26. Search for Better Ways
  27. 27. Don’t push, help
  28. 28. Be one step ahead
  29. 29. Don’t push, don’t be behind Be only one step ahead #3
  30. 30. Three tips… ScrumMaster is a leadership role. Be a Servant Leader. Observe, look at organization from the system level. Be culture anthropologist. Don’t push, don’t be behind. Be only one step ahead. #1 #2 #3
  31. 31. The Great ScrumMaster book Practical guide for all who want to improve their teams and organizations.
  32. 32. Zuzi Šochová @zuzuzka AGILE & SCRUM COACH CERTIFIED SCRUMTRAINER, CST Connect with me… Author of The Great ScrumMaster book