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New Opportunities with New Domains: Webinar by 1and1

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New Top Level Domain presentation used for the ‘New Opportunities, New Domains’ webinar hosted by 1&1 UK experts Katrina Douglas and Leslie Bunder.

Watch a recording of the webinar on YouTube at:

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New Opportunities with New Domains: Webinar by 1and1

  1. 1. New Opportunities New Domains Presenters: Katrina Douglas and Leslie Bunder 1
  2. 2. ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 2 Presenters Leslie Bunder Market Manager UK, 1&1 Katrina Douglas Head of Marketing UK, 1&1
  3. 3. Agenda ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 3 What Are New Top Level Domains (nTLDs)? Why Should You Consider An nTLD? How Can They Benefit Your Business? Case Studies: How nTDs Are Benefiting Businesses How to Secure Your nTLD When Will The nTLDs Be Available?
  4. 4. The end of a domain name e.g., com, .net, .org, New top level domains The new range of creative extensions ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 4 What Are New Top Level Domains?
  5. 5. A Brief History Page5® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 1381 nTLDs 650+ Generic nTLDs 22 gTLD .com 290 ccTLDs .fr .de 645 Brands .acer .bmw .zara 104 IDNS .点看 .‫موقع‬ Today Upcoming 150+ Biz .cafe .dentist .florist .hotel 65 Geo .berlin .london .nyc 65 Tech .web .app .email 5 1998
  6. 6. Increased Options Tailored to Your Business nTLDs ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 6 Why Should You Consider An nTLD?
  7. 7. Increase Awareness Protect your Brand Identity Connect any new name to your current website Differentiate yourself ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 7 How Can They Benefit Your Business?
  8. 8. Business:  Tippers, builders merchant  New domain: Why:  Seeking new ways to gain traffic to the website  In the past has had to make do with long names  .Plumbing helps segment their marketing ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 8 Case Study: Allan Akers, Ecommerce Manager “Now that we have the domain it will make it easier to spread the word about our projects which should lead to more visitors and therefore more conversions. With the new domain we can now have a more segmented marketing approach.”
  9. 9. Business:  Auto balance adult and children’s bikes  New domain: Why:  Part of a re-brand  Protect and strengthen online brand identity  Looks clean, sounds great ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 9 Case Study: Robert Bodill, Jyrobikes “It’s the small things you see. Firstly, all terms relating to our business can help increase our search engine success. Secondly, by having a business sector specific ending, we can simply communicate JYRO.BIKE. It looks clean, sounds great and is easy to remember! Our customers will be able to find us quicker online.” Robert Bodill, Founder and CEO,
  10. 10. Business:  Self employed photographer  New domain: Why:  Photography domain market is congested  Strengthen brand identity  Improve chances of being found online ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 10 Case Study: Ben Bull Photography “I first heard about the new TLDs from a 1&1 TV Ad and remember thinking ‘this sound too good to be true’, but as soon as .photography came up I knew I had to jump to it or I would never get it! As far as domains go I think this is one of the last opportunities for me to be relevant to my business through my online brand identity.”
  11. 11. Step 1: What do you want your ntld to represent? Location e.g. .London. .wales .scot Subject area e.g. .wine, .football, .wedding Business sector e.g. .accounting, .marketing Website type e.g. .shop, .blog ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 11 How to Secure Your nTLD
  12. 12. Step 2: Visit the 1&1 nTLD portal ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 12 How to Secure Your nTLD
  14. 14. nTLDS to be released in the next month! ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 14 When Will The nTLDs Be Available? TLD Release date TLD Release date .CAREERS 26/02/2014 CENTER 19/03/2014 .PHOTOS 26/02/2014 BUILDERS 26/03/2014 .RECIPES 26/02/2014 SOLUTIONS 26/03/2014 .SHOES 26/02/2014 SUPPORT 26/03/2014 .CAB 05/03/2014 TRAINING 26/03/2014 .DOMAINS 05/03/2014 BUILDERS 19/03/2014 .LIMO 05/03/2014 CENTER 26/03/2014 .COMPANY 05/03/2014 .COMPUTER 12/03/2014 .SYSTEMS 12/03/2014 .ACADEMY 12/03/2014 .MANAGEMENT 19/03/2014
  15. 15. ® 1&1 Internet Ltd. 2014 15 The Bottom Line Register domains that: a) Match your business objectives b) That you want to protect c) For future use... Before someone else does!
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention! Questions?!? 16