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The next generation of revolutionary change starts here... @Unsheffield June 2009

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The next generation of revolutionary change starts here... @Unsheffield June 2009

  1. 1. The next generation of revolutionary change starts here... Ben Reyes @unsheffield Saturday 20th June 2009 Twitter: @3en Blog: Facebook: benmatthewreyes Email: Skype: benreyes
  2. 2. Pre-warnings • This presentation is raw, fresh and still bleeding edge • Ramblings and confusion may occur as these sets of ideas are still being evolved
  3. 3. Setting the context • Inquiry... rather than Advocacy • Dialogue... rather than Debate • Conversation... rather than Argument • Understanding... rather than Defending
  4. 4. Back Story • Me (Ben Reyes) • 2 years leading up to this date looking at trends in society and technology • Past year researching into generational changes in particular with the internet generation
  5. 5. Change is happening Though it is nothing new
  6. 6. Each generation brings it’s set of evolutionary and revolutionary change
  7. 7. Digital Natives and Internet Generation People born with technology and the internet with no previous knowledge of life without
  8. 8. This does not out-rule other generations. Though each generation have similar mind sets within their generation
  9. 9. What change will digital natives bring?
  10. 10. Digital natives and young people are in unique position
  11. 11. They are now an authority on technological collaboration/ communication and new ways of working
  12. 12. They are now just starting to join the work force
  13. 13. They have no previous knowledge or experience of old conventions Only new ways of working that technology brings
  14. 14. They are in a unique position to cause disruption. (Due to shift in society due to new ways of communication and collaboration using technology)
  15. 15. Changes will happen to our businesses, organizational structure and government
  16. 16. It’s already happening Examples:
  17. 17. Google (business structure, 20% time)
  18. 18. The Obama Administration (US GOV, tech savvy staff, fresh faces)
  19. 19. Open Source (new way of creating open innovations, agile methodology, community involvement, business and ORG structure)
  20. 20. Forget about generations.
  21. 21. I am recruiting you to join in the evolutionary revolution of change
  22. 22. Up to now this generational and evolutionary shift is talked about passively It’s time to take an active stance
  23. 23. Though there’s a risk this evolutionary shift doesn’t cause revolutionary change
  24. 24. And the internet generation do not live up to their potential to create change
  25. 25. Digital Divide
  26. 26. Our educational system is fundamentally flawed and old (The broadcast model, teaching to the test) (20% time?)
  27. 27. So... Change will happen even if we don’t pay attention to it. But you don’t want to be left behind
  28. 28. Go out and discuss the evolutionary revolution of change. Feel free to use my slides.
  29. 29. And be involved, even if you aren’t going to be directly influencing change. Talk to people about it, especially young people as they are in a unique position to lead this evolution.
  30. 30. Questions and Feedback Ben Reyes Twitter: @3en Blog: Facebook: benmatthewreyes Email: Skype: benreyes