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O portfolio, where art thou?

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Keynote by Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst) at the Eportfolio Ireland seminar in Dublin, Ireland, on 11 November 2019.

License: Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0


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O portfolio, where art thou?

  1. 1. Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst) // // Eportfolio Ireland // Dublin // 11 November 2019@anitsirk Presentation licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0+ Photo: O portfolio, whereO portfolio, where art thou?art thou?
  2. 2. Recording:Recording: 
  3. 3. My portfolio journeyMy portfolio journey 
  4. 4.    My main rolesMy main roles    Project lead Community manager Agony aunt Ninja Manual author Facilitator
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Brief historyBrief history 1st occurrence in OED History of student progress Recognition of prior (informal) learning Teaching portfolios Student portfolios Electronic portfolios 1813 early 1900s post WWII 1970s 1980s 2000s //
  10. 10.  Multi-layered storyMulti-layered story
  11. 11. Lifelong Lifewide non-formal formal informal School Work Retirement Adapted from ;LIFE Center Chen, 2009
  12. 12. Folio thinkingFolio thinking ... is a process of engaging in the collection, organization, re ection and connection that leads to a person’s ability to speak intelligently and concisely (i.e. tell stories) about one’s learning experiences, what they mean and their value, and how the experiences relate one to each other. Vicki Suter, based on Helen Chen
  13. 13. Portfolio activities: 5 CsPortfolio activities: 5 Cs CreateCreate CollectCollect CurateCurate ConverseConverse ConnectConnect
  14. 14. ThenThen NowNow Assessment Development Minimal engagement Conversations Procrastination Early start
  15. 15. The appraisal was fuller andThe appraisal was fuller and showed a better level ofshowed a better level of constructive interaction andconstructive interaction and purposeful review.purposeful review. Nurse
  16. 16. ResourcesResources
  17. 17. New initiatives in 2019New initiatives in 2019 AAEEBL task force: Ethics and ePortfolios Eportfolio Ireland survey on Irish ePortfolio practice  
  18. 18. Over to youOver to you Where do you see portfolios making their biggest contribution to a student's learning journey? What is the most dif cult aspect of implementing portfolios for you?
  19. 19. ContactContact Kristina Hoeppner     anitsirk 