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apidays LIVE Singapore - Why you need a Developer Relations team for your API by Anna Tsolakou

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apidays LIVE Singapore - Connected Development
Why you need a Developer Relations team for your API
Anna Tsolakou, Developer Advocate at Amadeus

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apidays LIVE Singapore - Why you need a Developer Relations team for your API by Anna Tsolakou

  1. 1. Why you need a Developer Relations team for your API Anna Tsolakou APIdays Singapore 19 August 2020
  2. 2. Anna Tsolakou Developer Advocate at Amadeus for Developers AnnaTsolakou tsolakoua 2
  3. 3. Market Today 3 Many quality APIs per industry Great technology & services Many more expectations Developer tools, tutorials, community How to succeed? This is where the DevRel team fits
  4. 4. What is a Developer Relations Team 4 You’ve heard about _Developer Evangelists _Developer Advocates _Technical Ambassadors _Technical Writer A lot of debate Who really belongs to DevRel? Truth is it’s all DevRel Diversity with different skills & tech backgrounds
  5. 5. The DevRel team is all about 5 Understanding developers How they feel about your product? ---- What they build and how to succeed Filling the gap API <> developers Raises customer voice internally ---- The public face of your API Wearing different hats Involved in many different tasks ---- Adapt quickly to changes
  6. 6. Why DevRel team 6 Developer experience Awareness, adoption & engagement Developer community Integrate easily & efficiently the APIs Build an attractive product roadmap Feedback process 1 2 3
  7. 7. 1. Developer Experience SDKs Documentation & Guides Demo apps Customer support
  8. 8. SDK 8 Developers expect _Reduced technical complexity _API access in their own environment _Simple Authorization _Error handling What are software development kits (SDKs) Developer libraries containing the tools and documentation to build applications for a specific programming environment.
  9. 9. SDKs Experiment with a senior developer 9
  10. 10. Documentation & Guides 10 Documentation _API reference & overview _Consistency & clarity _Room for improvement #Your customers Wide variety of experience and industry knowledge Guides _Functional & tech guides _Video tutorials _Educational content
  11. 11. Since DevRel started growing 11
  12. 12. Demo apps 12 WHY _Inspire & give ideas _Reduce onboarding _Promote APIs HOW _Think of a use case _Include new APIs _Publish the code FOR WHO _Early stage startups _Potential customers _Hackathons & students
  13. 13. Demo apps built 13 How safe is the location of my hotel and what attractions can I visit? AI-powered flight search
  14. 14. Technical & functional DevRel expertise in APIs and industry Feedback source Collecting market trends Customer ideas & struggles Multiple channels Not only support email, but GitHub, Twitter, Stack Overflow + 14 Customer Support API health monitoring Identify bugs before users
  15. 15. 2. Developer Community Engagement 2019 metrics Online developer community
  16. 16. Hackathons Awareness Diverse user profiles Great source of feedback Conferences & meetups Knowledge sharing Leads to networking and feedback collection Online developer community Single place for all users Support & networking Embrace Open-source More active users, trust and contributions 16 Engage with the community Online Online Online OnlineOffline Offline
  17. 17. 21 Conferences & events Out of 6 Hackathons 2 Organised by us 17 Talks on Stage 6k+ Audience reached 17 Only in 2019
  18. 18. Online Developer Community Activities _Support hours _Networking hours _Tech news sharing Since the 1st week _Many interactions _1 SDK contributor _1 OS project _1 blog article 18
  19. 19. 3. Feedback Collect Feedback Share Feedback
  20. 20. Customer support channels Emails, Twitter, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Linkedin Events Hackathons, Conferences, Local meetups Survey For specific feedback Online developer community 20 Collect Feedback
  21. 21. Share Feedback 21 _Invest in a tool to consolidate feedback _Add feedback & user _Share with internal teams _Prioritise feedback _Get back to user when a feedback is implemented
  22. 22. We talked about SDKs Docs & guides Demo apps Customer support Hackathons & events Online dev community Share & collect 22 Developer Experience Feedback Developer Community
  23. 23. Happy community Developers who love your product and talk about it Reduce onboarding Successful customers Their success is your success Big player in the market 23 Payoff based in our experience
  24. 24. Does anyone have any questions? 24 Thank you