data structure algorithm operating system array sorting shearing reflection rotation scaling translation delete computer graphics cpu scheduling stack search insert algorith binary search linear search searching graph cache memory secondary memory 2d transformation 3d transformation oblique orthographic perspective parallel projection transformation bresenhams dda line drawing external internal os fragmentation index linked sequential file organization deadlock bankers algorithm priority scheduling round robin postfix infix linear array boundary summation diagonal summation 2d array pop push add rear front queue linked list sum of subset problem divide and conquer approach quick sort n queens problem kruskals algorithm prims algorithm spanning tree tree grapg divide and conquer merge sort lcs longest common subsequence internal and external sorting insertion sort bubble sort selection sort introduction asymptotic notation complexity graphic design dynamic programming type conversion type expression type system static and dynamic type checking converting regular expression to nfa transition tables nfa dfa regular definition regular expression kleene and positive closure operation on string and languages error recovery strategies lexical error attributes of token pattern and lexeme token lexical analyzer vs parse role of lexical analysze why separate lexical analyser and parse ambiguity parse tree compiler construction tools compiler technology translation of an assignment statement why learnt about compiler? list of compiler phases of compiler impact of using hll interpreter loader linker assembler compiler preprocessor language processig system gray hat hacker white hat hacker black hat hacker cracker hacker common computer antivirus affect of computer antivirus computer antivirus common computer virus effect of computer virus types of virus computer virus application of internet internet search engine hypertext link downloading uploading ftp usenet telnet e-mail introduction to internet data transmission modes sattelite microwave radio frequency fiber optic cable twisted pair cable coaxial cable wired and wireless transmission media transmission media srtos hrtos real time os network os distributed os time sharing os batch os types of os goal and function of os what is os sequential-heap-hash-cluster-b+ tree organization types of file organization file organization in database file introduction to database goal and application of database logical and view level physical dml ddl database languages consistency constraints specification database administrator database user and user interface acid properties of database database system architecture database schema structure of relational model foreign key composite key super key primary key keys rename operation union project select division and assignment join set intersection attributes entity set entity 3nf 2nf 1nf types of normalization advantages of normalization why we need normalization? what is normalization example of bcnf condition for bcnf what is bcnf granting privileges authorization in database limitations of trigger syntax of trigger benefits of trigger what is trigger performance measure of a disk physical characteristics of magnetic devices jukeboxes main memory classification of storage device choice of raid levels paralellism redundancy data stripping raid computer software number system part 2 number system part 1 computer network network topology logic gates part 4 logic gates part 3 logic gates part 2 logic gates part-1 plotter monitor printer omr ocr touch screen trackball joystick mouse keyboard input devices dvd-rom cd_rom optical disk magnetic disk hard disk floppy disk rom ram primary memory instruction cycle instruction set registers alu cu cpu components of computer hardware computer system similarities and dissimilarities disadvantages of computer application classification of computer computer generation history of computer characteristics and functionalities of computer analog and digital computer computer threads in os database vs file system extended e-r features degree of relationship strong and weak entity set e-r model additional relational algebra relational algebra query languages transaction management data dictionary data model schema instance data abstraction
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