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CV- Abbas Essa

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CV- Abbas Essa

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Personal information Name Abbas salem Issa Address Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia KSA Telephone(s) Fixed: Mobile: 00966 593832913 - KSA E-mail Nationality Jordanian Date of birth 31.12.1985 Gender Male Social Status Married Driving License Valid Jordanian and Saudi Driving License Membership ofprofessional Groups Member in Jordan Engineers Association ,Jordan Member in Saudi Council of Engineers,Al Riyadh - KSA Desired Job Sr. Electrical Engineer Work experience 1) Saudi Bin Ladin Group SBG - Public Buildings and Airports Division, KSA Dates March 2009 - onwards Occupation or position held Sr. Electrical Engineer (Electrical In-charge) KAFD Project Main activities and responsibilities King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) project – 30 parcel (AL Riyadh, KSA) as an electricalin-charge engineer ofPARCEL 1.11 & PARCEL 1.14 (trading center) 1) Supervise the manpower on the site which include Engineers , Foremen , Ganger & Technicians to Install all Electrical – Low Voltage & Low Current systems 2) Liaise with consultant to supervise and handover all site activities. 3) Ensure that all testing and work activity is carried outbased on Project Technical specification and all applicable codes and standards. 4) Contact with the suppliers to follow up electrical equipments & make sure delivered on time. 5) Insure that all Inspection Site Request(IR) and Material Site Request(MIR) approved based on QA/QC department ofall works of the daily activities 6) Issue instructions and implementation resource enhancementto meetthe schedule milestone dates as per the weekly progress reportand lookahead plan.
  2. 2. 7) Design review ofall types ofschematic drawings and modify the shop drawings for all systems and prepare the As-builtdrawing. 8) Take-off material quantity and prepare MSR as approved manufacturer. 9) Coordination with all other disciplines to complete the electrical work on time. 10) Coordination with technical department for electrical issues. 11) Coordinator between the internal Sub-contractor and SBG. 12) Coordinator between Contractor-Owner-SEC for MRMU unit in SEC room to comply with the Saudi Electricity Co. Regulations Electrical work experience 1-Saudi electric company MRMU 2x 630A LBS,Brand: Schneider Electric 2-Transformers (#10 of 1250KVA & #4 of1000KVA ),Saudi Lucy Brand 3- MRMU- #1 1250A Brand: Schneider Electric 4- RMU, #7 630A , Brand Saudi Lucy 5- ATS #19 With in different rating (160A,250A,300A,630A,2000A&2500A) Brand GE 6- Generator (2000KVA-2500KW) ,Brand: Caterpillar 7-Capacitor bank , Brand Eaton Cutler Hammer 8-MDB #14 / EMDB #1 / SMDB #107 / DB&EDB #185 / MCC&EMCC #22 9-Busway , Brand : Siemens & Power Bar 10-Lighting control systems Brands :ABB & Delmatic 11-Lighting Fixtures ,including the facade lighting & Aviation light 12- Fire alarm system , Brands: Copper, honeywell& simplex 13- Access control system ,Brand : Johnson control 14-CCTV system ,Brand : Johnson control 15- Public address system 16-Building management system (BMS) 17-Disabled refuge system 16-Video Intercom system 17-Digital Metering 18-Central Battery system 19-Static Un-interruptible power supply (UPS) 20- Structure cabling 22- Earthing & Lightning system 22- Mechanical equipment(Jetfan each 160KW 400A, Sewage pumps, Recycle pump, Sand filter Pump, Water Pressure pump, AHU, FCU, VAV) Name and address of employer Saudi Bin-Ladin Group SBG – Public Buildings and Airports Division PBAD, Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia - KSA. Type ofbusiness or sector Construction Contracting Company 2) Ahmad Badaweih Establishment, English school St. Amman Jordan. Dates Feb 2007 to March 2009 Occupation or position held Electrical Engineer Main activities and responsibilities Pricing of tenders, Preparation of shop drawings and Re-calculate (Load calculations, LUX calculations and material take off) for electrical systems, Review the material quantities, material submittals and site check request.
  3. 3. Working as a site engineer in Al Andalucia project, Amman – Madaba Name and address of employer Ahmad Badaweih Establishment, English school St. Amman Jordan Type of business or sector Electromechanical Contracting Company Education Dates 2003 - 2007 Title of qualification awarded B.Sc. BachelorSciencein Electrical PowerEngineering Principal subjects/occupational skills covered - Electrical Power, Mechatronics, Communications, Electronics and Computer Courses. - Graduation Project "Energy value engineering for hypermarket north Riyadh", by cooperation with energy management and conservation consultancy services(EMS) company to reduce potential for saving 24.6% of the annual electricity bill ". Name of university providing education and training AL-Balqa'a Applied University, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Amman, Jordan. Accumulated Average (3.25 out of 4) very good Training 1. Dates 2007 onwards I have been joined in many courses of electrical systems: 1) Home Automation. 2) Loads discrimination – Voltage drop – short circuit calculations; using ECOdial software. 3) LUX calculations using DIALux software. 4) BMS on HVAC & FCU system. 2. Dates January – May 2007 I have been trained in national electric power co. (NEPCO) – Jordan ‫ــ‬ electric training center, On these Sections: 5) high voltage H.V (air, rigid bodies, oil insulation Test – lightning & earthing System) 6) transmission lines (voltage status on end of transmission lines in load and no-load, Electric failures on transmission lines) 7) power plants (boiler – turbine – generator) 8) protection devices ( over current, over and under voltage relays) Personal skills and competences Mothertongue Arabic Otherlanguage(s) Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing Listening Reading Spoken English Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
  4. 4. Organisationalskillsand competences - I have participated in science and engineering projects contest (FET-SEC) of the IEEE student branch in AL-Balqa’a Applied University of year 2007. Technicalskills Management skills. Hard working with the ability to work within a team of professionals to accomplish common goal. Computerskills Auto cad. Ecodial 3.4V. MATLAB Simulink. C++ Programming Language, ORACLE. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, access & Power Point). Internet Browsers HTML. I am very familiar with illumination software like (Relux2006, CALCULUX & DIALux). PersonalInterests Enjoy all sports particularly football, fitness, swimming and running. Love to travel and experience different cultures. Preferences 1. Eng. Abdulaziz yousof al-khateeb (Mob. 00962 795436611) – Jordan Engineering Studies and Back-up (MIEEE)