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Impact Report 2016 to 17 - New Directions (Rugby) Ltd.

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Our Impact Report 2016-17 is full of information about the services we provide, personal stories, facts and figures which demonstrate yet another successful year for New Directions.

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Impact Report 2016 to 17 - New Directions (Rugby) Ltd.

  1. 1. Charity No: 1005302 New Directions Rugby Ltd IMPACT REPORT 2016-2017 Living in my flat Enjoying my car Being independent New Directions 27 Bilton Road Rugby CV22 7AN Tel: 01788 573318
  2. 2. I am pleased to introduce our latest impact report as we celebrate the 66th anniversary of our charity. This impact report is based on our data from the last year and shows the real difference we have made to the lives of the people we support. We are committed to continually evaluating the outcomes and impact of our work and incorporating feedback from the people we support and their families to improve and develop our services in the future. This impact report also enables us to share our plans for the future. The people and families we support are why we exist as an organisation, everything we do is focused towards providing quality person centred support, at the right time, in the right place and in the right way. We recognise that not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that is measured matters! We believe that a skilled, knowledgeable, caring, committed and well led staff team is at the heart of high quality support and we focus on ensuring this across all of our services. This year we have developed and taken onboard new services, Richmond Court and Lennon Court, enabling 22 people to have their own homes within the community with the individual support they need. This is against a difficult backdrop of changing political and economic challenges. Often the people we support have had to overcome many challenges in their lives, so to see them developing their confidence, abilities and potential is what inspires us everyday. I would like to thank all of our staff and volunteers for the incredible work they do, they are passionate about supporting and empowering people to be as independent as possible and to have full and active lives. We have exciting plans for the year ahead and I want to thank all those individuals, families, businesses who have supported us in the last year. If you would be interested in supporting us in the coming year in any way, please contact me and you could help us make a real difference. Welcome To Our Impact Report Doreen Woodward Chief Executive
  3. 3. Contents: 1 2 3 4 5 Welcome from Our Chief Executive Abbi’s Story Our Vision, Mission and Values Picture Highlights 2016-17 Our Achievements Support Delivered This Year Thank You Our Support Services Wayne’s Story and Tina’s Story 6 7 8 Abbi has been supported by New Directions since relocating from Leamington Spa. After coming to visit her new supported living home she said that she wanted to move in there and then. Abbi has settled in well and is supported with her daily tasks giving her the confidence to look for a job. Abbi volunteers at a local charity shop four days a week and has developed lots of skills to prepare her for paid employment. New Directions has helped Abbi to look at job sites and for advertisements on-line. She was invited for an interview at a local school and was offered a part time cleaning job, for which she will receive a salary. Abbi will be supported by her key worker and the Job Centre with the change to her benefits. Abbi said, “I cannot believe how far I have come so quickly. I now plan menus and have a cleaning rota in place that I created with my key worker. My goal is to manage my finances independently and have my own flat in the community.” Finding Employment: Abbi’s Story 9
  4. 4. Our Values: Our values are central to what we do and incorporate the importance we place on: Respecting the unique worth of every person We believe that every person is different but should be treated equally and be given access to the same opportunities, chances and choices in life. That each person’s unique talents, skills and needs are important and should be recognised, encouraged and developed. We respect people’s rights which includes their privacy, dignity, ability to make choices and the right for their opinion to be heard. Integrity and Openness We will be honest, open, transparent, fair and accountable in all aspects of our work, ensuring we work in partnership with the people we support, their families and other stakeholders. Our Vision, Mission and Values Our mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable people, including those with learning or physical disabilities, by promoting their individuality, rights, dignity, independence, choices and inclusion and by providing accessible, flexible support services and opportunities for them to flourish and enjoy positive and fulfilling lives. Investment in People We have a culture of striving for excellence, our staff are well supported, trained and valued. We invest in both them and our volunteers with continuous development of skills and knowledge to enable them to do their best for the people we support and the organisation. People we support are at the heart of what we do The interests and wellbeing of the people we support are at the heart of all our work. We treat people in a personalised way and encourage them to be as independent as they can be in their lives. Regular consultation and involvement with the people we support enables services to be developed and improved to meet individuals’ current and future needs. Equality We work hard at our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion so that it is firmly embedded in everything we do. We treat all people with equal fairness, respect and courtesy.
  5. 5. BBC Cov and Warks Radio Visit Sally Phillips at BAPS Awards Comic ReliefCharity Quiz Picture Highlights 2016-17 Official Opening Poppy Place 65th Anniversary Christmas Meal Assistive Technology Event Pride of Rugby Awards New Directions was shortlisted to receive the Pride of Rugby Award 2017 by Rugby FM and Cemex. BBC Coventry and Warwickshire journalist Jo Tidman reports on supported living services provided by New Directions. New Directions celebrates the 65th Anniversary with a Christmas meal at Dunchurch Park Hotel. Invitation to attend The BAPS Awards for parent bloggers of children with disabilities. Event in partnership with Warwickshire County Council to demonstrate how technology can support independent living. A fundraising quiz night with raffle raised funds for art therapy for the people we support. People supported by New Directions and staff raised £50 for Red Nose Day. Official opening of Poppy Place by Rugby Mayor 2016 Cllr Sally Bragg
  6. 6. Our Achievements Number of staff Press releases about New Directions Number of new staff 29 Diplomas achieved or in progress by our staff Volunteer Hours Investors in People & ISO 9001 Quality Award Achieved Staff who received star of the month awards 16 Good rating in all our CQC reports 100% 29 Number of volunteers 235 We provided training courses ANOTHER YEAR OF SUCCESS 121 1 1426 7 One Outstanding rating for Vicarage Road 2017 2017 40 1 2
  7. 7. New people this year 36 Number of people we support with volunteer placements 15 Number of people we support in paid work8 New services opened (Richmond Court and Lennon Court) 2 Support Delivered This Year ANOTHER REMARKABLE YEAR People we support now 126 Families received a break from caring56 12 Support hours delivered this year 305,215 Number of people supported to move into their own home
  8. 8. Rugby FM Fundraiser • Rugby Group Benevolent Fund • Richard Sutton • Stuart Bayley • Stoneway Estates • The Challenge • Rugby Round Table • Atkinson Finch • Caludon Castle School pupils • Sir Edward Boughton Trust • Leader Sytems • Cheri Jones • Vicki Kendrick • Roger Pratt • Anna Ashwell Thank You Trustee Ian Southcott from Rugby Group Benevolent Fund presented a cheque to New Directions toward a sensorygardenatRichmond Court. Rugby FM’s Jason Moss presented a cheque to New Directions as the station’s Charity of the Year raised from the Pride of Rugby Awards evening. • Leanne Orwell • Mr and Mrs Taylor • Handelsbanken • L. Horlestone • Rugby Rokeby Lions • Kilsby Jazz Club • Margaret Sedgley • Rugby FM (Pride of Rugby) • Co-op Carrier Bag scheme • Tesco Bags of Help Initiative • Abbey Tax • Rotary Club of Rugby Dunsmore • Personal donations. Rugby Group Benevolent Fund Donations Some Of Our Donors 2016-17
  9. 9. Handelsbanken raised funds for New Directions at their annual drinks reception The Co-operative and Tesco donate funds to New Directions raised from the 5p plastic bag charge and customer voting tokens. Rugby School pupils created paintings of flowers for Poppy Place in their community arts group Rugby Rokeby Lions raised vital funds for New Directions at their annual pancake race. Rugby School Paintings Rokeby Lions Pancake Race Fundraiser Handlesbanken Cheque Rugby School Paintings Supermarket Plastic Bags Levy Fundraiser
  10. 10. Home Care and Supported Living “I work four days a week and that includes five hours on a Saturday when it’s busy. I look forward to going to work and it has made me more confident in myself.” - Rob - We provide a range of accommodation and outreach services: • Flexible support in people’s own homes, their family home or in one of our supported living flats or houses. • We help people to run their home the way they want to while maintaining and developing independence and skills required to live an ordinary life • We offer support to get out and about with friends and family and join in community activities. • Lennon Court is a combination of supported living flats enabling people to be independent in their own homes. • Accommodation is matched closely to the individuals’ needs and they are encouraged to increase their skills and independence. • Staff have an open door strategy providing structure, guidance, prompts or reminders, benefits advice and housing support to tenants. There are 11 people supported by New Directions at Lennon Court. Supported Living - Lennon Court
  11. 11. Supported Living - Richmond Court “The flat here is 100% better than the bedsit that I was living in. I now have a massive bathroom and a separate bedroom. You can be yourself here and it is comforting that the staff are about. I like to get together with everyone else in the communal room, it’s nice.” - Tina - • Richmond Court is New Directions’ latest supported living accommodation that has been designed to help people live independently. • Opened in March 2017 it consists of 11 one bedroom self contained flats and a spacious communal room. • Support is built around the needs of the people who live there such as managing bills,cookingandhealthyeating,dailylivingskills,shopping,managingmedication, gaining employment or volunteering, making new friends and getting out and about in the community.
  12. 12. Supported Living - Gateway Court “Elaine’s world has opened up since moving to Gateway Court. She really enjoyed her birthday party in the communal room and the support she receives is to be complimented.” - Family Member - • Gateway Court is a cluster of supported living flats and houses where people are supported to live independently, increase their responsibilities and build their confidence. • Like all New Directions’ supported living services Gateway Court can be a stepping stone to making the move into a home in the community. Support is provided to people living there based on their needs. • Gateway Court is home to 20 people and has an additional communal training and activity room where people take part in organised events.
  13. 13. Respite and Short Breaks “Leanne’s recent stay was so enjoyable. She has not stopped talking about the staff, how friendly they are and all the activities that she has done. She cannot wait to come back again.” - Family Member - • A perfect place to be supported to have a break away from home and spend time with friends. • The opportunity to learn new skills and improve independence, or just relax. Days out from Milner House Milner House • Milner House has ground floor bedrooms each with an en-suite wet room. • Conveniently located in the heart of Rugby and within walking distance of the town centre and major bus routes. Milner House is a modern, purpose built and fully adapted short stay, holiday and respite home:
  14. 14. Day Activities and Opportunities Community Choices Network The Old Telephone Exchange 32-42 Albert Street Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2SA Tel: 01788 577586 “Hayley’s comprehension and awareness have developed massively since she has attended Community Choices Network. We are very pleased with how she has progressed because she is taking part in day activities.” - Family Member - • We provide support and encouragement for people to try new and exciting activities and opportunities. • The chance to make new friends and learn new skills. • A wide range of activities including horse riding, cooking, sports, gardening, computing, employment support, creative arts, health and wellbeing, life skills, drama and accessing community activities.
  15. 15. Residential Services “I enjoy living with my friends and doing things for myself knowing that there is always someone to support me.” - Janine - • We have attractive, comfortable and welcoming small homes where we provide 24 hour staff support in a caring environment and the people we support are fully involved in the running of and decisions made within their home. Poppy Place Poppy Place Sensory Garden Poppy Place is a modern residential accommodation and support service for people with learning and physical disabilities including those with higher needs. Volunteering at Poppy Place Vicarage Road
  16. 16. The Exchange “The Exchange is perfect for our monthly meetings. We also enjoyed a party using the beach RemPod which was a great idea.” - Margaret - THE We offer a community space for hire: • Perfect for events, meetings, activities and conferences. • Fantastic newly refurbished town centre location. • Room hire available weekdays, evenings and weekends. • Disabled access and modern facilities. • Wifi available. • Car parking. The Exchange 32-42 Albert Street Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2SA Tel: 01788 577586
  17. 17. Transition Support “I can do more skilled things now and am able to do more for myself. I went on my first holiday on a plane this year. I like different countries and want to explore the world. New Directions has supported me with college and volunteering.” - Sam - For many young people moving from their school life into young adulthood can be both an exciting and daunting prospect that can present new challenges. • We provide support and advice services to make it easier for young people with disabilities to make their own choices and decisions about their needs and wishes. • Transition support includes access to training, volunteering or work, keeping healthy, forming and maintaining friendships, finding somewhere to live and having a fulfilling social life.
  18. 18. Dementia Support “Thank you to everyone who gave my brother the most incredible dementia care, which enabled him to stay in his own home until the end.” - Family Member - RemPods™ Enquiries Tel: 01788 577586 • We support and encourage people with dementia to carry on with their daily tasks and interests that will make them feel valued. • We provide pictorial signs and photographs for areas of the homes and buildings and a quiet space to relax. • We offer accommodation that is adapted and accessible to individuals with dementia. • Our RemPods™ are ideal to provide fun and meaningful activities for people with dementia, young people, schools and people with disabilities. Traditional Bar Supermarket Bingo Hall Beach
  19. 19. Being a Father: Wayne’s Story Wayne said, “Having my daughter changed me as I now have something to focus on. I need to learn everyday skills so I can show my daughter. Being a dad makes me happy. I am much more relaxed. I like providing for my daughter. The skills I have learned I hope will help me in the future as one day I want us all to live together as a family in a home we all share. Without New Directions support I would not be the dad that I am.” Gaining Confidence: Tina’s Story Tina benefits from using several of New Directions’ services through activities at Community Choices Network & respite at Milner House. She looks forward to her visits and uses skills that she learns like sewing, cooking, using the washing machine at her own home and showing others how it is done. Tina volunteers at a local charity shop one morning a week cleaning and tagging clothes which she enjoys. Using respite enables Tina and her family to have a break then get back together feeling refreshed. Tina said, “New Directions has helped me a lot. I have made new friends and feel relaxed with everyone around me. I like that I can tell staff about my feelings. I like the days out when I am at Milner House, especially when we saw the Harry Potter studio. I have learned some useful skills like internet safety too, how to use email, drama, dancing and understanding poetry which have all improved my confidence a lot.” Wayne has lived in his own flat for several years and has enjoyed sharing with a few different house mates. Wayne is proud that he works at two jobs and is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend who he has a daughter with. He is supported in his tenacy now by New Directions’ staff who help him with budgeting and daily living skills so he is able to ensure that he can take care of himself and contibute towards his daughter’s care.
  20. 20. Measuring and reporting on our impact as well as listening to feedback about our services will enable us to improve what we do for the future and demonstrate the value and difference we make. Going forward we will continue to build on our achievements by: • Developing new supported living homes to meet the needs and aspirations of a wide range of people with disabilities or support needs • Developing more volunteering and work opportunities for the people we support and to work in partnership with a social enterprise, where people can gain valuable work experience in Rugby • Supporting people with disabilities to develop stronger community connections, support networks and friendships in their lives • Increasing our presence and visibility in the local media and challenging attitudes about people with disabilities • Continuing our implementation plans for digital technology that will benefit the people we support and enable us to record and share information more efficiently • Building on our recent Care Quality Commission inspection reports of our services, which have all been rated as good and one as outstanding • Continuing to invest in our staff development and training programmes, to ensure we can continue to deliver high quality, flexible support to meet the current and future needs of the people we support • Evaluating any new methods to involve the people we support and their families in service design and delivery and to ensure their voices are heard, as their valuable feedback will help to improve what we deliver in the future. Looking Forward 2017-18 New Directions Rugby Ltd newdirectionsrugbyltd @CeoRugby New Directions Rugby Ltd