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BSTI Certification Course

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BSTI Certification Course

  1. 1. 11 PRESENTATION ON ACTIVITIES OF BSTI Dr. Md. Nozir Ahmmod Miah Asst. Director(CM) and Lead auditor (QMS & FSMS)
  2. 2. 22 BANGLADESH STANDARDS &BANGLADESH STANDARDS & TESTING INSTITUTION (BSTI)TESTING INSTITUTION (BSTI) BSTI is the Only National StandardsBSTI is the Only National Standards Body (NSB) in BangladeshBody (NSB) in Bangladesh Established in 1985 through anEstablished in 1985 through an Ordinance (Ordinance XXXVII of 1985)Ordinance (Ordinance XXXVII of 1985) with the merger of Bangladeshwith the merger of Bangladesh Standards Institution and the CentralStandards Institution and the Central Testing Laboratories.Testing Laboratories.
  3. 3. In 1995, an another Government department, the department of Agriculture Grading and Marketing was abolished and merged with BSTI.
  4. 4. 44 THE MAIN FUNCTIONS OF BSTITHE MAIN FUNCTIONS OF BSTI To formulate and develop the nationalTo formulate and develop the national standards of goods and testing of goods.standards of goods and testing of goods. Certification for quality of products as perCertification for quality of products as per Bangladesh Standards.Bangladesh Standards. To provide metrology and calibration serviceTo provide metrology and calibration service throughout the country.throughout the country. BSTI is also issuing the Management SystemBSTI is also issuing the Management System Certificates (MSC) on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 andCertificates (MSC) on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 .ISO 22000 .
  5. 5. 55 Also empowered to improve and upgradeAlso empowered to improve and upgrade standards (for both mandatory & voluntarystandards (for both mandatory & voluntary products) through SRO/Gazetteproducts) through SRO/Gazette Notifications (total 155 items are underNotifications (total 155 items are under mandatory control)mandatory control) Administrative Ministry is the Ministry ofAdministrative Ministry is the Ministry of Industries.Industries.
  6. 6. 66 Organs of BSTI BSTI Council The Director General and Staff Different Wings
  7. 7. 77 BSTI CouncilBSTI Council Council is the highest decision making organ of BSTI. Council Members: 33 Chairman: The Honorable Minister, Ministry of Industries Apex body responsible for Policy making Overseeing the implementation of the policies.
  8. 8. THE COMMITTEES • The council appoints such committees, including standards formulating six Divisional Committees. • Divisional Committees appoint such relevant 72 Technical committees. • Each committee is headed by a chairman and consists of members from stakeholders, Industry, Govt. organizations, chambers, consumer groups, research organizations, professional institutions and educational establishments.
  9. 9. 99 THE DIRECTOR GENERAL AND STAFF ◘ The Director General is the chief executive officer of the institution. ◘ BSTI performs its responsibilities through 6 (six) wings. Each wing is headed by a director.
  11. 11. STANDARDS WING ◘ Responsible for the adoption/formulation/ revision/ amendment/reaffirm of standards in Bangladesh. ◘ Total number of standards formulated/ adopted are around more than 3500 ◘ Number of adopted international standards (ISO, IEC, ISO/IEC,CAC) are 1200. Around 900 eminent Scientists, Engineers, Professors and Experts are related in the relevant fields.
  12. 12. 1212 Physical Testing WingPhysical Testing Wing There are 3 Divisions in this wing;There are 3 Divisions in this wing; Textile Testing DivisionTextile Testing Division Electrical, Electronics and EngineeringElectrical, Electronics and Engineering DivisionDivision Civil, Physical and MechanicalCivil, Physical and Mechanical Engineering DivisionEngineering Division
  13. 13. Physical Testing Wing (Contd.) • AC Energy Meter Testing • Cement & Building Material Testing • Cables Testing • GI Sheet Testing LightingLighting Equipments TestingEquipments Testing Textile TestingTextile Testing Leather & RubberLeather & Rubber Products TestingProducts Testing condom Testingcondom Testing Etc.Etc.
  14. 14. The Labs under Civil, Physical and MechanicalThe Labs under Civil, Physical and Mechanical Engineering DivisionEngineering Division t 1. Cement TestingCement Testing Lab 2. Brick TestingBrick Testing Lab
  15. 15. 3.Mechanical Engineering Lab 4.4. condom Testingcondom Testing Lab
  16. 16. The Labs under Electrical, Electronics andThe Labs under Electrical, Electronics and Engineering DivisionEngineering Division t 1. Electrical and Cable Testing Lab 2. Fan Testing Lab 3. Electro-mechanical Lab
  17. 17. 4. Energy Meter Testing Lab 5. Lighting Product Testing Lab
  18. 18. The Labs underThe Labs under Textile Division t 1. Textile Mechanical Lab 2. Textile Chemical Lab
  19. 19. Chemical Testing Wing • There are 2 Divisions in this wing; • Chemical Division • Food and Bacteriological Division
  20. 20. Chemical Testing Wing (Contd.) • Food & Microbiological Testing • Fats and Oil Testing • Milk and Milk Products Testing • Trace Metal Analyze • Drinks & Beverages Analyses • Industrial analysis of organic and inorganic materials • Analysis of petroleum and petroleum products • Analysis of Cereal & Bakery products • Analysis of processed Fruit products and Fruit Drinks • Soap and Detergents, Pulp & Paper, Gum-Glue • Leather products, Chemical Fertilizer
  21. 21. The Labs underThe Labs under Food and BacteriologicalFood and Bacteriological DivisionDivision t 1. BakeryBakery & Bakery products& Bakery products Lab 2. processed Fruit products and Fruit Drinksprocessed Fruit products and Fruit Drinks Lab 3. Water & Beverages Lab 4. Microbiological Lab
  22. 22. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer 5. Instrumental Lab 6. Oils and Fats Lab Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  23. 23. 7. Milk and Milk Products Lab 8. Sugar and Sugar Products Lab 9. Cereal & Pulses Lab 10. Spices & Condiments Lab
  24. 24. The Labs under Chemical DivisionThe Labs under Chemical Division t 1. Building Materials Lab 2. Cosmetics &Toiletries Lab 3. Petroleum Products 4. Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer LabFertilizer Lab 5. Soap and DetergentsSoap and Detergents Lab 6. Leather & LeatherLeather & Leather products Labproducts Lab 7. Analysis of organic and inorganic materials Lab
  25. 25. Instrumental Labs t 1. Atomic Absorption Lab 2. GC-MS Lab 3. HPLC Lab
  26. 26. Functions and responsibilities : * Promotion of quality control. * Ensuring compliance of products with the Bangladesh Standards. * Implementation of Bangladesh Standards through National Certification Marks scheme ; and * Certify quality of commodities and materials, produces for local consumption, export or import. Certification Marks Wing (CM) :
  27. 27. Metrology Wing • Providing National Metrology Infrastructure under Weights & Measures Ordinance 1982 • Implementing Metric System • Enforcing Legal Metrology • Scientific & Industrial Metrology Service Provider
  28. 28. Metrology Wing (Contd.) Calibration, Verification & Stamping WeightsCalibration, Verification & Stamping Weights and Measuresand Measures Calibration of All weighing machinesCalibration of All weighing machines Calibration of Fuel Dispensing UnitsCalibration of Fuel Dispensing Units Oil Tanker and Tank Lorry CalibrationOil Tanker and Tank Lorry Calibration Also enforcing the Packaged Commodity Rules 2007
  29. 29. National Metrology Laboratory (NML) The National Metrology Laboratory (NML- BSTI) of Bangladesh was established in 2009 and Accredited By Bangladesh Accreditation Board & Norwegian Accreditation authority in this year.
  30. 30. There are six laboratories in the National Metrology Laboratory. These are as follow: (i) Mass (ii) Length & Dimension (iii) Temperature (iv) Volume, density & Viscosity (v) Time, Frequency & Electrical Measurement (vi) Force & Pressure.
  31. 31. ADMINISTRATION WING • Overall Human Resource Management & Training • Logistics and Coordination among the Wings • International Cooperation and Memberships Assets & PersonnelAssets & Personnel ManagementManagement Procurement &Procurement & BudgetBudget Corporate,Corporate, Financial, MarketingFinancial, Marketing PlansPlans DevelopmentDevelopment
  32. 32. MANDATORY ITEMS At present 155 Products has been brought under Compulsory Certification marks Scheme by the Govt. Group wise products are: A. Food & Agricultural Products : 64 B. Chemical Products : 40 C. Jute and Textile Products : 11 D. Electro-Technical Products : 25 E. Engineering Products : 15
  33. 33. CITIZEN CHARTER: To make the activities of BSTI more transparent and vibrant, a Citizen Charter has been introduced. The time frame of activities of BSTI’s Certification Marks, Metrology, Physical and Chemical Testing wing and the rate of the required fees to get these services have been listed specifically in the citizen charter. The BSTI authority has taken decisive steps to implement the citizen charter (Contd.)(Contd.)
  34. 34. ONE STOP SERVICE CENTER: The objective of One Stop Service Centre is to provide quick services within the stipulated time according to citizen charter, through extending BSTI’s activities to the concerned producers, importers and distributors of various products/items that need to undergo testing for the issuing of a CM license. As such, BSTI has started a One Stop Service Centre as part of fulfilling its commitment for rendering better service to the people. It also facilitates the services of calibration of instrument/ apparatus.
  35. 35. ACCREDITATION OF LABORATORIES. BSTI testing and calibration laboratories have been modernized with new infrastructure and equipped with sophisticated equipment. The BSTI Testing Wing has prepared a Quality Manual for its laboratories as per ISO/IEC standard 17025:2005. BSTI laboratories have the mandate to implement the quality management system in their all activities, right from the receipt/collection of testing items to the reporting and submission of the test results to customers.
  36. 36. TOTAL ACCREDITED PARAMETERS ARE -139 ► Chemical Parameter- 106 ► Mechanical Parameter-29 ► Biological Parameter - 04
  37. 37. ACCREDITATION OF PRODUCT CERTIFICATION SYSTEM: The Product Certification system of BSTI has been awarded accreditation from the internationally recognized Accreditation Body NABCB (National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies), India on 9th January 2012. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NABCB Mr. B Venkataraman formally handed over the accreditation certificate to the Director General of BSTI Mr. A K Fazlul Ahad on 31st January 2012 at the BSTI head office in Dhaka.
  38. 38. Accreditation Status of BSTI Wing/Scheme Int. Standard & Authority Scope of Accreditation Users Testing Wing: (Food, Chemical and cement Laboratory) ISO/IEC 17025 NABL, India Total 148 test parameters Certification Marks Wing, Domestic Producers , Different regulatory agencies and Importers Certification Marks Wing (Mandatory & Voluntary Product Certification Scheme) ISO/IEC 17065 NABCB, India Chutney, Fruit Drinks, Edible Jell. Wafer Biscuit, Protein Rich Biscuit, Soybean Oil, Edible Plam Oil, Refined Palm Oil, Pasteurized Milk, Flavoured Milk, and Cement Domestic Producers and Exporters. Total License is 164 Management System Certification Cell ISO/IEC 17021 Norwegian Accreditation Authority (NAA) ISO9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 22000 Domestic Producers, Business Farm and Exporters. Total License is 21 National Metrology Laboratory (NML) ISO/IEC 17025 NAA & BAB Mass, Pressure, Temperature & Volume Industries & Diff. regulatory agencies