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Focus - Solving for the Right Outcomes

The problems we set out to solve aren’t always the ones that need solving. Adam Polansky will talk about some different ways that you can get under the hood with problems and investigate ways to help real problems present themselves and the criteria you can use to go after them.

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Focus - Solving for the Right Outcomes

  1. 1. DALLAS, TEXAS Sept 2018
  2. 2. 30 MB!
  3. 3. Focus Solving for the Right Outcome Adam Polansky @AdamtheIA
  4. 4. We need… Why? @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  5. 5. The 5 Whys Based on a game by Sakichi Toyoda DAMAGE IN TRANSIT @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  6. 6. What problem are you solving? …and for whom? What will be the outcome? @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  7. 7. A solution without context is an abstraction @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  8. 8. Design is the process of going from an existing condition to a preferred one. @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  9. 9. The environments have changed @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  10. 10. The best experiences align with what you desire in your world. @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  11. 11. Begin by looking at the world where the problems live @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  12. 12. What to look at What are people doing? Where are they doing it? Why are they doing it? How do they feel about it? THIS is where you find opportunities How are they doing it? What result are they getting? @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  13. 13. Do the Research Contextual Inquiry Field Observation Usability Testing Analytics @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  14. 14. Z Space X Y @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  15. 15. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2015: © Gartner, Inc. 2015 @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  16. 16. What can be made: simpler or more manageable? more convenient? F***ing Magical? What to look for @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  17. 17. Quality needs protection. @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  18. 18. is worth Time & Cost You get 1 @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  19. 19. Pain breeds insanity Insanity breeds distrust Distrust kills quality @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  20. 20. Quality is easy to defer and nearly impossible to recover @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  21. 21. Bad intent erases quality. @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  22. 22. Having a seat at the table… means knowing when to refuse it. @AdamtheIA #BIGD18 Design Ethics. Mike Monteiro. Mule Design
  23. 23. Look at the world for real problems in need of real solutions. Expectations already exist. Exceed them! Commit to the value of Quality. Be accountable for the work you do. @AdamtheIA #BIGD2018
  24. 24. Have an experience @AdamtheIA #BIGD18
  25. 25. Thank You Adam Polansky @AdamtheIA