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2011 07 advisor_productsslideshow

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Advisor Products Solutions for financial advisors include articles, slide shows, videos.

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2011 07 advisor_productsslideshow

  1. 1. Why Does Tim Knotts Love His Client Vault?Tim Knotts of Hogan-Knotts Financial Group loves AdvisorVault because its improved his firm’s efficiency andclient service.AdvisorVault transforms your website into a tool that gets used by you and your clients as well as lawyers andaccountants you work with. • All passwords and data stored and transferred using 256-bit encryption • All traffic monitored for irregularities 24/7 by an independent third-party solution • NET platform using Microsoft SharePoint platform • Drag & drop documents from desktop to vault • Fully redundant infrastructureLearn More
  2. 2. Boost Your Search Engine Ranking With Research From Fritz Meyer If you spend 15 minutes a day for a month posting daily blog entries based on Fritz Meyer’s economic research, we guarantee it will dramatically improve your search engine rankings or we will give you your money back. Fritz Meyer’s research is published monthly in 60 PowerPoint slides filled with dozens of timely tables and charts. Just pick one slide a day, write a few sentences relating it to your investment strategy, and post it as an entry to your blog. Each slide show is an illustrated analysis of economic issues that you can use to produce, in your own words, webinars, seminars, and videos as well as blog posts. Explaining in your voice how the economy affects investors is the very best way to market your investment advisory services over the Web. Posting information about what’s happening in the economy taps the ability of the Web to empower people with a simple, smart and honest message, and it makes your site more visible in search engines. We guarantee it! After 15 years, Fritz Meyer recently left his post as investment strategist at Invesco to offer RIAs institutional-quality macro research and analysis at an affordable price. What Advisors Say About Fritz Meyer View A Sample Of Fritz’s Research [7/16/2011 5:32:24 PM]
  3. 3. Can Your Website Do This?Effortlessly integrate data from your Financial newsletters are personalized toCRM, portfolio reporting, and financial each client, and you can use the best-of-planning apps into a client portal on breed applications in your practice.your website. To learn how you can make your websiteYou give clients single-sign-on access your clients’ financial portal, call Advisorto portfolio reports, financial plans, and Products at (888) 274-5755.alerts, and share documents securely ina vault.