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Social Media Content For Financial Advisors

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Social Media Content For Financial Advisors

  1. 1. • The Best Way To Gauge If The Market Is Overvalued• College Savings: How Much Do You Need Each Month?• What Is Modern Portfolio Theory And Is It Still Effective? Click to read• Setting Up A Roth IRA Through The “Back Door” an article!• Eight Of The Best Tax Strategies To Use In 2012• Which Retirement Funds Should You Withdraw First?• Consumer Spending Points To Real Recovery• Euro Economies Contributing To Global Economic Strength• Sidestep Tax Pitfalls On Intra-Family Loans• Cost Basis Methods: Which Is Right For You?• 6 Ways To Improve Your Credibility In Business• If You Must Tap Your IRA Early, Know SEPP Rules• Watch Twist And Turns To IRA-To-IRA Rollovers• Build A Safe Investment Plan On Interest Rates• U.S. Families Seem Eager And Able To Keep Spending
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  5. 5. Concerns that rising oil and gas prices will stymie the recovery are overblown. Which retirement funds should I tap first? College costs show no signs of abating. Here’s my daughter, Ali ,athigh-school graduation seems unlikely as economic data look stronger.
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