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從Agile到Lean Startup:趨勢的軟體開發之旅

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但是,Lean Startup的概念是否僅適用於小而美的新創團隊?有沒有可能在大型企業中施行?又該如何執行呢?這些懷疑也應運而生。
趨勢科技作為國際級資安技術領先的軟體公司,我們從2007年在軟體研發團隊導入Agile Mentality並已獲得一定的成效。下一步,如何將這些Agile的能力與Business Model結合,快速而確實地做出客戶真正想要且有商業價值的產品,成為我們的新課題。此次的演講中,我們將分享從Agile到Lean Startup,趨勢在軟體開發上所面臨的挑戰和演變、lesson learned,與因應的作法。

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從Agile到Lean Startup:趨勢的軟體開發之旅

  1. 1. 贊 助 單 位:協 辦 單 位: 主 辦 單 位 從 Agile 到 Lean Startup 趨勢的軟體開發之旅 Jason L Lin(林立仁) Principal Engineer Trend Micro R&D (SQA/SEPG)
  2. 2. 大綱 • 趨勢科技的 Agile 導入 • 新的問題和挑戰 • 我們的精創甘苦談 - 成功經驗與失敗教訓 • Fast Business Validation Process • Q & A
  3. 3. 趨勢科技 • 成立於 1998 年 • 員工人數:5112 • 研發中心:台灣、中國、美加、日本 (全球 36 辦事處) • 品牌價值:13.16 億美元 • 願景:一個交換數位資訊零風險的世界 • 經營理念: –自我提升、保持創新領先地位 –滿足客戶需求 –全球研究與支持
  4. 4. 業界領先、台灣之光
  5. 5. 2007 2009 2012 2015 趨勢的 Agile 之旅 Agile Mentality
  6. 6.
  7. 7. 市場瞬息萬變 …
  8. 8. 公司內的雜音 這功能真的有用嘛? Engineer 自己做出來的產品叫我們 拿去賣。天知道客戶在哪裡? PM 一直加 feature,還要 守住產品的品質,怎麼可能! 每次都得花這麼多時間來說服 RD,PM 是不是應 該有更彈性的 resource 來快速反應客戶需求? 根本沒幾個客戶,有必要把 quality 搞到那麼好嗎?浪費時間! 那是 PM 說要做的, 別問我! 這設計還不夠 perfect,為什 麼這麼趕? 我根本不 buy in 這個 idea,我都按 PM 的需求交付了,產品不賣跟我無關!不知為何而戰!?
  9. 9. Users / Customers Needs 組織上的隔閡 Product Manager Require- ment Software Designer Product Support Operation UI Designer RD QA Requirement 往往來 自於組織內的“英雄” 開發團隊孤立於客戶之外, 聽不見客戶的聲音
  10. 10. 面臨的挑戰 High Growth Low Growth 1 2 3 4 Material Not Material Future Rewards PresentRewards Growth Mature Emerging Decline Source: “Escape Velocity” by Geoffrey A. Moore
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Lean Startup vs. Agile Steve Blank (still alive)
  13. 13. 精創之旅 …
  14. 14. Lean Startup - Validated Learning Cycle
  15. 15. The Rise of Lean … Lean Startup (A Model) Lean Analytics Lean UX Lean…… Running Lean Practical measures in 6 types of business Process, Tool, Interview Skills UX practice change
  16. 16. 成功經驗 (Mobile App Virtualization) Concierge MVP Video MVP Online MVP A few Trenders People w/ customer insight or connection Dedicated team (scaled) (e.g. IT) Demo to sales & customers Deliver to sales & customers TimeProduct validationProduct validation Customer Seg.Customer Seg. Sales …
  17. 17. 成功經驗 (Mobile App Virtualization) Quality & UsabilityQuality & Usability
  18. 18. [MKT/PM/JM/HIE] Validate Product Value 成功經驗 (Home Network Security) Product Value ValidationProduct Value Validation Cycle 1 [MKT/PM] Overall Research Plan Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 • 3 wks • Overall research plan approved by executives • 1 month per cycle • Product concept validated by mockup UI • 3-6 users validated in each cycle
  19. 19. [PDG/PM/HIE] MVP Validation 成功經驗成功經驗 (Home Network Security) MVP ValidationMVP Validation Iteration 1 [PDG/PM/HIE] Iteration 0 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration 4 • 2 months • Hardware selection & kernel engine porting & integration • App build-up • Cloud service build- up • 3 wks per iteration • Agile development • POC quality Home Visit 1 Home Visit 2 20 internal testers 100 external testers • 1 wk for each round • JM/PM/HIE/JP MKT to visit 6 users’ home in each round for observation and feedback collection
  20. 20. Lesson Learnt • Marketing & Sales 介入得太晚 • Feature-driven 的商業模式 • 無效的驗證&學習 – 誤導式驗證 – 沒有定價策略 – 背後阻擋軸轉的手 • 小團隊的確幸 • 頭先洗下去了 浪費 風險 協作 模式
  21. 21. 下一步? Customer Development Process From the book 「The four Steps to the Epiphany」by Steve Blank Objective: To build a sustainable/scalable business with minimal waste (time and cost) by mitigating risks through “Fast Business Validation Process” in an iterative manner
  22. 22. 使用工具 LEAN Canvas • Problem – it’s worth to resolve for specific/potential customer Segments • Solution – it’s what early adopter willing to pay. Market Business Model Canvas Efficiency • Scale Execution • Reach mainstream customers
  23. 23. Fast Business Validation Process Step 3 Product/Market FitStep 2 Problem/Solution FitStep 1 Initialization Lean Canvas Lean Canvas Validation Plan Validation Plan Problem Validation Problem Validation Solution Validation Solution Validation MVP Development MVP Development Product /Market Validation Product /Market Validation Focus Focus Focus • Generate Canvas • Identify highest risks 1. Product Risk 2. Customer Risk 3. Market Risk • Validation Plan • BVT(Business Validation Team) Forming 1. Product Risk - What problems worth to solve and how? 2. Customer Risk - Who has the pain? 3. Market Risk - How much they are willing to pay? • MVP development & validation 1. Product Risk - What is the UVP (Unique Value Proposition)? 2. Customer Risk - Whether channels can reach early adopters? 3. Market Risk- Is the price right ?
  24. 24. Validation Plan & Risk Prioritization High Uncertainty Low Uncertainty High Risk Low Risk Problem Existing Alternativ e Solution Unique Value Proposition Unfair advantag e Customer segment Key metrics Channels Cost Structure Revenue streams Eg. 1st version Canvas unknownunknown unknownunknown unknownunknown unknownunknown 6. Revenue Streams 8. Key Metrics 9. Unfair Advantage 1. Problem 2. Customer Seg. 5. Channel 7. Cost Structure 3. Unique value proposition 4. Solution unknownunknown Prioritization Prioritized Canvas for 1st Validation Plan
  25. 25. Business Validation Team Product Risk Customer Risk Market Risk PM PM PM PM RD, HIE Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Sales, TS, BD Sales, TS, BD Sales, TS, BD PM is accountable owning the entire business model and making all the pieces fit
  26. 26. 新興產品的作法與思維 Experimentation : Continuous Customer Validation Big Design Up Front Quick release Long Cycle Validated learning OVER Product Quality Measures: Outcome Output One team: Common goals, flatting management and collaboration. Limited Roles Build a sustainable business Build a Product
  27. 27. User Research & Validation Strategizing Design Develop Evaluative User Research Concept Validation Design Validation Product Validation Exploratory User Research Opportunity Exploration
  28. 28. 跨越鴻溝 Key Partner Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relations hips Customer segment Key Resources Channels Cost Structure Revenue streams Problem Existing Alternativ e Solution Unique Value Proposition Unfair advantag e Customer segment Key metrics Channels Cost Structure Revenue streams Product Market Efficiency Market
  29. 29.  With BU Head’s endorsement, will validate & pivot the process in 2016 emerging products / projects  Continuously collect and tailor good practices to support process activities execution smoothly
  30. 30. Thank You!!