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Flooring solutions for the food industry

  1. Flooring solutions for the Food and Drinks Industry
  2. Food and drink facilities (production, packaging, agricultural storage, bottling) face many challenges with respect to their flooring needs Furthermore requirements for certification (ISO 22000, IFS, FDA etc.) can often overwhelm companies in this industry
  3. For example…
  4. Wineries…. Need a floor that will not be subjected to constant abrasion from acids
  5. Meat processing facilities…. Need to deal with the heavy chemical abrasion that occurs from blood and meat residue
  6. Oil production and packaging companies …. Need to be deal with slippery surfaces that occur from oils falling on the floor
  7. Dairy product facilities…. Need a floor resistant to abrasion from lactic acids. Conventional epoxy floors are not suitable
  8. So what are the characteristics of an effective flooring system in the food and drinks sector?
  9. Here are the Most important features
  10. 1. Seamless floor
  11. 1. Seamless Floor No joints, no cracks, no edges where dirt and bacteria can accumulate
  12. 2. non-absorbing surface
  13. The surface should not have pores. It should be • 100% waterproof and suitable for daily washing • Repellent to oils, acids, fats and other food related residues • Resistant to cleaning detergent 2.Non–absorbing surface
  14. 3. easy-to-clean
  15. • Food and drink processing facilities need to clean their floors several times a day • The floor must be easy to clean • The edges of the floor need to be rounded so muck and dirt don’t gather in these places 3. Easy to Clean
  16. 3. Easy to Clean Rounded floor edges go up the wall thus not enabling dirt and residue to gather in the corners
  17. 4. operability
  18. Food and drink facilities are subjected on a daily basis to significant operational challenges: • Heavy traffic from forklifts carrying significant loads • Attack from various food-related chemical substances that may cause abrasion • Protection of workers from slipping and falling 4. Operabilty
  19. How can we help?
  20. Ktisis have developed special flooring systems that address the needs of the food and drinks sector
  21. The Ktisofloor system is an epoxy-resin based self- leveling system that provides all of the above mentioned characteristics
  22. The Ktisopur system is a polyurethane based system that provides elasticity and is suitable for dairy production
  23. Ktisodur Corner mortar is an epoxy grouting system that allows the formation of rounded edges on the floor
  24. Some of our projects…
  25. Ktisofloor Epoxy System used in wine bottling plant
  26. Ktisofloor anti-slip epoxy system used for olive oil packaging
  27. Ktisepox flooring system used in an agricultural produce storage facility
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