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Flipkart - QlikView for inventory management - Success story

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FLIPKART improves inventory utilization & transforms culture with QLIKVIEW.

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Flipkart - QlikView for inventory management - Success story

  1. 1. FLIPKART IMPROVES INVENTORY Solution overviewUTILIZATION WITH QLIKVIEW Flipkart Flipkart—founded in 2007 in Bangalore, India—is the“QlikView is a superb tool for managing inventory by allowing you to largest B2B e-commerceoptimize stock levels and lower costs associated with excess stock. By platform in the country.using QlikView in our day-to-day operations, we’ve improved inventory Having started with books, itutilization by 5 percent.” has now diversified into a wide range of products.– Pravin Shinde, Analytics Manager, Flipkart Industry: Consumer Products Function: Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales, QlikView impresses Flipkart as Supply Chain replacement for open source BI Geography: India In August 2011, the company invested in its first licensed Challenges: business discovery software with  Integrate complex data from QlikView Enterprise Edition, which disparate sources has since been upgraded to QlikView 11. By then, Flipkart was  Deliver analytical data to experiencing an increasingly staff in various departments complex data flow from different business units—for example,  Improve inventory utilization inventory and supply chain. Solution:Flipkart, the largest B2B e-commercebusiness in India, went live in 2007 Shinde says: “We needed a smart Flipkart has deployedwith the objective of making books system to collate and display QlikView 11 to 200 users,easily available to anyone with meaningful and actionable analysisinternet access. Founded by together with 35 named for decision makers across different users, and implementedentrepreneurs Sachin Bansal and business units and locations. PriorBinny Bansal, Flipkart has diversified several applications analyzing to this, we’d very much been an 25 million rows of data.from book sales into other products. open source house. But withIt sells entertainment products—from exponential expansion in the Benefits:movies, music to consumer business and a growing number ofelectronics—as well as healthcare knowledge workers and managers  Provided transparent andand personal products, home requiring BI analysis and reports, up-to-date information forappliances, and clothing. we needed flexibility and speed in analysis our analytics system.”Flipkart experiences massive  Embedded data-drivengrowth quarter on quarter Flipkart was impressed by the rapid decision making at FlipkartThe rapid diversification has also time to business value achieved  Improved inventorybrought rapid growth. This is with QlikView. Shinde says: “The utilizationillustrated by the company’s first application for sales took justexpanding network of warehouses six weeks to implement and each  Delivered first application forand procurement operations. subsequent functional area— sales in just six weeks supply chain, inventory and finance—took a similar effort. Data source systemsThis kind of scale has added to theneed for Flipkart to continually Speed of delivery made all the Applications: Open Sourceupgrade its business discovery difference to our business, with ERP softwaresoftware to better serve multiple analysis available instantly at the Database: Microsoft Excel,business units with new applications. fingertips of our knowledge workers MySQL on a self-service basis.”As a startup, Flipkart initially usedopen source technology to support Another high-performingthe launch, but soon found that open application in QlikView is forsource business intelligence (BI) inventory management. Salestools had limited functionality. Shinde people and managers access datasays: “Scalability was a problem. It and find information quickly withoutwas hard to drill down into our data any IT produce complex reports.” Shinde says: “Previously, we were
  2. 2. using ad hoc processes and The teams have responded well toRETURN ON reporting. QlikView is a superb tool QlikView due to its intuitive natureINVESTMENT for managing inventory by allowing and user-friendly dashboards. you to optimize stock levels and Users can explore informationInventory utilization lower costs associated with excess freely rather than follow predefined stock. By using QlikView in our paths of questions.improvement day-to-day operations, we’ve improved inventory utilization by 5 The QlikView business discovery percent.” platform’s application-driven model works with existing data sources, Using its 12-strong in-house IT which for Flipkart includes the open team, Flipkart has deployed source MySQL data managementTIME TO VALUE QlikView 11 to 200 users, together system and Microsoft Excel with 35 named users, without spreadsheet software.First application for requiring help from external consultants. The QlikView According to Shinde, the companysales takes just six applications analyze around 25 plans to extend QlikView use toweeks million rows of data, which is employee tablets and increasing in line with the smartphones—which is now company’s growth. possible with QlikView 11—and provide a dashboard for senior With direct access to company management to gain an overview data, staff can spend more time on of company performance. analysis rather than data collation, and work with one version of the truth. Flipkart transforms its business culture In an industry where fast access to information is important, QlikView has also transformed the way Flipkart does business. It’s helping to make the company more agile and responsive to its customers. “With QlikView, we are trying to establish data-driven decision making as a culture within our organization,” says Shinde. “We’re changing the way we see ourselves. All the relevant teams have been empowered and no longer depend on anyone else for reports and analysis. We’ve developed the capacity to share knowledge holistically across teams, which means we can better evaluate our sales strategy.” “With QlikView, we are trying to establish data-driven decision making as a culture within our organization. All the relevant teams have been empowered and no longer depend on anyone else for reports and analysis.” – Pravin Shinde, Analytics Manager, Flipkart © 2012 QlikTech International AB. All rights reserved. QlikTech, QlikView, Qlik, Q, Simplifying Analysis for Everyone, Power of Simplicity, New Rules, The Uncontrollable Smile and other QlikTech products and services as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of QlikTech International AB. All other company names, products and services used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The information published herein is subject to change without notice. This publication is for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and QlikTech shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to this publication. The only warranties for QlikTech products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting any additional warranty.