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My solo travel experience - Morocco

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The presentation is still under development, feel free to leave your comments, it will help me a lot !

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My solo travel experience - Morocco

  1. A solo trip ? But why ?
  2. Reduce Stress Stop thinking about problems
  3. From extroverted to introverted (to a new extroverted)
  4. Who I Am ? No Seriously !
  5. Overcrowded mind Too much news ?
  6. The unexpected start
  7. No cellophane No camera No company Limited budget
  8. 7 Days in different places From Rabat to Agadir
  9. Day #1 : Safi city
  10. Rachid, 22, Medical Student
  11. The best fried fish ever For only 20 DH
  12. Lilly and Lou, Law students Germany
  13. Day #2: Essaouira city A nice motel for 40 DH, Yes it's real ! A delicious Ftour for 15 DH
  14. 3 Days to enjoy.. The nice weather The gnawa music The art of Halka
  15. Samer, 28, Traveler Lebanon The guy who changed my way
  16. Exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and people who are looking for help with varied and interesting activities.
  17. Enough beach, i need a river Let’s go to Sidi Abdeljalil
  18. Expectations 
  19. Reality 
  20. Now it’s 05 PM And I should go back to Essaouira before L’ftour
  21. OMG, what should i do ?
  22. .....
  23. Great, now it’s 06 PM
  24. Then, I decided to try hitchhiking…
  25. I mean this kind of hitchhiking You know …
  26. And it worked !
  27. 2 minutes later, it got worse ! We got stopped by the police
  28. After a stop at Marrakech Day #5 : Ourika Invited by a nice berber family
  29. A fantastic place to meditate and to do climbing
  30. Refreshing ground water and And waterfalls
  31. Day 6 & 7 : Imintanout Hosted by the berber cultural center
  32. Food + Hosting + Activities = 100 DH
  33. Some berber skills i learned Preparing and baking berber bread Cooking a Moroccan tagine Getting the water form a well Learning berber language Riding a donkey
  34. Why should you do it ? It’s a therapy, and it shapes you !            You are in complete control More time for yourself It’s economical Making new friends Discovering and learning new things Being challenged in new ways every single day. Having more fun than you could ever imagine. Confidence and self-awareness Examining your beliefs Reduce time wasting Developing new skills and capacities
  35. Some tips for your first try Walk more, less transportation Learn to say no thank you Get lost Don’t plan too much Pack Smart Meet People Be more realistic
  36. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine
  37. So, would you do it ?
  38. Thank you for your attention