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Amazon federal registry 2.0

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Amazon federal registry 2.0

  1. 1. Introducing… New XML-based, Web 2.0 edition of daily Federal Register
  2. 2. Foundation of FR 2.0 • GPO’s Federal Digital System: FDsys (Jan 2009) – Build Data Repository – Convert SGML print code files to XML • descriptive metadata, preservation – Migrate 17 years of FR data to FDsys • Bulk XML created & posted to – Formerly 17K for FR files; now Free • – Apps for America Contest – Developers use XML to build new apps – OFR/GPO base FR 2.0 on GovPulse; Collaborate w/GP
  3. 3. FR 1.0 1936...GPO Access 1994… FDsys 2009… 2009... GovPulse 2009…FR 2.0 July 26, 2010 Timeline
  4. 4. Concept of Federal Register 2.0 Re-create Federal Register as a Web Newspaper • Free FR format from print-based structure • Re-imagine FR for 21st Century rulemaking • Highlight opportunities to comment; citizen engagement • Build on foundation of GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) • Unofficial XML version, lives in parallel w/ official PDF edition
  5. 5. Problem: Dense, Linear, Inflexible FR 2.0 Solution: Web Newspaper News Sections – Organized by broad topic, Impt docs stay on page Agency “Home Pages” – Shows recent agency activity, stats Clean Layout – More Readable Text Crowd Sourced – Most viewed/emailed/cited Regulatory Timeline – Link to Reg Agenda, ID Significant Rules Calendar of Events – Public Mtgs, Comments open/due, Rules in effect
  6. 6. More Solutions to the Problem FR 2.0 Comment Links – Go directly to docket to comment Web Links – Integration w/ FDsys for CFR, U.S.C., prior FR docs RSS Feeds – Personalization by agency, topic, news section, saved search Educational Features – Regulatory process, Ask A Librarian Official PDF for Authentication – Legal edition, print on demand XML files – Download on demand; use data in other apps
  7. 7. News Sections w/ Broad Topics Business & Industry • Agribusiness, Hydropower, Energy, Mining, Labor, Telecom, Transport Environment • “Enviro-Register” for EPA, DOI, USDA, DOE, Army Corps, USCG, CEQ Health & Public Welfare • Food safety, Health benefits, Consumer protection, Product safety, Education, Housing, Worker safety, Childrens’ benefits Money • Banking, Exchanges, Taxes: Treas, Fed, FDIC, SEC, NCUA, FinCIC Science & Technology • The cutting edge: NASA, FAA, FCC, NTIA, NIST, RUS, ED, DOE World • Security, Immigration, Trade, Customs, Foreign Relations, Defense
  8. 8. News Sections Home Agency Home Pages & Thesaurus Topics Page Daily TOC Featured “Articles” in news sections
  9. 9. Daily Contents Choose other issues on Calendar Choose FR 2.0 XML Mini TOC or official PDF Links to entries, Shows # of docs
  10. 10. Featured docs stay on page for days Money section Navigation to data sets RSS feeds Citizen Pics via Flickr
  11. 11. Science & Technology section Crowd- Sourcing Popular Articles
  12. 12. World section Learn more about News Sections
  13. 13. Health & Public Welfare sec. Highlight documents in the news in parallel w/ Times, Post, WSJ, USAT
  14. 14. Each agency has “Home Page” Agency descriptions sourced from U.S. Government Manual, FR, CFR “Significant Regulations” Mined from Unified Agenda
  15. 15. Browse by Topic Controlled Regulatory Vocabulary
  16. 16. Documents Open for Comment Link to
  17. 17. One Click from FR To Submit Comment or View Docket
  18. 18. Document View Official PDF Clean Layout & Bulk XML Summary in Headings prominent spot & Key Info on sidebar
  19. 19. Unified Agenda Abstract & Link Reg Timeline for context & links to prior docs Internal contents links for navigation
  20. 20. Graphics Thumbnails Links to Tables
  21. 21. Preamble with improved table format
  22. 22. Click Ribbon for Citation & Page, Social Media, Paragraph Link, Navigation Up and Next Footnote Pop-ups
  23. 23. Regulatory Text Links to other CFR, U.S.C., other FDsys Resources
  24. 24. Search Events Emphasis on Public Participation • Meetings, Effective Dates, Comments Due  Search and filter; Limit searches to locations  Subscribe to customized feeds of events  Share with others through social media  Download to Outlook, other Calendar
  25. 25. Search for Events, Public Meetings
  26. 26. Search Rules Open for Comment & Going into Effect
  27. 27. Uses XML and Open Source Code No restrictions on re-use of code Anyone can build apps from FR 2.0
  28. 28. Hosted on Amazon Cloud Scalable/Elastic, Cost-effective, Secure
  29. 29. Contact/Questions Michael White, Managing Editor Office of the Federal Register National Archives & Records Administration ;