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The Lean Cloud for Startups with AWS - Customer Success Story - wireWAX

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The Lean Cloud for Startups with AWS - Customer Success Story - wireWAX

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The Lean Cloud for Startups with AWS - Customer Success Story - wireWAX

  1. 1. ... talk you through our AWS love storyvia the medium ofquestionable pictures(were not being paid to do this, btw... not even free stuff... perhaps we should?)
  2. 2. LONELY BOX BorisEmailFrom: BorisTo: Dan, SteveSubject: Chaps - somethings gone wrong :(
  3. 3. S3 Harry Potter LONELY BOXCF
  4. 4. From: xxxx@peer1.comDate: 28 October 2011 08:52Subject: Data Center Migration physical move - Nov 1st 11pm - 5am gmtTo: Steve Callanan <>Hello,Your server will be Migrated Nov 1st at 11pm - 5am gmt. Live migration updates will beposted on!/P1ldn. We will verify standard monitoring ports areavailable after the reboot. Please let us know if we need to test anything else.Migration Nov 1st 11 pm – 5 am gmtTechnical Account Managerxxxx@xxxx.comwww.peer1.comNETWORK | CO-LOCATION | MANAGED HOSTING
  5. 5. Amazon Basic AMI x64 LargeStart Simples.
  6. 6. MadgeEast Dulwich EU West Manager AMI Web AMI Encode AMI Vision AMI Elasti ELB Cache RDS MongoDB Terry MySQL Cork
  7. 7. US VirginiaEU West [Home] APAC SingaporeCloudfront Route 53APAC Edge DNS Location Dave from Shanghai
  8. 8. Lots of things in computer vision areexpensive...
  9. 9. AWS INSTANCE Threaded Building Blocks Math Kernel Library SEE instructions
  10. 10. other tips?• AWS is a learn by doing platform. Just get involved with simple services to start• Support is great, use it. They actually have real people.• Keep saving AMIs - useful to keep backups and a library• Build with multiple boxes in mind• Be wary of 3rd party unsupported projects (s3fs)• Cloudberry S3 Explorer is pretty nifty - free version as well - CF invalidation• Working across regions gets tricky - use sommet like Pure VPN to channel yourself through the underbelly• Use NewRelic for free - it saves lives - signup via for free pkg
  11. 11. You from Basildon?