pointers for string manipulati pointer declaration pointer initialization pointer basics pointer to pointer null pointer pointer in c programming pointers in c programming pointer and string array of strings pointers and 2d array pointers and 1d array array of pointers returning an array from functi passing an array to a function dangling pointer generic pointer pointers : introduction other file handling function manipulating file position reading and writing binary fil text and binary file file error handling file read/write function file pointers and buffers opening and closing files file handling user defined datatype bit fileds enumerated data type enum union passing arrays as arguments to arrays of structure arrays as structure members nested structures attributes of structure declaring a structure defining a structure structure basics structure two darray of string character oriented functions string handling functions string pointers string initialization string declaration string basics​ pointer and functions 2d array to a pointer id array to a pointer dereferencing a pointer pass by value pass by referenc parameter passing in pointer void pointer
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