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Talent in operations

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Talent in operations

  1. 1. T A L E N T I N O P E R A T I O N S ! BELBIN® Athens 25/01/2016 © A n a s t a s i a M a r i n o p o u l o u , 2 0 1 6 + . A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d In December 2015, in Divan-Asia hotel in Istanbul, one of the most successful Lean conferences in the world took place. It was not because it was attended by 500+ participants from 150 companies but because various lean change projects were presented without any cover-up, without pompous words but with the required humility, quest for more knowledge and respect for the courage and the effort of the numerous teams of employees and workers (and their managers) who took the step to do things differently. What was evident, once more was the commitment to competitiveness but through a balanced techno-socio perspective, meaning managing with the same attention both the operations and the People. Leadership , Teamwork and talent development with Lean become concrete and realised as everybody has an awaiting challenge; competitiveness and innovation are just the corollary of cooperation, problem solving and sound management. Talent in Operations In the photo Toshio Horikiri CEO and Senior Consultant Toyota Engineering Corporation A motivating and insightful speech on how to make companies grow through TPS and TMS. For those who do not know it, Toyota has contributed a lot not only creating but also deepening and widening the Lean philoso- phy and methodology that now expands to all production and services’ sectors So what is best? • Average talent in effective operations? • Absolute talent in average operations? • Absolute talent in effective operations? What is talent anyway? and How can the term ‘talent’ be well defined in a changing market and thus organisational environment? Leaving the theoretical context of the questions (without ignoring its importance), Lean brings in the necessary pragmatism with a thoughtful approach to change management and business development that can easily be adapted to sector, market and organisational maturity needs, starting from waste reduction and work-place organisation (that everybody can understand and follow) to Work levelling and Customer Pull.
  2. 2. Page 2 © A n a s t a s i a M a r i n o p o u l o u , 2 0 1 6 + . A l l r i g h t s Perceptions shape work behaviours and it is difficult as managers and individuals to change them if we cannot be assured that changing them, it will lead to beneficial results, appreciated at all levels. Fair enough. Lean starts with Kaizen = small improvements that offer the safe basis to test, challenge, discover, fail and learn, learn and progress changing perceptions on capabilities both on individual and team level, gradually and as appropriate for us as biologically and psychologically shaped by nature. C H A N G I N G P E R C E P T I O N S Lean Pilot projects facilitate learning, challenging and changing perceptions. At the conference, many companies presenting their lean projects like Eczacıbaşı Vitra (furniture production) and Akmetal (metal casting) showed us interviews taken from their workers and managers before and after the lean initiatives were introduced, in which the various feelings of fear, disbelief and insecurity were gradually replaced (learning, failing and succeeding) by confidence, a NO BLAME attitude and genuine commitment to finding the right solution. On the left some of the client companies which used lean and whose representatives talked about the challenges and the benefits accrued. I highly recommend Lean practices and tools for any type of business. Lean can be applied to all organisational functions, even in R&D and sales! In the picture below the participants’ sector profile TOYOTA Engineering Corporation The Lean Institute of Israel ERKUNT tractors CIMTAS-GEMİ Ship building Wagner KABLO TEPE HOME Furniture production ISUZU AUTOMOTIVE VESTEL White appliances production IPEKYOL Clothing production DURA Machinery SANCIM BILECIK CIMENTO Cement Manufacturing COSKUNOZ METALFORM VE MAKINA Tuprag Gold mine AKBANK Demisaş Metal casting AKMETAL Metal casting Intertek Test Services ASELSAN Defence systems EFI OTOMOTIV
  3. 3. Page 3 © A n a s t a s i a M a r i n o p o u l o u , 2 0 1 6 + . A l l W H O L E A D S I N L E A N ? For more information pls view: and or contact Anastasia Marinopoulou: info@ In the picture: the speakers’ profile. Lean is not a set of methods for the ‘specialists’ only. It is about everyone in the organisation from Senior Management to workers’ level as everyone should understand and respect each other’s role and contribution. Joining such a conference, you will immediately understand this connection as all managers speak about their teams’ contribution. The team of the Lean Institute of Turkey, the most successful among the Lean Institutes! It was founded during the times of crisis to offer new tools and practices to those who wanted to overcome the difficult times and compete on a global level. M O R E F L E X I B I L I T Y ? T R Y L E A N ! Flexibility and outward—looking are words that are so frequently used in articles and books on management this year. Flexibility in my opinion is nothing else but the state of mind and alertness to understand the changes in the market and the readiness to adapt strategy as well as the operational architecture and systems to support the chosen strategy. Without the corresponding commitment and knowledge how to change (and within the required time frame) on all levels and espe- cially where value is created (at customer fac- ing operations), flexibility and outward — looking remain in the domain of aspirations. Having worked in Lean projects, having talked about the Lean methodology and being in the process of developing a Lean frame for marketing and sales with a selected team of consultants, I cannot say but do read and do try to introduce at least one lean concept in your organisation!