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Bottl final presentation

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Bottl final presentation

  1. 1. Andrew Ku ・ Rodney Lyons ・ Dustin Bui ・ Charlotte Wei
  2. 2. Introducing: Bottl A location-based social message discovery: Sharing with the context of a physical environment.
  3. 3. MVP 2.0 Revision Feedback: the content and comment detail page are discouraging.
  4. 4. MVP 2.0 Revision Feedback: would share location related content, but it’s too bare.
  5. 5. MVP 2.0 Revision Feedback: need more incentives to both share and explore.
  6. 6. MVP 2.0 Walk Trough • Emily find an interesting doodle in the classroom and she wants people to notice and appreciate it. Emily Carpenter, 24 • Many people like her bottle and leave comments. • Emily wants her friends and family to enjoy the bottle so she shares it on Facebook.
  7. 7. Users’ Quote The detail and commenting part feel more like a positive space now. Share to FB and let friends treasure hunt my stuff is quite exciting. Kind of need more social elements, social curation? in-app user sharing? Will be even more functional if I can curate my personal messages.
  8. 8. What We have Learned This Semester Mobile Development: Firebase/Parse, Graph API, UX/UI Team Management & Model View Controller Product Design aspect with UX Designers.
  9. 9. What’s Next - Story Journey Add Account My Activity Near By: North Quad 0.2 miles away 30 Explore Bottle Around Bottle Activity My Bottle My Colletion My List Setting 12:30
  10. 10. What’s Next - Even Richer Content Close-eyes on the continuous graffiti on the wall, so much heart and passion. 12:30 100 likes 9/20/2014 It gives some heart to the new buidling aaround . 2 days ago 123 comment
  11. 11. What’s Next - Assistive Exploration Bottl - Get it on Play Store 30 3 12:30 4 Near By: North Quad 3 2