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Pharmaceutics and Drug Development

Journal of Pharmaceutics and Drug Development (JPDD) includes chemical, physical and biological properties of drugs, vaccines, etc. It is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that accepts and publishes original research & review articles, clinical studies in all areas of pharmaceutics. JPDD includes all major research areas such as Pharmaceutical analysis, Microbiology, Molecular, Clinical Pharmacology, etc.

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Pharmaceutics and Drug Development

  1. 1. AIMS & SCOPE Journal of Pharmaceutics and Drug Development (JPDD) is a peer- reviewed, open access journal that publishes research manuscripts, review articles and clinical studies in all areas of pharmaceutics and drug design. JPDD concerned with biological, chemical and physical properties of devices and delivery systems for biological, drugs and vaccines, including their design, manufacture and evaluation.  Pharmaceutics  Drug design  Pharmacokinetics  Pharmacogenomics  Pharmacognosy  Pharmaceutical toxicology
  2. 2. AIMS & SCOPE JPDD do not stick to particular area of research, as pharmaceutics and drug development is a vast field it covers all areas. Evaluation of the properties of drugs, excipients such as surfactants and polymers and novel materials also been covered in JPDD. We aim to bring latest research advancements to a wide international audience.  Novel Drug Delivery  Nanomedicine  Computer Assisted Drug Design  Radio Pharmaceutical Sciences  Molecular Drug Design  Pharmacogenetics  New Drug Targets (For more click here)
  4. 4. INSTRUCTIONS FOR EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS Each Editor of the Editorial Board plays a crucial role in maintaining the standards of the journal and peer review. Editor of a journal should take the sole responsibility for its reputation and entire content.  Based on the field of research (or) subject, editor will assign submitted manuscript to a reviewer for the peer review process.  If the articles do not meet the policies of submission it would likely to be rejected  For ex: The work submitted should neither been published nor submitted to any other publication.  Reviewers will be asked to review the manuscript within the deadline i.e., 14 days.  For more click here
  5. 5. INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS Author(s) are requested to submit the manuscripts, in accordance with the following format which would help in easy review by the Editorial Board (EB) members.  Title  Author(s) with affiliations  Abstract  Introduction  Mainbody / Methods  Results & Discussions  Conclusions  List of abbreviations used or keywords  References  Tables and figures…(for more click here)
  6. 6. Please do go through our manuscript Instructions and Guide lines before submitting a manuscript, kindly read them carefully. Manuscripts/ Articles must be submitted in accordance with guidelines. Articles that are not in the required format would likely to be rejected. Click here to submit your manuscript For queries contact us SUBMIT MANUSCRIPT
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