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Four Approaches for a Customized EHS Auditing Program

Companies use compliance audits as part of the EHS process to confirm that they’re meeting regulatory requirements. Effective audits will present not just findings, but root causes and corrective actions. Based on their internal and client needs, companies tailor their audit programs.

When considering auditing programs, the ideal solution for your business should be easy-to-implement, cost-effective, efficient, effective and adaptable to the various needs of each part of the organization; support managing the audit program; provide the applicable audit protocol questions; simplify the auditing process; track and manage findings and corrective actions, and their closure; and provide configurable reports on audit results.

So how do you get there? To help, Antea Group has developed a matrix of auditing concepts for use in determining the best approach for your needs.

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Four Approaches for a Customized EHS Auditing Program

  1. 1. 0Use or disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject to the restriction on the title page of this proposal or quotation. 1 3 4 2 In-House Team Hybrid Hybrid Consultants Example 1 Internal External External Internal Internal: In-House Team • No consultants • Limited by experience of in-house resources • Costs borne by operations External: Hybrid • Mixed team led by consultants • Can be easier to implement, with lower internal time requirement • Higher external costs External: Consultants • Team of consultant auditors • Targeted experience, broad knowledge • Highest cost, but fully scoped from beginning 1 2 3 4 Internal: Hybrid • Team includes consultants but lead by internal auditors • Provides broader range of expertise • Costs are both internal and external Four Approaches for a Customized EHS Auditing Program For more information, please contact: Mark Ciriello 860 269 3491