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Paternity Testing Services Waco

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Paternity testing provides a clear answer about your origins

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Paternity Testing Services Waco

  1. 1. Paternity Testing The home DNA test can resolve the doubt. Fast and reliable response to 99.9%
  2. 2. Quick Overview of a DNA Paternity Test • Fast: the paternity test provides a clear answer on your biological origins or your child? • Reliable: the probability of paternity is at least 99.99% for a paternity test carried out with the participation of the father - mother - child. • Confidential: the collection kit is sent in a discreet envelope. The sample is collected at home and mailed back to the laboratory. • Easy: the sample is taken without pain or stress at any age on infant, child, adult, or a pregnant woman.
  3. 3. • The DNA paternity test: For whom is it?
  4. 4. Why a DNA Paternity Test? • The DNA paternity test to confirm a biological link: • with one child, sibling, parent or grandparent • with a missing relative, after a long separation, or adoption • if in doubt about a baby exchange motherhood • with a close family friend who would present an uncanny resemblance • Prior to the opening of a procedure aimed at recognition of paternity or contestation, to obtain a custody or visitation, the resolution of issues of inheritance.
  5. 5. Who can participate in a paternity test? • The DNA paternity test is usually carried out with the participation of the father-mother-child trio. This confirms paternity with a probability of at least 99.99%. You can test simultaneously several siblings and several alleged fathers. Even without paternal sample, the DNA test can be performed with • a brother or sister whose paternity is known paternal grandparents uncle, aunt or paternal nephew a DNA sample of the deceased father.
  6. 6. • How to do a Paternity test at home?
  7. 7. What samples can be used in a DNA paternity test? • The most common: Buccal sample of saliva and cells from the inside of the mouth with a swab (cotton swab) • Taking maternal blood? (For the prenatal paternity test only). • Where this is not possible, the laboratory can extract DNA from these other types of samples: • Hair, teeth, nails • Blood stain • Handkerchief or used condom • Envelopes or stamps licked • Stained fabrics • Toothbrushes, toothpicks • Razorblades • Cigarette butts.
  8. 8. • Is a home paternity test confidential?
  9. 9. Is a home paternity test confidential? • The DNA paternity test is conducted confidentially: • The collection kit is not large, it is sent to you by regular mail in a discreet envelope • Participants are free to take the test or refuse, they fill out a consent form home • Results are kept confidential and are only awarded to the person who ordered the test • The results can not be used in the context of legal proceedings • The laboratory does not preserve DNA samples after analysis, even for research purposes.
  10. 10. • Are the results of a home paternity test reliable?
  11. 11. Does a DNA laboratory need to be accredited? • The laboratory that DNA analysis has been accredited by its supervisory authorities. • Their equipment (sequencers, DNA analyzers, bio informatics tools) and their sample processing procedures are subject to regulatory controls. • The tests are validated by obtaining the ISO 17025 and AABB standard. • The laboratory performs tests twice to eliminate any source of error. • Additional tests may be performed when necessary to enhance the probability of paternity.
  12. 12. Paternity Test Pricing • Useful information: A DNA paternity test with father involvement, mother and a child costs $119. • It is possible to involve other children or other alleged fathersat an extra cost. • Paternity testing is possible in the absence of the father, please visit our website to know the practical details. • Results are available 3 to 5 days. After receipt of the samples. • The express paternity test allows to have the results in two days at an extra cost.
  13. 13. More information about Paternity Testing. Visit our website: For specific questions, please email us