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Why Mobile is Becoming More Important Than Ever; ArabNet Digital Summit 2015

Speaker: Nicholas Slettengren, Founder & Director of Marketing Strategy, Power Digital Marketing

Mobile digital marketing is becoming ever important in the global community as leaders in search like Google start to adjust their search results and algorithm to award "mobile friendly" websites. Never has this been more important than in the Middle East with a mobile internet consumption 45% higher than the rest of the world! This presentation shows you how to identify if your website is "mobile friendly" for search engines and the steps you can take to get there if you are not. As a bonus, we have provided actionable insight on three Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that can be used internationally to increase your websites presence anywhere in the world.

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Why Mobile is Becoming More Important Than Ever; ArabNet Digital Summit 2015

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  3. L. Google launched the biggest update to its search . .T. E algorithm of its kind for Mobile effecting "4U°/ o of “WI - mobile search queries worldwide. Goog| e's Zineb Ail Bnahajji from the “Webmaster 9 <9 E Trends" team alluded to Search Engine Journal that 50% of searches on Google are executed with a mobile phone. Thus, triggering the massive update. E Current global stats for mobile use worldwide are astounding. (Macro view) @ns| etengrer
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  5. Power Digital Marketing x Arabnet Summit: Dubai @nsletengrer
  7. «Tb Qatar ‘-2 ‘Ir. "I"/ /. SaudiArabia . ‘il"’n SMART PHONE PENETRATION BY COUNTRY. Jordan -I-| "’n Egypt ff~‘“"«- Morocco | -“"I-
  8. Power Digital Marketing x Arabnet Summit: Dubai , ,, ,1. 4- : ‘ @nsletengrer
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  10. https: //deve| opers. goog| speed/ pagespeed/ Developers Ftroducts ) P. a;«vSp~: —--J "vcghts Pagespeed Insights at Make your web pages fast on all devices. http: //www. jumei rah . com Web Performance Give Feedback About Pagespeed Insights Learn more about i-«vb in-~r‘i: -~. ~. to-'62 iCv: .i: ;;. '«-, Have comments or questions about Pagesoeed Pagesoeed Insights analyzes ti ”'ICiUd| flg browser extensions and APIs for Insights, Insights? Smd ! ee: ::. i:k or c}. cw. C. J' m. .. wg page, then generates suggestio Pagespced Service. and our optimization Iibmries we-. Inster Li‘-. ‘s'n mow @'IR1ifli= lI@‘ ' 9--‘.7-i wit -‘i- '. .-, -i, .. 'I'-, -law. -'. ~.«
  11. ( Developers mums. I l-qvwrod i-. um Pagespeed Insights httoJIv~m. |umlwIh. com/ 3 Mobile Dr-5‘-(:00 Speed Should Fix: F>~lYll'tI| fl lflldfl-Noduflfi Javascripr and CS5 in abave~the~ti-. i|d content Vunuqsanlunamguuiur-ououuulluodiinglzssiuoiurun nut. -aiunudfiyiiiimo-ingyvup-gt mm a! VI loan in. role cum-iimii your pogo caiiiii be i-ram: vllthout iuimg lot mt Iallowinq vncwzu ID ma Try sa dE'EI ai uyiicrmiouuy iiua oiumn; ieaom-. u I7 ruin: the cmiui paniuiu at Ihose iuouims mrectly n iii: HIML om-inve rennruomnu uuscisir Mr. -iuiszn no-enema cwviielumriele in MD fllmbcdri Lore-viarrico corn/ Iiv~si‘)1Jl3llaIhnr: ix7At: IISVDX 71 THEN mu um )u4'VEl‘lH : o—ii. - IIeMuI. ';IItQuu: ifltev-lr'uIlZ§19tJJ37b87 M. -:imii . m-man tom. ‘ cc/ win/ -,ucix-in-ovi lx’rerr| mal nsosimrisni Dauvun css hi. -Ii-cry ml the vniiamvig Mm -‘Mi . imieiiah mm. ‘ / WlDr'CIIi‘C9YN‘VIOf‘ cu71v-I-iipu29G90J376o7 @ns| etengre
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  13. htlo Hwww “A56 ‘ah cumv‘ Mobi'e . it User Experience Should Fir '» 1.‘ 12;: u-~, -.-~. - ‘4p; .lL; 4'? ‘ y sum ohm: tr. h/ainiavis on your -«binge M31 be too lrVIJV'» fora um men-Iy us an nioorn-crew Conn-en HI i- . . r ~ ispeed , G 'uw'V~‘. can £utIti; ‘3t. i'-1i'e'I‘, atA. ‘./ Ju tn , Vciijii‘ Flsriouiu Fix L! .A. Ev" ~. i:i~ rrnarr bcicxiri; J31‘! -flat! pi ind CS5‘ * above v-u~l- rririzmt vim iiap rm 4 niixiiin; mini mum» ma 3 taloeling css iuooim ma canes - om, WV mmiiii; your page A‘i'l'. llWil . 4.1l -'lH, lMill“‘>i . i'r: - aim . ‘iIlI“l'i' i, ..ii. i.-xi» -ii-- » i. _. iii. ys. .n- "w 'ii i- ii. ~i. ili'l‘li1lIfl IiJf«i, 'l‘y/ lllil-‘li>Llli. l;i . ... -i-. ..i, ii yllllir-1|! 1"v~Vir4 1'1 . 'l"i r pr I .4lI' r. ‘JLl: l:tb. l’r)J : 4 l-Ll i: ii". ::i'i' l' . l'i(l'. 'i . ‘wr‘. l i. .. -.a, * l'v—l‘V, ':'-1. ‘I -: .i~i; l""'liL“I'"l‘ill“1"4‘. §tJH"‘ l I. _ V_l. |'Q—l‘i . ,.-.4 . ,. , . . .._. ,, i., ... . imp. .. u:1li: ii‘i= ui; cI . -
  14. Power Digital Marketing x Arabnet Summit: Dubai @nsletengrer
  15. are Shaw Cc'; ora', on. a to-i: -aw I-and r-iu‘: .-c. s< ; ' any I 'r‘ at (huiered Eiiiti‘ med On‘? 25 yum A-ya, skim : i-.3; with 4‘ aipcus or in, pioputy ‘ with the local . l‘ council tor _ , /' luturc building . . How to partner
  16. RESPONSIVE MOBILE DESIGN WEBSITE V lltiillll E HI ‘~. iiPT*i uiiim ‘iiiiiw iitilitts I-lIlitlIRl‘lNI'~ 3. Milk“; ‘ Mi | IltIIR| Ml. i flbm| €omofl|8eu'ilFmme| ?EC‘h| Piracy l‘. ')l: zR: In%ul&-IIQOQJI ray-)v! llN, ¢IIfll, l @nsletengrer
  17. Power Digital Marketing x Arabnet Summit: Dubai @nsletengrer
  18. I II Ik Ii‘, .. .1.. . . .~——. .. . .. g. ..: i:: «+. : -&——A¢u—mu—uw&1&»nw~o - I‘ Qu-—niwII-acne: _. g g ‘V Ifiwlfl I‘ , _ , REVITALIZE M V j A i « YOUR “3 : ‘JWARDROB I“ -, r-It-. w~ If i. ’ ‘H i ‘I *1-. i -. Niv. x.. i i. I " x i_ii lkklt W
  19. .~. .., ;.. It um-v 3"u>iri: Ir iie (ioni mun uni i. lo. uiiii t Ill, (IMII uw niuiims hiP| (LIl4$ll[ ILEAIIIILI CAH: CfllI5 I. ‘ ---in Bamboo Blond Andalib Tunic IDOIO~IJll1 I ' a Joe . CLJSEOTTIPYS using Safari ma pr0(II. ‘l‘L ! o It‘. -ii sliripiiiiig r. . us-wig bzilzui thwn plxiash swit Icir any incbn FREE SHIPPING WITHIN I ~ i. ... ... ... .. ... . i. .. -. -i ‘sit. ' [I I, __. n @nsletengrer
  20. ouoovuwori U! M06!! ! D 1 I6! CZ- oiou. -ainycioomr ‘. I.. .’ I . '.I>. I.*. . product: no their shopp using Safari then please owl {or any incon FREE SHIPPING WITHIN In the shopping cart, all the fields become too difficult to use on mobile because of their small size This becomes a difficult user experience and can lead to a lower conversion rate, even though the visitor has committed to putting something in their shopping cart to buy! @nsletengrer
  22. ._, . @nsletengrer
  23. @nsletengrer WISTIA IS A DIGITAL MARKETERS DREAM. .. Here we are demonstrating how Wistia allows for Calls to Action (CTA’s) and even email captures within the video itself. A/ atcih another Lenny videol
  24. This screenshot shows the heatmap tracking of videos. This gives viewer interest metrics from which part of the video people skipped over to parts the viewer came back to rewatched. Most importantly it lets you know are people watching the entire video’?
  25. @nsletengrer Customization is key and sizing the video, adding color and making it fit your brand and website is easier than ever. Lenny Delivers Video
  26. Sharing videos and recognizing devices is a great feature but not completely unique as many other video platforms offer these services. However, Wistia sets itself apart with its IID DAIIDWIDTH DETECTION that measures the viewers bandwidth connection speed and delivers the best quality video resolution with the least amount of buffering. This is great for less than reliable infrastructure in certain regions. making it fit your brand and website is easier than ever. A . . - IE El Easy Embedding and Sharing Works on Every Device H0 Bandwidth Detection Post videos and playlists to your website When you upload a video to Wistia. we Our servers instantly measure each or share them via sociai iricdia We've automatically encode and deliver Flash viewers connection and deliver the best integrated with Twitter to make Wistia and HTMLS versions at multiple quality video with the least buffering videos watchable from within a tweet‘ rcsoliilionr. This means crystal clear possible video anytime. anywhere @nsletengrer
  27. Kc. ’rr. v rd Tool ‘ “ r , .. , i) Find Out’ not Your Add 1;-nczr | :. Loci‘-: inrr For K ~, ".-. crd Tool ’- The 1: tn ! -vn -tiv To Goon! -i r. '- y. --Crd Pl ‘l‘il7 ’ find Liz: ‘ : ir‘_” at @nsletengrer
  28. IS THE FUNDAMENTAL PIECE OF ANY SEO DR SEM STRATEGY. With Keywordtool. io we can get a global perspective on our keyword research. Below are the key reasons for this tool and how it helps. Keyword Tool For SEO And Content Creation It you want your website to get traffic from Google or other search engines. you need to make sure that your website contains content created around the nght keywords. What this means is that you should be using words that your potential audience is already using while looking for similar products or services online. The best way to discover these keywords. as it was proven by thousands ot thriving online businesses, is to use GoogIe's auto suggested keywords as a base to create content for your website. By creating content around these popular keywords you are readily giving great value to your website visitors, in return Googlo will reward your website with higher rankings which entails tratfic increase. @nsletengrer
  30. We also searched in Arabic to show language flexibility and use within the platform. *-v-°~*°°"~ ~"~= °-- T| -A-5; oooflooom - Anbsc('*a)") ' E — Koyword suggestions E I“ Search for 5;” found 405 unique keywords Sou: h‘l’omI|7 20V5‘wl-: ; ‘~'-: Mai-: ; JM-90-5~‘-: .n 08-: ; In-3~'-: ; 34$-:1 4ihM4'0J-: ; ‘fizz . PV‘u'r‘~l0:1 304'-5; J}-:36}-: ; 24-; .. J; .-.4-. )«» ,
  31. #3 @'II-:1lr: I‘I: I'nLf| r”: :r
  32. S| M|LARWEB. GOM IS THE ULTIMATE WAY TO OUIGKLY AND EEEIGIENTLY SIZE UP YOUR OOMPETITORS ONLINE WHEN LOOKING AT THERE DIGITAL MARKETING. You can quickly identify there core digital marketing channels they are participating in and what kind of reach and traffic the website in question has. @nsletengrer
  33. Here we can see traffic statistics between Emirates Airlines and Ethiad Airways. Also, key Google Analytics metrics are being estimated like page views, time on site, and even bounce rate. ‘ ' * r U ll
  34. From the Geo location view we can see where the most search and traffic is comingfrom around the globe. Then target those countries efficiently in our digital strategy.
  35. Search trends allow you to see the disparity between Organic and Paid traffic and what channel most of the traffic is being generated from. uimrrau-1 com 0 Search Traffic W 33-6%r I 22.46% Organic Keywords: Paid KOy‘v'JOT(lSI 7 Search Engines — I l
  36. Social media insights allow to see the strongest influencers within the websites active social networks.
  37. THANK YOU! nnnnnnnnnn er
  38. SPECIAL THANKS TO: lfRANll| Nll / / ‘v’lilEll| l'f. llflN / /‘ MARhl‘l| l‘ltl1,CRA’tGY / / TIIEMOVETIGGOM MOVETIC A} Presentation Design themovetic. com @nsletengrer