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Culture Code @ Arbunize

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About how we work and what we work for.

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Culture Code @ Arbunize

  1. Company Culture @
  2. Arbunize is not a company… but a mindset
  3. it is not a product… but a platform
  4. Where YOU build the product. The product...
  5. is
  6. We are Jedi in action
  7. We inspire aspirations
  8. our options according to Yoda
  9. We chase our dreams… We bring them to life… And in the course… We help you do the same
  10. Shivam Thinker.Strategist Analyst Dheeraj Ideator.Designer Stylist Akshit Facilitator.Planner Logistics vikrant Inspirer.Tactitian Technologist Renzo Creator.Marketer Executionist AnDREA Writer.Curator Strategist O U R T E A M
  11. We respect each others as individuals first and treat success as an individual perception
  12. “happiness is the key to success.. if you are profoundly happy in what are doing, thou shall be a success…”
  13. There are no complicated policies We Do what we have to Do to GET where we want to BE
  14. How we do things • if you can’t be true about it better not do it • if you do it BE TRUE about it • You only need power to do something harmful, other wise LOVE IS ENOUGH to get things done • Be open to change of mind • Take responsibility for change
  15. our work happens anywhere and everywhere
  16. How we set goals • We Aim to Live smarter not harder • We Aim to Live rich not be rich • We Aim to Be useful • We Aim to Do better • We Aim to Be better • We Aim to Reduce effort even if it means to put some more • We aim to Inspire and aspire
  17. How we Help You Giving you free resources to build your brand offering mechanisms to broadcast your uniqueness and a platform to manage your online identity
  18. How we measure Performance • How many people have we helped • How much of a positive difference have we made in the world
  19. Start here