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Revenue Assurance, Fraud Reduction and Cost Managment in Telecoms Conference

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Revenue Assurance, Fraud Reduction and Cost Management in Telecoms 2010 offers practical and effective strategies you can implement in your business to optimise revenue assurance and control costs. Building on the feedback from our successful 2009 event, the 2010 conference features more case studies from operators, VMNOs and ISPs than ever before, and a new focus on combating telecoms fraud.

Held on the 11 and 12 May 2010 in London is the biggest and most eagerly anticipated conference in the EMEA, and will bring together key industry experts to provide answers to current topical questions. From coping with the global economic recession and effectively controlling roaming revenues to limiting bad debt, this conference will provide insight on how to solve the critical issues that you face in the industry today.

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Revenue Assurance, Fraud Reduction and Cost Managment in Telecoms Conference

  1. 1. Organised by: ViBevents 10th Annual Revenue Assurance, Fraud Reduction and Cost Management in Telecoms 2010 Tuesday 11 - Wednesday 12 May 2010, London, UK Setting an effective strategy to protect revenue, combat fraud and control costs CASE STUDy PRESEnTATiOnS GiVEn By: engage with peers and industry Dan Ret, nixon Wampamba, Head experts from companies like Head of Develop and of Revenue Assurance and Operate, Group Revenue Fraud Management, ViRGin, VODAFOnE, BT, ORAnGE Assurance, zAin and more ViRGin MEDiA Gjurgjica Gjorgjeski, Head Tim Banks, of Billing and Revenue Ex Global Head of Group Assurance Department, WHy SHOULD yOU ATTEnD? Revenue Assurance, T-HOME MACEDOniA VODAFOnE • Learn cutting edge techniques for reducing Meir Tor, Revenue Danny Dixon, Assurance Manager, revenue leakage at the strategic level Head of Revenue PELEPHOnE • Uncover which tools will aid in minimizing Assurance and Billing, your leakage and how to e ectively THREE MOBiLE Jason Lane-Sellers, Fraud Risk and Intelligence, incorporate into your business model Andreas Manolis, T-MOBiLE • Discover the evolutions of fraud attacks Head of Revenue Assurance, iain Cottingham, on telecoms and the methods for mitigate T-MOBiLE Group Head of RA, your risks FRAnCE TELECOM/ • Share experiences and get your questions Cliff Mcintosh, ORAnGE BT Global Services answered through expert led roundtable Revenue Assurance sessions and networking breaks Manager, BT Platinum Sponsor: Associated Sponsor: Silver Sponsors: Supporting Associations: Register now: Online: Email: Tel: +44 (0)20 7753 4268 Fax: +44 (0)20 7915 9773
  2. 2. Programme day one Tuesday 11 May 2010 08.30 Registration 13.00 Panel discussion: Maximising revenue streams from new products 09.00 Opening remarks from the Chair ● Using your revenue assurance function to dramatically increase product success rates and profit margins 09.30 Evaluating the changing role of revenue assurance and ● Understanding the extent to which new and complex products fraud prevention and how the recession has affected exacerbate under-billing and identifying workable solutions the direction of future focus. A chance to benchmark ● With multiple products and bundles, how can the data systems be your operations and assess potential future changes synchronised sufficiently to allow effective monitoring? Senior representative from GRAPA. ● Involving RA in product development by educating your business in the long-term financial benefits of more rigorous product assessment 10.00 Opportunity Loss – Uncovering the hidden revenue loss Andreas Manolis, Head of Revenue Assurance, T-MOBiLE ● Defining Opportunity Loss to deepen your understanding of how it’s Tim Banks, Ex Global Head of Group Revenue Assurance, VODAFOnE affecting your business Danny Dixon, Head of Revenue Assurance and Billing, THREE MOBiLE ● Identifying different types of Opportunity Loss to help you isolate weakness within your operations 13.30 Lunch ● Developing RA strategies to minimise losses ● Measuring benefits to the business and customers through minimisation activities Andreas Manolis, Head of Revenue Assurance, T-MOBiLE Stream A: Stream B: 10.30 Advisory Session Maintaining growth in Developing best practice Senior representative to be announced, emerging markets and new in established markets and COnnECTiVA SySTEMS operators mature operators 11.10 Morning refreshments 14.30 Case Study: 14.30 Maximising the key steps in achieving effectiveness of your tool assessing the changing Product landscaPe and best-in-class revenue development: assessing assurance capability the relative merits of the imPlications for reVenue assurance ● Maximising your efficiency by internal versus vendor 11.30 Uncovering key challenges and identifying workable aligning network, billing and solutions as you switch to the iP network tool creation finance departments Ensuring that RA is at the heart of your IP strategy in order to maximise ● Understanding the ● ● Establishing a single, effective potential new revenue streams development process in order revenue assurance process Avoiding errors in system setup, data integrity and business processes to ascertain which approach ● ● Developing effective working when time constraints mean that RA is not the priority best fits your business model relationships in order to secure Overcoming the challenges associated with confirming the receipt of ● Defining your requirements ● management buy-in and justify content in order to ensure accurate billing and what you need from the future investment Ensuring effective RA in a time-pressured environment as time-to- tool ● ● Planning for the future of your market decreases in order to maximise the likelihood of a successful ● Illustrating an in-house business by assessing potential and efficient product development programme by future growth and factoring it Cliff Mcintosh, BT Global Services, Revenue Assurance Manager, BT analysing Virgin’s successful into RA capacity case study ● Developing an understanding Dan Ret, Head of Develop 12.00 Maximising revenue from VoiP, iPTV and digital of the growing role of RA as and Operate, Group Revenue marketing and other new products business focus switches from Assurance, ViRGin MEDiA ● Establishing base cost of complex bundles in order to establish optimal growth to customer retention pricing and protect profit margins and revenue optimisation in ● Identifying new areas of revenue leakage and fraud in order to prepare order to more accurately control for potential weaknesses costs and reduce error ● Positioning RA at the best possible point in the product development Morisso Taieb, Revenue process: weighing up the costs and benefits of a pro-active versus after- Assurance and Carrier the-fact approach Relations Manager, ● Using RA to develop a more effective understanding of a product’s BEzEq inTERnATiOnAL potential and the likelihood of a successful future revenue stream, prior to product roll out Juan Prieto, Marketing Manager, ROSCOM 12.30 next Generation Data Strategy and Triple Play – TESTiMOniALS – attendees' thoughts at ViBtelecoms’ What are we Billing for? ● Understanding the challenges of billing for internet content Revenue Assurance 2009 event include: ● A race for content rather than capacity or coverage ● Uncovering the implications of streaming, Downloads and QoS “Good opportunity to share experiences with other ● Establishing whether microbilling is a rational customer proposition? operators” Business Analyst, TELEFOniCA ESPAnA ● Forecasting the future for credit management in this new world ian Haddon, Operations Director- Broadband, Sky 3 “Informative but also confirming that we are on the right track” Senior Manager, MTn SOUTH AFRiCA “Very positive contacts and interesting presentations” President, ARAxxE “The presentations, speakers and round table discussions were very valuable for an RA person” RA Manager, ROMTELECOM
  3. 3. Programme day one Tuesday 11 May 2010 15.00 Establishing effective fraud detection 15.00 Understanding the impact of iPTV services on your ● Consistently achieving top quality data to maximise the effectiveness RA and fraud departments of your detection systems ● Assessing the requirements: what will it mean for your team? ● Ensuring effective prevention of fraud associated with equipment: ● Forecasting potential fraud opportunities in order to plan tailoring your approach defensive strategy ● Examining your exposure to international roaming fraud ● Developing an effective strategy to eliminate potential ● Analysing Sim-boxing, it’s effect on telcos in emerging markets, and weaknesses and reduce arbitrage what you can do to reduce your company’s exposure ● Focus on tools: what systems are required to future-proof your nixon Wampamba, Head of Revenue Assurance, zAin TAnzAniA offering ● Assimilating new services into your business plan invited speaker: Tiina Janhunen, TELiASOnERA 15.30 Demonstrating ROi in order to secure investment ● Understanding the importance of top level buy-in ● Analysing the key obstacles in order to isolate areas for improvement 15.30 An alternative approach to Assurance ● Educating your company in the role of RA and it’s business benefits to ● Product Assurance as an alternative to RA: ensuring that demonstrate the financial worth of your department customers are provisioned correctly to maximise their revenue ● Quantifying and communicating risk in a management friendly way: creation potential building bridges ● Developing an in depth knowledge of the whole estate in order ● Using effective KPIs and measurements to demonstrate the to spot potential or actual issues as early as possible. achievements of the RA department ● Overcoming the challenges associated with convergent billing of dissimilar products handled by multiple systems and providers, Provisional Speaker: Lee Scargall, Director of Enterprise Risk both internal and external Management, qTEL inTERnATiOnAL ● Understanding the role of regulation and its compatibility with the RA function 16.00 Extended RA functions: data integrity, payment ● Using effective working relationships to maximise the benefit collections, bill accuracy of reporting and maintain a comprehensive oversight of where ● Synchronizing your data bases in terms of data accuracy/consistency regulatory breaches could occur and process integrity across different systems/applications to create John Bangs, Head of Product Assurance, BSkyB an effective homogonous system for provisioning and invoicing of services 16.00 Revenue impact / Minimizing Revenue Loss ● Reconciling bank statements, account payments, controls, KPI’s to ● The maturity of controls optimise the efficiency of your payment collections ● KPIs ● Understanding and maximising the efficacy of bill accuracy and ● Incident management dunning controls in order to protect revenue ● Post-mortem and getting it right 1st time ● Assessing the extended role of RA at Telekom; important aspects in ● Cradle to grave control assurance developing pro-active (or action-oriented) RA strategy Scheherazadé Bokhari , Revenue Assurance Manager, Gjurgjica Gjorgjeski, Head of Billing and Revenue Assurance T-MOBiLE Uk Department, T-HOME MACEDOniA 16.30 Closing remarks from the Chair and close of Day One register online now! Online: Email: Tel: +44 (0)20 7753 4268 Fax: +44 (0)20 7915 9773
  4. 4. Programme day two Wednesday 12 May 2010 8.45 Registration 15.00 Panel Discussion: Assessing the merits of a combined Fraud and 9.15 Opening remarks from the Chair RA department ● Establishing whether Fraud and RA are compatible partners 9.10 roundtable 1: ● Identifying the potential benefits of a combined approach Understanding the role of regulation and its ● Outlining likely hurdles to an effective integration and how to compatibility with the RA function overcome them John Bangs, Head of Product Assurance, BSkyB ● Uncovering key case studies and examples to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages Morisso Taieb, Revenue Assurance and Carrier Relations Manager, roundtable 2: BEzEq inTERnATiOnAL Achieving management buy-in; learning how to iain Cottingham, Group Head of RA, FRAnCE TELECOM/ORAnGE demonstrate your real ROi, and your potential ROi Danny Dixon, Head of Revenue Assurance and Billing, THREE MOBiLE Alexander nelles, Head of Group Customer Relations, VODAFOnE GERMAny roundtable 3: Emerging markets: sharing experience on the pitfalls 16.00 Afternoon refreshments and successes of setting up your RA dept Morisso Taieb, Revenue Assurance and Carrier Relations Manager, 16.30 Overcoming the increasing threat posed by international BEzEq inTERnATiOnAL Revenue Share fraud ● Establishing the extent of the fraud and analysing growth patterns roundtable 4: ● Using real time data analysis to isolate and investigate anomalies Establishing the usefulness of the NRTRDE systems currently on offer innovative Assurance; thinking outside the box ● ● Effectively identifying related accounts and their activities Meir Tor, Revenue Assurance Manager, PELEPHOnE ● Co-ordinating the billing and fraud systems to more quickly identify fraudulent accounts roundtable 5: ● Pinpointing future weaknesses in your system to reduce revenue Focussing on fraud: a chance to share knowledge of the erosion latest developments in Telecoms fraud WeDo client-led discussion 17.00 Spotting the potential for future fraud by isolating key weaknesses and assessing developing trends ● Assessing the future risks from next generation IP networks 12.30 Lunch ● Establishing the growing risk presented by ‘Denial of Service’ fraud and how it can be effectively combated Exploiting the potential revenue to be saved by preventing rather than key case studies: PaVing the way for your ● detecting leakage and fraud future efficiencies 14.00 The credit crunch effect: assessing the move to account 17.15 Closing remarks from the Chair and close of Day One takeover and evaluating the implications for fraud prevention ● Examining the affects of the credit crunch on fraudster behaviour ● Charting the movement to account takeover ● Evaluating the size and impact of the shift to better understand the extent of its impact on your business ● Identifying the shift – what are the methods used ● Developing an effective strategy to reduce revenue loss as a result of account takeover Jason Lane-Sellers, Fraud and intelligence Manager, T-MOBiLE Uk 14.30 Revenue Assurance teams broadening their views: Assure correct Payments to dealers ● Establishing the importance of dealer commissions: a major part of operators’ costs ● Ascertaining the level of risk associated with dealers: what can go wrong? ● Challenges in the relationship between mobile operators and dealers ● Monitoring dealers behavior and minimising your revenue leakage Alexander nelles, Head of Group Customer Relations, VODAFOnE GERMAny
  5. 5. Pre-conference workshoP Platinum sPonsor Connectiva Systems makes software that business critical revenue assurance enables telecom operators increase their tools: strategy summit business performance, productivity and profitability. Connectiva ONEREViEWTM, multi-application platform Monday 10th May 2010 has solutions for revenue assurance, fraud management and risk analytics, which can be either deployed as an integrated product tim banks, ex global head of suite or as independent modules. Companies who have partnered group revenue assurance, Vodafone with Connectiva to identify and recover more than $500 million in About the workshop: leaked revenues include leading global telecom operators such as Vodafone’s recent ex-head of revenue assurance offers practical lessons T-Mobile, Zain, Etisalat, Qtel Group, Bharti Airtel, BSNL amongst and essential tools for best practice revenue assurance. Tim’s workshop is others. Headquartered in New York City, the company is privately held designed to equip you with the latest business critical tools and techniques and has offices in Mexico City, London, Bahrain, New Delhi, Kolkata you can immediately implement in your department to optimise your RA and Singapore. function. associated sPonsor Creating ownership and productive relationships Martin Dawes Analytics (formerly Lavastorm within the Company Technologies) delivers innovative data analytic • Establishing Ownership, Profile and Stakeholder buy-in within your software to help our customers rapidly generate increased cash from organisation. their internal operations. We and our services partners focus these • Ensuring ownership for RA matters is focused at the right level and data analytics on the communications, media and utility provider business sector. markets that depend on complex, data- and logic-intensive order-to- • How can assurance functions such as audit, fraud and RA work more cash processes. closely together to achieve a joined up approach. • Communications strategy to achieve buy in and fast response to issues raised and speedy resolution. sPonsors • How to benefit from lessons learnt. Roscom is the international leader in independent, true end-to-end Test Event Generation solutions for Revenue Assurance with a global client base in over 54 countries. Our Osprey solutions Pre-conference workshoP are used by most of the top fixed line, mobile and media operators as part of their integrated Revenue Assurance risk strategy. critical insights into telecoms fraud an opportunity to gain up to the minute information WeDo Technologies is the leading supplier on the fraud that’s affecting your revenue of Business Assurance solutions with more than 100 system installations spread across Monday 10th May 2010 67 countries. Its range of products includes Revenue Assurance, Fraud, Roaming, Credit, Commissions and Churn Management, and mark Johnson, ceo, telecom risk consulting ltd it operates its own business consultancy unit, Praesidium. WeDo has Workshop Agenda offices in 15 countries and it has three software development centres Fraud management definitions • Fraud evolution; how fraud has evolved and adapted to emerging cVidya is a product company specialising in telecom services & technology Revenue Assurance, Data Integrity and Dealer • Key fraud drivers; the motives and causes of telecom fraud & the typical fraudster’s business case management solutions providing our customers • Classifying telecom fraud; techniques for the classification of various with a combination of sophisticated providing fraud issues our customers with a combination of sophisticated data analytics • Fraud management tools; an introduction to the toolset used by fraud techniques. The suite allows operators to streamline and monitor their management practitioners revenue chain and data integrity among sources thus enabling quick identification and closing of existing and potential leakage points. Mobile frauds • Typical post-paid fraud scenarios will be described by a leading expert, with a review of: • Detection tools; the tools used to detect frauds in progress or after the fact • Investigation techniques; the approaches taken to investigating telecom exhibitor fraud cases • Fraud prevention; key controls and technical measures used to prevent occurrences Fixed line frauds • Typical scenarios; pre-paid fraud scenarios will be described by a leading expert, with a review of: co-sPonsor • Detection tools; the tools used to detect frauds in progress or after the fact • Investigation techniques; the approaches taken to investigating telecom fraud cases • Fraud prevention; key controls and technical measures used to prevent occurrences Bypass • SIM Boxing; an analysis of the causes and approaches to the SIM boxing suPPorting associations phenomenon • IRSF; a review of the recent rise of international revenue share fraud as a global issue • Impact and response; a discussion of the bypass responses being implemented by the industry
  6. 6. BOOkinG FORM Revenue Assurance, Fraud Reduction and Cost Management in Telecoms 2010, Tuesday 11 - Wednesday 12 May 2010, London, UK yes, i would like to register for the eVent: fiVe easy ways to book: TELECOM OPERATORS OnLy ■ Register online at I would like the VIP Attendee Package to include the 2 day conference + interactive CD ROM + 1 of the pre- conference workshops (saving £50). £1947 (VAT will be added to your invoice where applicable) ■ Email us at would like to attend the two day conference only. £999 + VAT@17.5% = £1173.83 I cannot attend the conference but would like to receive the interactive CD ROM. £499 (VAT where applicable) ■ Tel +44 (0)20 7753 4268 I would like to attend the two day conference + 1 of the pre-conference workshops (savings £75) ■ Fax +44 (0)20 7915 9773 £1423 + VAT@17.5% = £1672.02 ■ Post Arena international Events Group, John Carpenter House, I would like to attend the two day conference + both of the pre-conference workshops (savings £75) John Carpenter Street, London, EC4y 0An, Uk £1623 + VAT@17.5% = £1907.02 I would like to attend the Vodafone pre-conference workshop only £499 + VAT@17.5% = £586.32 Venue Details The two day conference will take place on Tuesday 11 and I would like to attend the Telecom Risk Consulting Ltd pre-conference workshop only £499 + VAT@17.5% = £586.32 Wednesday 12 May 2010. The venue for all two days will be in London. For further information contact our Operations department I would like to attend both pre-conference workshops only £699 + VAT@17.5% = £821.32 on +44 (o) 207 753 4201. FEES FOR ALL OTHER ATTEnDEES Are you registered? I would like the VIP Attendee Package to include the 2 day conference + interactive CD ROM (saving £50) You will always receive an acknowledgement of your booking. If £2448 (VAT will be added to your invoice where applicable) you do not receive anything, please call us on +44 (0) 20 7753 4268 to make sure we have received your booking. I would like to attend the two day conference only. £1999 + VAT@17.5% = £2348.82 Total Discount code if applicable _________________________________ Discounts are at the discretion of Arena international and are not cumulative Arena International Conference Delegate terms and conditions 5 General: You, your executive/s or your agents may not transfer or assign any of the rights or obligations of this 1 Scope of Agreement: These are the conditions of the contract between you, the Client (“You” and “your”) and Agreement (in whole or part) without our prior consent. Any attempt to resell, assign or transfer rights without our Arena International Events Group (“Arena International Events Group”, “we”, “us” and “our”) governing your use of our consent will entitle us to cancel the contract without liability to you. services, including the conference registration as set out in your booking form. 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