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Stationary Store Management System

  1. Presented by Mr. Ashish Sadavarti Under the Guidance of Prof. Ayushi Jaiswal Stationery Shop Management System Mini Project Title Finalization Seminar
  2. Contents  Introduction  Why shop management system  Application overview  Application flow  Tools  References
  3. Introduction  The main objective of developing this system is to help inventory operators of the Most Stationery shop manage their inventory in a systematic and efficient way.  Shop management system helps to store the database of the shop including item name, item quantity, item category. So we can easily find out if we need any data about the shop.  The system elaborates the basic concept for storing and generating Stationary item’s detail.
  4. Key Components  Python  Tkinter (GUI Toolkit)  SQL (Structured Query Language)
  5. Features  Menu Driven  Product List(Available Stock)  Shopping List(What is needed to buy)  Delete Item
  6. Application Flow Root App Exit Add Item Delete Item Search Item View Database
  7. Application Flow Root Exit View Inventory Enter Details Add Delete Search Clear SQL Data-Base
  8. Application Overview
  9. Application Overview
  10. References  YouTube  Google  W3schools   Codecademy 
  11. 3/22/2023 Prof. Yogesh Sharma