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Getting started

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Getting started

  1. 1. Getting Because, One Second After is One Second Too Late! Like everything in life, getting prepared starts with that first step and then just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You have taken that step by reading and following these suggestions for you and your family. Break your preparation into TWO parallel paths. One for your basic survival needs of Food and Water. You will need to start with a one month supply of each and then push it to three/six/twelve months. Eventually, I recommend everyone plan for two full growing seasons with enough Hybrid Seeds for Crop Failures and Replants. Even at one month, you can breathe easier as you will be way ahead of your neighbors. Second, you need to begin assembling the Survival Enablers that once acquired, will allow you to live safely and protect your family through the hard times to come. We have assembled the attached Checklist for our friends and valued customers to jump start your Preparations. It is not all inclusive and we will keep adding to it as we move forward. The Water List Have to have access to water, both stored at your home and while you are on the road. Obtain and fill 55/30/5 gallon water safe drums/buckets from your water faucet or Home Downspouts. Be sure to treat the water properly with either Bleach or our 5 year Aquamira water treatment. If you are using Bleach, you must rotate your entire water supply every 6 months minimum and then refill and bleach each container (DO NOT JUST REBLEACH). Drawing water from open sources can be risky and subject you to viruses and biological critters (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.) that won’t just make you sick, but can kill you. Water treatment tablets are available at our website that have no after taste and kill all these pathogens. Have some food grade buckets available as water weighs 8 lbs per gallon. Purchase either a pump filter or to save weight, carry a Frontier Filter Pro or straw filter in everyone’s 72 hour pack and for home, get a Berky. Carrying water and other heavy items can injure your back. Two wheeled garden carts and wheel barrels have multiple uses and if you have to walk out, they are a life saver and force multiplier. Buy them now at your local home center while they are cheap and available.
  2. 2. Food Storage List Again, Two Parallel Paths for Food: Quick and Easy Entrée Style, and Basic Bulk Products. Quick and Easy Entrée Style: Freeze Dried and Dehydrated products are a great and economical solution to your survival needs. The last thing you want in a crisis is to spend wasted time cooking. You need quick energy that is good tasting and easy to prepare. I recommend Wise Food’s from Utah. They make ready-made meals packed in airtight Nitrogen Packed pouches, and then encased in durable plastic containers. Their unique packaging process removes up to 98% of the residual oxygen through a vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing practice. They have a 25 YEAR SHELF LIFE meaning NO ROTATION NEEDED. Each bucket of food contains multiple 4 serving pouches and unlike those No. 10 cans where when you open them up, you have to eat all 80 servings, you only ever risk 4 servings at a time with Wise Foods. You could even trade these pouches for other items in an emergency as food may be worth more than gold. Basic Bulk Products: For Live-In Survival, you need to get started now and store large quantities of the essentials (all amounts are per year and per person): Rice Brown or White: 100 lbs, Hard Red Wheat: 250 lbs (need a wheat grinder, hand operated), Salt: 10 lbs, Whole Corn: 50 lbs, Beans/Lentils: 100 lbs, Oats: 20 lbs, Powdered Milk: 20 lbs, Canned Fruits and Vegetables, and Canned Meats: One year supply based on your taste, Brown and White Sugar /Honey/Sweets: 50 lbs. These items should be stored in Food Grade 5 Gallon Buckets, Sealed within Mylar Bag Inserts containing 1500cc’s of Oxygen Absorbers, and finally capped off with an O-Ring Style Lid (I recommend the Gamma Seal 2 Screw On Lid System). This should provide 25 – 30 years storage for most items. Check online resources for specifics. Don’t forget your normal spices/olive/vegetable oils/etc. Personal List Spare Prescription glasses Prescription and non-prescription medications Birth control Keep dentistry up to date
  3. 3. Hygiene/Sanitation List Buy lots of it • Sacks of powdered lime for the outhouse. Buy plenty! • Toilet Paper in quantity (Use Vacuum storage bags as this will reduce the bulk and keep TP for a long time • Soap in quantity (hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap, cleansers, etc.) • Bottled lye for soap making • Ladies’ supplies. Toothpaste (or powder) • Floss • Fluoride rinse. (Unless you have health objections to the use of fluoride.) • Sunscreen.
  4. 4. Get Out of Dodge GOOD Supplies Checklist Food & Water Needs First Aid and Medical Supplies Emergency Food - 3 - 10 Days First Aid Kit Wise 56/60 Grab n Go - 3 People for 10 days Blister Cream Emergency Food Bars - 2,400 cal - 1 per day per person N95 Masks (2) Exam Gloves (4 Pair to Fit) Ready Water Supplies - 3 days Ace Bandages Water Bottles - One Liter per Person Per Day Gauze Water Packets - 4oz Spare Contacts/Perscription Glasses Water Treatment Tablets – 12 per Person Lip Balm (2) - Recommend Carmax Water Access/Purification for Longer Term - Water weighs 8lbs per gallon, you can only haul an initial supply. Better to have systems to access water. Petroleum Jelly (1 Jar) Sunscreen SPF - 45 Frontier Pro Filter Ultra Light - 50 gal capacity Warmers, Hand and Feet (2) Frontier Pro Water Heater Adapter - 55/80 gal Coolers, Hand and Feet (2) Water Bottle with Filter - 1 liter/230 refills Ibuprofen (50 pills) Frontier Filter Straw - 20 gal capacity Aleve (50 pills) Tablets: Water Purifier 12/pak - 1 liter ea Benadryl (20 pills) EpiPen Food Preparation Equipment Stove in a Can Personal Hygiene Stove Fuel Comb/Brush 1 Quart Pot Toothpaste Fry Pan Toothbrush Stainless Steel Mess Kit Floss Utensils Nail Clippers Basic Spices Soap (solid or liquid) Bottle of Bleach Washcloth Hand Towel Water and Food Storage Bath Towel Aluminum Water Bottle 1-3 oz Shampoo Clear Hard Plastic Water Bottle Antibacterial Wash Collapsible Water Jug Disposable Razor - 5 Canteen Sample Size Shaving Cream Canteen Sleeve Toilet Paper - 4 Rolls Femine Products Shelter and Sleeping Tent Miscellaneous Emergency Tent Signal Mirror Emergency Blanket Carbiner, Climbing (3) Tarp – 2 10x12 ft minimum Carbiner, Non Climbing (4) Sleeping Bag/Blankets Deck of Playing Cards (2) Sleeping Pad/Bed Roll Roll of Quarters
  5. 5. 20 Small Nails Cash (>$200) 100 Ft. Paracord (550 Cord) Waterproof Box/Bag Large Garbage Bags Passport/ID (Make Copies and Place in Baggie) Local City Map Clothing State Map Underwear (4 pair) Topography Map Socks, Cotton/Wool (2 pair) Regional Map Socks, Hiking (2 pair) Map with Bug Out Routes Highlighted T-shirt (2 cotton) Paper T-shirt (2 synthetic) Pen/Pencil (2) Long Sleeve Shirt (2) Permanent Marker (2) Fleece/Wool Sweater 2 Way Radio (1 Pair) Water Resistant Jacket Jeans Copies of Important Papers Shorts Insurance Pants Birth Certificate Thermal Underwear (1 set) Pasport Beanie Wool State/Local ID Hat/Cap House/Land Deed Sneakers USB Device Loaded with Document Copies (encrypted) Hiking Boots Water Shoes Recommended Firearms Poncho (army) Pump Action Shotgun Gandana (>3) Sling Waterproof Case (optional) Tools 00 Buck Shells (75) Leatherman Multi Tool Birdshot Shells (25) Folding Knife (3-4 in) Fixed Blade (4-6 in) Battle Rifle .308 or .223 Hatchet/Camp Ax Sling Machete Scope, Red Dot Sight (4x) Leather Gloves Magazine, Spare (4) Compass Ammo (JHP/FMJ, 300 rounds) LED Flashlight Gun Cleaning Kit Crank Flashlight Magazine Pouch Light Sticks (4) Solar/Crank Multi Band Radio .22 LR Rifle Whistle Sling Matches, Waterproof/Strike Anywhere (50) Magazine, Spare (4) Disposable Lighter (3) Ammo (300 rounds) Magnesium Fire Block Binoculars Pistol, Semi-automatic, .45 ACP or 9 mm Entrenching Tool Holster Fishing Line (50 ft) Magazine, Spare (3) Fishing Hooks (3-5) Ammo (100 rounds ea) Fishing Line Lead Sinkers (2) Duct Tape (2) Optional Security Needs WD-40 Shooting Goggles
  6. 6. Super Glue Night Vision Device Sunglasses (2) Body Armor/Load Bearing Vest Waterproof Watch - Wind Up Ballistic Helmet Candles, Long Lasting (2) Waterpoof GPS Manual Can Opener Portable Solar Panel System/Charger Rechargeable Batteries (AA - 4, AAA - 2)
  7. 7. Super Glue Night Vision Device Sunglasses (2) Body Armor/Load Bearing Vest Waterproof Watch - Wind Up Ballistic Helmet Candles, Long Lasting (2) Waterpoof GPS Manual Can Opener Portable Solar Panel System/Charger Rechargeable Batteries (AA - 4, AAA - 2)