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The Netherlands AI Coalition

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Henk Jan Vink (Managing Director, TNO, Netherlands)

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The Netherlands AI Coalition

  1. 1. The Netherlands AI Coalition Henk Jan Vink Managing Director TNO Unit ICT Innovations EBDVF 14 October 2019
  2. 2. 2 Copyright©2017byTheBostonConsultingGroup,Inc.Allrightsreserved. October 2018 Paper -strenghts/weaknesses -opportunities -actions
  3. 3. 3 Copyright©2017byTheBostonConsultingGroup,Inc.Allrightsreserved. October 2019 - Governemental AI strategy - Launch of national PPP on AI - Human centric AI (explainable, responsible and controllable) - Focus on value chain - Open and inclusive (multi disciplinary, quadruple helix
  4. 4. NL AIC structure
  5. 5. Application area’s Health Energy, circularity Defence safety and security Industry 4 Fintech & Insuretech … We use existing- and create new ecosystems. We share best practices and focus on value chains
  6. 6. Building blocks Cross sectoral needs -talent, (re)education, generic digital AI skills -basic and applied, field labs, EU, mondial -data sharing as infra, standardization -human centric, involve consumer org. -access to funding, data and research