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How to build a platform

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Want to find out how to build an oil platform?

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How to build a platform

  1. 1. HOW TO BUILD A PLATFORM IN SIX STEPS To mark the start-up of oil production from the West Chirag platform in Azerbaijan, BP outlines the six main steps involved in building such a massive platform. 1 Long steel tubes are welded together at a fabrication site to make a frame (the jacket). This jacket framework provides the stability to support the topsides. Once complete, the jacket is maneuvered onto a barge and towed out to the field. 2 The jacket is pushed off the barge, positioned on the seabed, and fastened in place using long metal piles. Highest safety standards The entire construction work of West Chirag was performed with full commitment to the highest safety standards without a single day o from work case throughout around 20 million man-hours achieved. 3 The topsides structure is constructed at the fabrication site one deck at a time, incorporating the preordered equipment from specialist suppliers. With its completed weight of 19,500 tonnes the West Chirag topsides is the heaviest structure ever installed in the Caspian and it was fully constructed in the country using local infrastructure at the ATA fabrication yard which was upgraded for this scale of activities. 5 4,000 people About 4000 people including sub-contractors and specialist vendors were involved in the construction works of West Chirag with up to 90% of the workforce being Azerbaijani nationals. The ‘sail away’ of the 19,500-tonne topsides structure is completed. 19,500 tonnes Complete topside 183 thousand barrels per day The design oil capacity of West Chirag is 183 thousand barrels per day. The gas export capacity is 285 million standard cubic feet per day. Build jacket Float secure jacket Build topside 4 Construction of the multi-decked topsides is completed, connecting all the pipework and equipment, including power generation, the control systems, drilling rig, accommodation block and helipad. The topsides structure is jacked up and prepared for load-out onto a barge. Transport topside 6 Attach topside to jacket The topsides structure is floated over the jacket and lowered into place, followed by commissioning and start-up.