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Titanic pres 1

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Titanic pres 1

  1. 1. Lord PirrieOwner of Harland and Wolff
  2. 2. Frederick Fleet(October 15, 1887 –January 10, 1965)Forward Lookout Isidor Straus: Co-Ownerwho first announced Macy*s Department Storethe sighting of the (Febuary 6, 1845 - April 15,iceberg ... 1912) and his wife - Rosalie Ida Blun (1849 - AprilHe also survived of 15, 1912)the sinking of the Isidor Straus tried to get hisRMS Titanic wife into a lifeboat, but she refused to go, saying ... "We have been together for many years - where you go, I go"
  3. 3. Madeline Astor Madeline inherited from her husband the income from a five million dollar trust fun and the use of his home on fifth Ave, and in the Newport so long as she did not marry. In August 1912 she gave birth to a son with whom she was pregnant on the Titanic and she named him after her husband, John Jacob Astor. She relinquished the Astor income and mansions during WWI to marry William K. Dick of New York, and by him she had two more sons, she Divorced Dick in Reno, Nevada in 1933 to Marry Ruth Becker Italian Prize Fighter John Jacob Astor Enzo Firemonte. Five Years later this marriage also ended in divorce. She died in Palm Beach, Florida in 1940 at age 47.Lady Duff Gordon