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Non Invasive Health Monitoring with mHealth

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mHealth Trends and examples of non invasive mobile health devices, organisations and services.
Made as preparation for MoMoAMS #14 about mHealth, Jan 25th 2010, Amsterdam

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Non Invasive Health Monitoring with mHealth

  1. 1. mHealth non-invasive monitoring Trends + Examples december 2009 - @bart
  2. 2. Trend 1 NO SCIENCE FICTION
  3. 3. Trend 2 Mhealth medical apps = SMS AND Development happens in developing world episurveyor ( texttochange hopephones vodaphoneproject ...
  4. 4. Trend 3 ultra portable ultra small ultra low power recharging
  5. 5. Trend 4 thin line between fitness & healthcare lowcost & hitech scale/mass production consumerisation of medtech personalisation disposable?
  6. 6. Trend 5 specialisation device hub/platform service interoperability = key everyone does it with everyone
  7. 7. Trend 6 health feedback/ support services + share health data with peers = interaction galore everyone does it with everyone
  8. 8. Trend 7 Mobile carriers opportunities services speed video data connectivity + coverage mobile payment
  9. 9. Trend 8 home-gateways mobile-gateways medical-body-gateways Every body on the net (Donald Jones VP Lifescience - Qualcomm )
  10. 10. company url top-left
  11. 11. What is mHealth? mHealth, enabled by mobile phones and other wireless computing devices (mDevices), is the revolutionary adoption of new communication patterns in healthcare that is stimulating the introduction of Participatory Health. Enabled by mHealth, Participatory Health is transforming healthcare from a physician- and hospital-centric system to one that seeks to connect and coordinate the roles of all health participants, including patients, the wide range of healthcare providers, payers, pharma, wellness providers, and more. mDevices enable healthcare professionals to communicate better with their colleagues, patients, and others such as payers.
  12. 12. Continua Health Alliance To establish a system of interoperable personal telehealth solutions that fosters independence and empowers people and organizations to better manage health and wellness.
  13. 13. Mhealth Alliance At the GSM Mobile World Congress in February 2009, the Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations Foundation, and Vodafone Foundation announced an agreement to form the mHealth Alliance to facilitate global innovation and ensure maximum impact in the field of mobile health (mHealth).
  14. 14. Brian Dolan David Doherty Creative Connectivity - Nick Hunn Medical Smartphones Dr. Joseph Kim
  16. 16. MedApps
  17. 17. CardioNet CardioNet is the world's leading supplier of mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry. CardioNet provides the next-generation ambulatory cardiac monitoring service with beat-to-beat, real time analysis, automatic arrhythmia detection and wireless ECG transmission. Sensor -> wireless monitor CardioNet provides a comprehensive suite of post-symptom, looping, and auto trigger event monitors as part of its turn-key cardiac event monitoring service.
  18. 18. Vitaphone
  19. 19. Dyna-Vision Telemedicine Offering World's First Mobile Real-Time Remote Patient Monitor Featuring Continuous Monitoring of Vital Signs 3, 5 and 12 lead ECG Heart Rate Plethysmogram SpO2 Pulse Rate NIBP No Peripherals Required for Transmission Internal GSM, Bluetooth Class I and USB connection Dyna-Vision© support all country mobile networks No infrastructure needed The GPRS SIM card built-in the unit
  20. 20. Corscience As a manufacturer of innovative telemedical sensors, Corscience offers research, development and production at the highest scientific and technological level. All sensors are equipped with a Bluetooth interface for wireless measurement transmission. Corscience offers sensors for the following illnesses: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Bronchial asthma Cardiac insufficiency Cardiac dysrhythmia A further sensor application is emergency medicine. ECG data can be transmitted “live” from the scene to a clinic with the BT 12 PC ECG device. For the easy integration in existing external systems Corscience offers development kits for most of the sensors.
  21. 21. LifeWatch The small and lightweight LifeStar™ ACT Sensor and electrodes are worn on your chest to record your heart's rhythm. Each heartbeat is transmitted wirelessly to the ACT Cellular Phone Monitor where it is analyzed. If an arrhythmia is detected, the Cellular Phone Monitor automatically sends it to one of three LifeWatch Monitoring Centers for review and MD notification, if required.
  22. 22. Intelesens Intelesens is an innovator in targeted non-invasive wireless vital sign monitor development who has developed the world’s first intelligent, wearable ,non- invasive, wireless vital signs monitoring device for use primarily in remote patient monitoring and personal telehealth applications. Intelesens is developing a portfolio of products which will deliver improved quality-of-care to patients and significantly reduce healthcare costs by reducing the need for hospitalizations and outpatient visits. Intelesens develops and manufactures its own products and also products for other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our VS100, patch based Bluetooth Vital Signs Monitor will be CE Marked and begin shipping in December 2009.
  23. 23. Corventis Corventis develops wireless cardiovascular solutions that offer unprecedented visibility into a patients health status PiiX™: An unobtrusive, water-resistant, patient-worn device that adheres to the skin and automatically collects and transmits physiological information zLink™: A small portable device (similar to a cell phone) that wirelessly transmits information received from PiiX to Corventis Corventis Web Services: A hosted application for data analysis and storage that also includes the Corventis website (, which enables secure access to physiological trends and clinical event information for interpretation and diagnosis
  24. 24. Toumaz The Toumaz Sensium™ provides the complete technology platform to allow healthcare providers to monitor the human body continuously, wirelessly, intelligently and at low-cost – with the robustness and medical compliance associated with considerably more expensive capital equipment. Sensium enables the development of a new generation of non-intrusive body-worn wireless devices that can continuously monitor multiple vital signs in real-time, and feed back high-quality information to health professionals via PCs, PDAs and cell phones. Sensium: low power sensor -> plug into PDA/smartphone (where data can be filtered) System diagram: Wearable sensor nodes -> basestation -> linked to target stations Sensium life pebble: ultra small size vital signs monitor -> Sensium USB adapter or data logger
  25. 25. STMicroelectronics Geneva, November 05,2009 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, and Mayo Clinic, a premier health-care organization, are collaborating on a novel platform for remotely monitoring patients with chronic cardiovascular disease. The platform will provide a comprehensive and unobtrusive solution that monitors person-specific data and physiological parameters and influences lifestyle and treatment choices. Telemedicine, which allows medical professionals to monitor or treat patients even when they are not in the same location, is widely recognized as an essential step in reducing the escalating cost of healthcare. Instead of entering a hospital or visiting a doctor for check-ups, the patient wears a small device that continually monitors a number of relevant physiological parameters. This approach has many potential benefits, including maintaining wellness, earlier detection of developing health conditions, improving lifestyle, and lowering healthcare costs.
  26. 26. GE Healthcare I am a member of the Radio Frequency and Photonics Laboratory at GE Global Research. We develop a variety of RF sensing and wireless communications technologies. Most recently, my colleagues and I have been working with GE Healthcare to change the game for ambulatory patient monitoring with Medical Body Sensor Networks. You might ask, what are body sensor networks (or BSNs, as they are known in my world)? Well, they are basically a collection of non-invasive and body-worn devices that are capable of collecting a variety of real-time information about a patient’s medical condition inside or outside a hospital or assisted living facility. The great thing about this data is that it can be collected and then processed locally at the patient or transmitted electronically to a centralized monitoring station, so that a doctor can monitor how a patient is doing YouTube whether they are checking them at the hospital or from their office and even home. Interference :(
  27. 27. Intelligent clothing Intelligent Clothing was founded ten years ago to pursue an idea that ordinary washable undergarments could provide an intensive care standard of wireless health monitoring. At the time neither electronic components, battery power, digital signal processing techniques or the internet existed with sufficient sophistication to realise the idea. However, continuous evolution of both the industry and the company's research has produced a manufacturable SmartPatch™ with internet connectivity, suitable for Special Care Baby Units and the home.
  28. 28. 24eight
  29. 29. Proteus Biomedical Proteus ingestible event markers (IEMs) are tiny, digestible sensors made from food ingredients, which are activated by stomach fluids after swallowing. Once activated, the IEM sends an ultra low-power, private, digital signal through the body to a microelectronic receiver that is either a small bandage style skin patch or a tiny device insert under the skin. The receiver date- and time-stamps, decodes, and records information such as the type of drug, the dose, and the place of manufacture, as well as measures and reports physiologic measures such as heart rate, activity, and respiratory rate. Invasive?
  30. 30. It's a thin line between fitness and healthcare, between consumer- and medical- devices
  31. 31. Garmin GPS-enabled heart rate-based calorie computation automatic sync multisport high-sensitivity receiver courses feature rechargeable lithium-ion battery wireless data sharing gym equipment compatible wireless heart rate monitor + foot pod virtual partner
  32. 32. Nike+ Apple With Nike+ running shoes and a Nike + iPod Sport Kit or Sensor, your iPod nano, iPod touch, or iPhone 3GS will motivate you mile after mile. Connect your iPod to a Nike + iPod compatible cardio machine at the gym and track your progress from one workout to the next.
  33. 33. MIO MIO is the world’s first watch to offer ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap, which means you can get your heart rate whenever and wherever you want it. It’s heart rate on demand! Experts agree, anyone trying to achieve a lifestyle or fitness goal, such as finding the best way to lose weight and get in shape, or just monitoring their stress, will benefit from knowing their heart rate. All exercisers, from beginners to advanced alike, can use the valuable feedback of a strapless heart rate monitor to improve their work out routine so that they exercise smarter and see results faster. With MIO, heart rate monitoring has never been easier.
  34. 34. Fitbit The Fitbit accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality. The Fitbit contains a 3D motion sensor like the one found in the Nintendo Wii. The Fitbit tracks your motion in three dimensions and converts this into useful information about your daily activities. You can wear the Fitbit on your waist, in your pocket or on undergarments. At night, you can wear the Fitbit clipped to the included wristband in order to track your sleep. Anytime you walk by the included wireless base station, data from your Fitbit is silently uploaded in the background to
  35. 35. Tanita The new, BC-590BT Bluetooth Wireless Body Composition Monitor is a revolution in personal health maintenance. The BC-590 brings state-of-the-art technology to the health monitoring industry, as it is designed to transmit multiple readings, wirelessly, to a personal computer within seconds for an easy way to view and record fitness trends over time. The BC-590BT measures weight, body fat, body water, daily caloric intake, bone mass, muscle mass, and so much more, and is the first consumer scale to utilize Bluetooth technology!
  36. 36. myzeo Zeo is a new kind of educational tool and motivational program that helps you understand how you are sleeping, reveals habits and behaviors that may be helping or hindering your sleep, and teaches new ways that may help you get a better night's rest.
  37. 37. Glucotel Features Bluetooth wireless technology enabled blood glucose meter Real-time, accurate transmission of blood glucose results Immediate availability of results via online database 24/7, worldwide access to secure online database Add optional values such as medication, food and activity easily to database via cell phone Benefits Eliminates manual log books Helps improve quality of life Peace of mind for patients and family Easy to comply to physicians’ orders Improved diabetes management
  38. 38. Bayer Blood glucose monitoring system, that doesn't look like a medical device
  39. 39. Living Tomorrow Brushing & monitoring
  41. 41. CAALYX Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment Recent advances in mobile positioning Roaming Monitoring system systems and telecommunications are Home Monitoring System providing the technology needed for the Central Care Service & Monitoring development of location-aware tele- care applications. CAALYX an EU- funded project that aims at increasing older people's autonomy and self- confidence by developing a wearable light device capable of measuring specific vital signs of the elderly, detecting falls and location, and communicating automatically in real- time with his/her care provider in case of an emergency, wherever the older person happens to be, at home or outside.
  42. 42. STT Condigi
  43. 43. WellAware
  44. 44. Healthsense eNeighbor® Wi-Fi Personal Emergency Response Pendant, pull cord, call button Used in private residenceeNeighbor® Wi-Fi Wireless Nurse Call Pendant, pull cord, call button Used in congregate living Wi-Fi based location tracking Comprehensive reportseNeighbor® Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Automatic call for help using sensor technology Health status changes Personal Safety Monitors and ReminderseNeighbor® Wi-Fi Telehealth Blood pressure, weight, pulse oximetry, cameras Mobile kiosk or private residence
  45. 45. Grandcare systems The GrandCare system supports standard protocols which means that the list of supported sensors will continue to grow. Depending on the situation, we will provide sensors based on wireless X10, powerline X10, Zwave, or Zigbee standards. You can always start small and add new sensors as the situation requires. Motion: Motion can tell a lot about daily activities. Monitor movement throughout the home, bedside, medications, fridge, bathroom etc. The system can detect excessive wandering. Door: Be alerted if door opens at wrong time, or the door isn't opened Action Button: Perform assigned action when the button is pressed - make a phone call, restart Communication slideshow on TV, I'm OK button, etc. Bed/Chair: Send alerts if a person does not go to bed, or doesn't get out of chair. Temperature: Monitor inside temperature and send alerts if out of range. Weight Scale: Measure, monitor & graph weight. Blood Pressure Cuff: Measure, monitor & graph blood pressure - print out graphs for your doctor. Glucometer: Measure, monitor & graph glucose readings Reminder Chime: Ring an alert or reminder chime in the loved one's home. Caller ID: Prevent tele-scams from afar, photo of known callers appears on GC TV Station. Lights: Turns lights on/off at dusk or dawn. Light can automatically turn on if a loved one gets up during the night.
  46. 46. Quietcare The QuietCare system transforms eldercare with advanced motion sensor technology that learns the daily living patterns of senior community residents and sends alerts when certain out-of-the-ordinary events occur. The system provides care staff with information that facilitates the delivery of personalized care to help improve response times and identify potential problems before they become emergencies.
  47. 47. MyHalo MyHalo is a step ahead for you and your caregivers and it brings the future home. This is the only system offering automatic 24/7 vital signs and activity monitoring, including advanced fall detection. That means, you don’t have to push a panic button, because the system already knows when you have fallen.
  48. 48. Platforms / hubs
  49. 49. Cambridge Consultants Cambridge Consultants, a leading technology product design and development firm, has today unveiled VenaHub, a data collection and aggregation system that promises to simplify personal health management in a connected health environment. VenaHub employs a small pocket device to capture data from a user's ecosystem of wireless medical devices, which it then integrates into a customizable online health information portal.
  50. 50. inprimo The technological basis of Inprimo consists of the development provides non-invasive, miniaturized sensors and an open software platform, standardized interfaces to integrate third-party. Another aspect of the research work concerns the development of non-proprietary interfaces for communication between the sensor systems and the platform. Vital signs are wirelessly from the sensors on a mobile device (smartphone) and transferred from there via the mobile network for storage and analysis transferred to the platform. Inprimo offers service providers a flexible platform that allows their own services in the areas of prevention, fitness & lifestyle, diagnosis and treatment implement comfortable addressing a wide range of users and individualized. Users are offered a secure data management with high usability and the design of their individual access through web-based and mobile user interfaces. The Inprimo Platform acts as a (data) center between end users, service providers and institutions.
  51. 51. Geriatric Assistant (Bug Labs) This application is the combination of various geriatric assistance ideas (two to be exact). The first function of the application is a more modern “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” device which actually attempts to detect when a fall has occurred using the Motion/Accelerometer module. If a fall is detected, a log is posted to a tumblr account ( complete with an image (generated using the Yahoo! Maps API) which pin-points the location of the fall based on the GPS coordinates retrieved from the GPS module. The second function of the application is used to help people with memory issues (Alzheimer's patients, etc.) by recording images throughout the day and allowing them to review those images in rapid succession before they go to bed, which has been proven to help increase their recollection of events. The GeriatricAssistant employs the following BUG modules: Camera (used to take images every 30 seconds to be played back in the evening before the user goes to bed) Motion/Accelerometer (used to determine when a �free fall� has occurred) GPS (used to pin-point the exact location of a fall) LCD (used to allow interaction with the user, including the playback of recorded images)
  52. 52. Sotera (formerly known as Triage) Sotera Wireless is developing ViSi MobileTM, a wireless platform for continuous vital signs monitoring that keeps clinicians connected to their patients, whether in transport, in the emergency room or in general inpatient units. Featuring comfortable body-worn sensors that allow for freedom of movement and multiple vital-sign capture, the technology also enables continuous accurate blood pressure measurement for ambulatory patients without the need for frequent cuff inflation. With Sotera Wireless’ breakthrough technology nurses can efficiently ? monitor a full range of vital signs continuously and remotely throughout the hospital, extending the reach of patient safety and enhancing overall care. This technology is driven by a custom software application package developed by Sotera Wireless, that is compatible with standard Windows- based operating systems.
  53. 53. BiancaMed For BiancaMed, huge potential lies in the fact that our platform can be readily integrated into a cell phone handset and enable it to carry out the following unique functions: On-the-spot measurement of heart rate and respiration Portable fitness monitoring Activity measurement and calorie counter - link with your diet plan A night-time sleep monitor Remote health monitoring at home - providing reassurance that you are maintaining health and, when necessary alert a monitoring centre Non-contact sensors
  54. 54. Shimmer Shimmer™ is a small wireless sensor platform that can record and transmit physiological and kinematic data in real-time. Designed as a wearable sensor, Shimmer™ incorporates: wireless ECG, EMG, GSR, Accelerometer, Gyro, PIR, Tilt and Vibration sensors. Shimmer™ is an extremely extensible platform that enables researchers and industry to be at the leading edge of sensing technology.
  55. 55. Zyxel ZyXEL Introduces State-Of-Art Smart Home Gateway For Health Monitoring Applications ZyXEL Communications Inc., a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet connectivity and routing products, today announced the Smart Home Gateway (SHG), a rugged, pocket-sized, battery powered wireless router. In addition to providing wireless Internet connectivity through fixed broadband (ADSL/Cable) and 3G / 4G broadband, it also enables multiple applications including state-of-the-art, real-time health monitoring through home networks. The SHG series is a breakthrough device for health monitoring applications. Via one of its two USB ports, it can connect to IEEE11073 USB, Bluetooth and Zigbee-compliant medical sensors to send real-time data from heath monitoring devices or smart home sensors such as blood-sugar or heart rate readings to remote healthcare providers. Health care providers are under regulatory pressure to reduce costs through early detection and prevention and millions of baby boomers are entering the phase that requires greater healthcare support. This has opened up immense market potential and new revenue opportunities for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and solutions providers who can use the SHG to offer remote health monitoring services to healthcare providers. Health monitoring services are grouped into three main types – vital sign monitoring like blood pressure etc., disease management like diabetes and hypertension and Aging independently that includes bed pressure and other emergency sensors.
  56. 56. HEALTHY SERVICES Personalised feedback mhealthshakes device platform personal feedback sharing + ...
  57. 57. The Carrot Track Monitor anything using the trackers—diet, exercise, medicines, your kid’s height, and more. Enter data on the iPhone or snap a pic with your cell phone. Report Once you’ve gathered data, you can create a report. View your data with one of our standard reports, or customize your own report. Share Our reports are formatted for easy printing and emailing. When working with a professional, a clear, comprehensive report makes his/her job much easier.
  58. 58. VitaMotionSun VitaMotionSun works like this You will receive a support services that will improve your well-being measured under the guidance of a personal health coach, and under medical supervision. Simply enter your activity sensor, the intensity of your exercise activity and record within the day, and visualized. You will receive software-analysis and timely feedback from evaluations by our experts, you are athletic, medical and health care.
  59. 59. Philips directlife If swimming laps or jogging is not your idea of fun, take a good look at DirectLife. Based on your profile (age, gender, height and weight), DirectLife helps you set balanced and achievable goals. Add activities you enjoy to reach your weekly target.
  60. 60. Withings The first WiFi body scale connected to the internet. It automatically records your weight, fat mass and BMI, which you can view from your computer or iPhone
  61. 61. Polka Polka delivers a secure, mobile-enabled personal health platform that empowers you to manage your health, wellness, and fitness on your own terms. Polka provides a free user-centric secure web site service with paid, synchronized mobile smartphone applications for the iPhone and Twitter. Polka has innovated a new market surrounding personal responsibility and utilizing personal observations to chart and improve your health and the health of those close to you. Polka provides the tools and reminders for you to log and achieve your goals, as well as more detailed information exchanges with your physicians and support network to improve diagnoses and treatment options.
  62. 62. THE BEGINNING made as preparation for MoMoAMS #14 mHealth on Jan 25th 2010 @bart