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Bath Simple Brochure 2012

  1. Bathroomier renovation remodeled
  2. It’s more than your bathroom. It’s your sanctuary.
  3. The remodeling experience, remodeled. Your bathroom is the most invigorating room in your home. It’s high time the process of renovating it were equally so. At Bath Simple, we understand that how you get there is just as important as what you end up with. That’s why our certified team will assist you every step of the way—from design and product selection, to drafting a budget, to planning your schedule, to delivering and installing your bath. Imagine the bathroom of your dreams completed on time and within budget. Achieved without worry, set backs, or endless trips to the hardware store. Now stop imagining. Because that dream is about to become a reality. renovation remodeled
  4. Why BathSimple? Because our name says it all. We’ve all heard the saying about renovation projects taking twice as long and costing twice as much as planned. At Bath Simple, our “one-stop” service redefines the term “remodel.” Ours is a process that streamlines the planning stages and helps you control both the construction time and the total cost of your project. No surprises. No hidden costs. No headaches. With Them With Us Research Research You drive to showrooms, pore through magazines, search online, Our team has spent countless hours investigating hundreds of bath and devote unlimited hours to investigating your options before products to provide you with only the best of the best. Think of us as you can even begin to invest any elbow grease. Research takes time your curator, saving you valuable time, energy, and gas money. away from your work, your family, and your life. Selection Selection Our certified designers come to you and design your custom bath Your contractor typically makes a few store recommendations, but based on your unique specifications. Before hammer even touches it’s up to you to deal with the tough questions. Will everything tile, you receive a detailed project proposal, so you know exactly match? Will materials arrive on time? Will the project stay within what you’re getting and how much you’ll be spending. budget? Quite often the answers are no, no, and definitely not. Installation Installation All our products are received and inspected at our facility before When you work with multiple manufacturers, materials rarely show delivery. And by delivery, we mean single-delivery, so our certified up at the same time and almost never go together. As a result, installers can work efficiently, with minimal impact on your home life. the project progresses in fits and starts, extending from weeks to months. And sometimes beyond. Support Our concierge service is here to help even after the completion of Support your bathroom renovation. We pride ourselves on being your one- Once your project is complete and the contractor has signed off, he’s stop resource from start to finish and beyond. on to his next project. Gone, like Houdini. If problems arise, you’ll have to wait longer than you expect, and likely have to deal with the manufacturer directly.
  5. The “Simple” plan. 1. Your Consultation One phone call puts you in touch with our customer support team. They’ll get a sense of your vision and connect you with one of our certified designers who will meet you in your home and help define the scope of your renovation, draft concept sketches, and help you see how your vision can come to life. 2. Your Proposal Next, your designer will prepare a proposal that includes a detailed list of recommended materials and products, a preliminary budget, and a style board illustrating the key elements of your bathroom – from tile, to wood finishes, to fixtures, and more. 3. Site Verification Once you approve your design, one of our certified contractors schedules a visit to your home to identify potential installation challenges. 4. Contract and Payment You will enter two contracts: one with Bath Simple for materials, and another for installation with your certified contractor, which includes demolition, installation and cleanup.
  6. 5. Delivery and Installation After you sign the purchase order, we assign you a project manager. Your project manager will gather your products—which typically takes four to six weeks—and ensure that everything is delivered on time in one Bath Simple box. You’ll be contacted two weeks before the delivery date to confirm the installation schedule. 6. Your Building Permit Obtaining a building permit is the responsibility of the homeowner, but we’ll assist you with this process. If you choose to have the contractor obtain the permit on your behalf, the cost of this service will be included in your installation contract. 7. Kick-off On day one, your installer will isolate the construction area and complete the demolition. In the event the installer discovers dry rot, decayed rough plumbing, or worse, he will bring this to your attention for review. Once you and your installer review your options (including any added costs), we take corrective action per your agreement. 8. Completion Most projects are completed within ten business days. Once installation is complete, your project manager will do a walk-through with you to ensure that the workmanship meets your expectations. Any issues will be promptly addressed. Both materials and installation are covered under industry-standard warranties. Installation provided by independent contractors licensed in the State of California under license numbers 800576, 741963,785932.
  7. Let’s talk vanity. (yours and ours) Since you start and end the day in this very spot, we provide you with a wide array of custom cabinetry, countertops, mirrors, and lighting to help you make the most of it. 1 Custom-made cabinets and countertops 4 Mirrors and medicine cabinets Choose from a variety of door styles and premium We customize your mirrors to suit your space. Choose flat hardwoods, engineered quartz and marble countertops, and or beveled edges in three frame styles and finishes to match European hardware. Our wood cabinets are thoughtfully your cabinets. Our medicine cabinets feature options like crafted in the USA with soft-close hardware, dovetail drawer fog-free mirrors, concealed outlets, adjustable shelving, and joinery, roll-out storage for easy access, and 22 catalyzed low-maintenance brushed-aluminum shells. finishes to withstand humidity. 5 Flooring and walls—they bring it all together 2 Faucets, sinks and everything under the hood We work closely with leading colorists to curate a balanced Our faucets and sinks are notable for their clean lines, palette of floor and wall textures. From tile, to stone, to superior quality, and lasting finishes. Our water-saving premium composite flooring, choose exactly what you feel faucets are made of solid brass, with leak-free, low- best complements your shower design. maintenance ceramic cartridges, and your choice of polished chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. 6 Ventilation that does more than cool Proper ventilation reduces odors and bacteria. Our 3 High-efficiency task and ambient lighting EnergyStar®-rated fans come equipped with optional Lighting can set a room’s mood, but we also need it for humidity sensors, timers, and motion detectors to cut practical tasks like shaving and applying makeup. Our suite humidity levels while saving energy. of high-efficiency ambient and functional lighting fixtures meet every conceivable need.
  8. 6 3 4 5 Did you know? Our EcoRight faucets lower water consumption up to 60%. The EcoRight 2 aerator in the faucet’s spout draws surrounding air into the water to create larger drops that coat the skin 1 and provide an intense air boost that makes for a more invigorating stream. All told, you get great water savings without having to sacrifice performance. Our LED technology has all the warmth of incandescent lighting at a fraction of the energy consumption. In fact, LED bulbs will run for more than 30,000 hours.
  9. 1 2 Did you know? Our single-lever shower controls glide 5 effortlessly to a consistent temperature. No more hot and cold surges – and no more worries about someone flushing while you’re showering. 4 3 6
  10. Installing a new bath doesn’t have to mean taking a bath The right bath or shower can melt away tension, soothe aching muscles, and restore peace of mind. Our spa-quality tubs and showers are designed to be as invigorating as they are inviting, and thanks to our EcoRight technology they’re both energy efficient and cost-friendly. At last you can enjoy a long shower without feeling a drop of guilt. 1 Showerheads that pamper 4 Urethane-based grout system Whether you want a spa-style shower, a massaging spray, Every new bath should be free from cracks, discoloration or even the pleasing sensation of rainfall overhead, our or mold—though all three are common byproducts eco-friendly showerheads create a relaxing oasis. AirPower of traditional mortar grout. While more expensive than technology infuses each stream with air, delivering an traditional systems, our Urethane-based grout system resists especially vigorous shower experience. damage and maintains its original shade indefinitely. 2 Tubs that fit every body 5 Tempered glass enclosures Our premium soaking tubs feature generous armrests, Create a private retreat or an open-air look with our framed integral lumbar supports, superior contours, and and frameless glass shower enclosures, featuring tempered extraordinary heat retention. With tubs ranging from 60” to safety glass and watertight magnetic seals. Choose your 72” in length, you can stretch out as long as you like. preferred thickness and finish, with optional safety bars and Microtek surface protection. 3 Shower bases that keep you safe Our slip-resistant curb and curb-free shower bases (in acrylic, 6 Guaranteed waterproofing mosaic tile, and stone) suit your taste and budget without Our waterproofing system carries a best in the industry 10- sacrificing style. All our bases are thoughtfully finished for year warranty. It’s more expensive than traditional methods, maximum stability. but it’s also less invasive, easier to install, and immediately ready for tiling.
  11. Your throne and what surrounds it. We all know the toilet is the most essential fixture in the bathroom, which is why we did our homework to find you the highest quality flushing system and smartest bidet seats available today. Appointments are the jewelry of any bath. Our thoughtfully packaged accessories, safety products and heated flooring will surround you with immeasurable comfort and convenience. 1 Our toilets—the best in the industry 4 Bath Accessories According to the New York Times, Toto toilets are becoming as We’ve thoughtfully prepared coordinated accessory packages much of a selling point in a house as Viking ranges and Sub- to compliment your primary bath selections. Packages Zero fridges. Not only are they beautifully designed, they save include towel bars, toilet paper holders, towel shelves, robe up to 63% more water than traditional flushing systems. hooks, and towel rings. 2 Wall-mounted designs 5 Bath safety products Wall-mounted toilets place the tank in the wall cavity for a Your safety is most important to us. So in addition to our slip- clean, modern appearance. Featuring a fast, quiet flush with resistant tubs, curb free shower bases, and flooring, we offer minimal water pressure, they’re ideal for the kind of bathrooms an array of innovative products designed to save your behind. where floor space is at a premium. 6 Under-floor heating for added comfort 3 Toilet Seats Not only do radiant-heated floors feel incredible – particularly Toto’s SoftClose® seat—our Bath Simple standard—is cleverly on those chilly mornings – they’re also surprisingly energy- engineered to close safely and quietly. We also offer a range efficient and more affordable than ever. of Toto Washlets® and Duravit Sensowash® seating for the ultimate in hands-free cleansing.
  12. 5 1 Did you know? 2 According to the National Safety Council, more than 200,000 people are injured in their bathroom each year. 3 Our curb-free showers, thermostatic 6 water controls, tub seats and support bars are just a few of the ways we help 4 prevent accidents before they happen.
  13. You could say we’re flush with excitement. We’ve compiled a list of questions for you to consider as you begin thinking about your renovation. We don’t ask a hundred questions purely for our own enjoyment, although we certainly do love what we do. We ask these questions to help you pinpoint your exact design needs, which will bring you that much closer to realizing the bath of your dreams. Vanity Ensemble Toilet/Accessories Ensemble • How old is your home? • Are you looking for a high-quality basic toilet or one with added • How would you describe its current style? • cleaning features? • How much storage space do you need? • Do you have space constraints? • What type of vanity would suit the space best? We can move, remove, and relocate or change walls, doors, and windows to • create more space. Are you open to such renovations? • When you see a vanity you really like, what strikes you most about it? • What style of accessories do you prefer? Which palette of colors do you prefer? • What types of safety features are required in your bath? Shower/Bath Ensemble • Which type of flooring do you envision in the bath? • What features would you describe as essential to your shower or bath? • What do you know about radiant heated flooring? • (It’s okay to say, “Nothing at all.”) Would you prefer your shower to be private and enclosed or airy and open? • How often will the shower be used? Let’s talk wall colors • How would you describe your ideal shower? • Are you considering a neutral shade that complements your stone tiling? • What type of tile do you prefer in the bath? A bright and cheery shade to fit with the existing colors of a master bedroom? A kid-friendly color? A fashion-forward hue? • Do you have any favorite bath pictures or memories that would be helpful in showing us exactly what you’re seeking?
  14. Our promise to you. We employ only the best. We inspect what’s inspected. Bath Simple professionals are trained and certified in All our products are guaranteed by their best practices for construction and installation. They manufacturers to be free from defects. If they fail to are licensed, bonded, and insured. perform as promised, we’ll provide a replacement or satisfactory repair. Your safety comes first. We give you the best possible warrantee. Our installers take all the necessary measures to safeguard your home and ensure protection of All Bath Simple-certified installers offer the one-year personal items during the renovation. fit-and-finish warranty on installation. Within the first year, you can also request a thorough inspection of your new bathroom to ensure all products are We love the environment. working properly. Your old bath fixtures and construction debris will be promptly removed, disposed of, and recycled Ours is the best combination of quality whenever possible. and price. In fact, if you find a comparable package for a better Efficiency is everything. price, we’ll match it. No questions asked. We deliver all products for your renovation at the same time. This 100% complete package makes installation time faster, more efficient, and pain-free.
  15. Reimagine not just what your bathroom can be, but what your entire remodeling experience can be. Get started today by calling 800-699-2618 or visiting us at © 2012 Bath Simple, LLC one box, one bathroom