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Andrew Denton interview questions

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Powerpoint Resource from Bev Wilkinson presentation for the 2017 Global Intergenerational Conference held in Milwaukee June 13-16.

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Andrew Denton interview questions

  1. 1. Celebrate Living History 1 Book: EldersInterviews with Andrew Denton Edited by Fiona Harari Examplesof unique interview questions: Dame Elizabeth Murdoch When you look into the mirror,whatdo you see? I hardly ever look at myself,its so displeasing.I forgetI’m looking old but I do, and so I don’t look often. Inside what do you see? I’m not conscious of my age at all. It’s extraordinary. Your mind and outlook is exactly the same, it never changes. Are there assumptions thatpeoplemake aboutyou because they think you’re old? Yes they think I’m unable to do this or that and they marvel when I appear. I’m out and about a lot and they seem to be quite surprised that I seem to manage this. They don’t realise that I still have the capacity to enjoy life. After one hundred years on the planet, is it a beautifulworld? Are you optimistic? I’m an incurable optimist. I think life wouldn’t be worth living if you were pessimistic. Sir David Attenborough Home environmentobservation You have a huge collection of classicalmusic.Why does music mean so much to you? It’s a mystery isn’t it. I oftenthink about it as a biologist.I once made a program about music and animals. You can produce a definition for music, which includes other species apart from yourself that make music: whales, birds or gibbons.