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Top Intranet Trends and Their Benefits For Your Business

With various meaningful innovations like social, engagement and workflow features in the intranet technology have made it easier for employees to work more efficiently. A modern digital workplace solution relies on the latest intranet trends and their utilization for best of the business benefits. 2020 is set for even more advancements and take digital workplace solutions to new heights of efficiency and success. Some of the latest intranet predictions includes contests and gamification, hiring and referral programs, content tagging, discussion forums and employee engagement features. BizPortals 365 helps you build a powerful intranet solution that perfectly suits your business needs.

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Top Intranet Trends and Their Benefits For Your Business

  1. 1. Intranet Trends for Businesses of all Sizes = Streamline your business processes = Enhance productivity and collaboration = Share stories, photos, blurbs, updates, announcements = Manage documents and digital libraries = Project Management = HR & Employee Management BUILD A POWERFUL INTRANET WITH BIZPORTALS 365 Top Intranet Trends Sense of Community Share fun and togetherness with the entire company to build a strong community and maintain a work life balance. Contests and Gamification Themed Days of Week Q&A and Discussion Forums Hire Within the Company Content Tagging Experiment with Intranet Offer rewards and prizes on contests to encourage the employee participation and achieve better collaboration. Engaging the employees while using company intranet is critical and the concept of themes like “Throwback Thursday” can add some spice to your intranet solution. It is an awesome exercise for team-building and promotes clear communication about projects, tasks and much more. Try using internal job board for new hiring to save time, efforts, and money of the company. Searching the relevant information is a tedious task until it is well-organized and managed. Applying tags to the content is highly effective in managing the intranet content. Nothing is fixed in this dynamic world and so is your intranet solution. Experiment with different ideas, processes, designs and keep going.