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Waypoint PowerPoint

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Waypoint PowerPoint

  1. 1. Increasing Volume, Acuity and Admissions WayPoint Marketing Solutions “We Navigate Success”
  2. 2. EMS Providers make millions of dollars in revenue decisions that affect the hospital each year. • EMS and First Responders have a tendency to assist patients with destination decisions when interacting with them. • The first line of communication with any patient coming to the ED by ambulance is with the EMS personnel. • We ensure that your hospital is the focal point of that discussion. • We engage the EMS crews by building relationships , educating them on service lines and ensuring they are strong brand advocates. Step 1
  3. 3. Brand Advocacy drives patients with valuable payer sources right to the Emergency Department door. We are able to measure your brand advocates on a micro-level. We report monthly on volume, admissions and payer mix giving you an up to minute look at our success Increased volume, acuity and admissions is important to all hospitals. These benchmark increases will positively affect your bottom line.
  4. 4. Building relationships is what we do best! We utilize “best practices” and innovative marketing techniques to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment in our services. We are experts in EMS, Marketing and Business Development. You can count on us to “do what we say and say what we do”. We build long lasting relationships with all of your local referral sources. We work closely with EMS, Fire, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Urgent Cares to ensure your hospital is the destination of choice.
  5. 5. We bring EMS to you!
  6. 6. In a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, it was shown that patients brought into the Emergency Department via ambulance had a far greater financial impact than those who arrived by other means. (McConnell, et al., 2006) Another study showed that the likelihood of an admission based on a ED visit brought by ambulance was 25% to 40% greater. By positioning your hospital as the destination of choice for your areas EMS providers, we can significantly improve your volume, your acuity and your admissions. EMS Patients are worth more….
  7. 7. From Strategic Goals to Daily Operations WayPoint Marketing Solutions works with your hospitals C-Suite or A- Team to determine what service lines are driving revenue. ( Trauma, Stroke and STEMI) After these service lines are identified we go to work formulating strategic goals to facilitate their growth. We utilize EMS Coordinators to build the foundations on which we build our business model.
  8. 8. Our EMS Coordinator collects all of the ePCR’s for every patient brought in by ambulance. The EMS Coordinator prepares the data for extraction of relevant and dynamic data markers. The EMS Coordinator is the front line, face to face representative of your ED. They assist EMS with any issues. The EMS Coordinator assists with educational opportunities, marketing service lines and building relationships with all local referral sources EMS COORDINATORS AND OUTREACH Outreach Data Collection Packet Prep EMS Liaison
  9. 9. The EMS Coordinator keeps a detailed log of all the marketing visits made. This gives your stakeholders and inside look at where we are concentrating our proven and effective micro- marketing techniques. By utilizing of our dynamic reporting module, they can make intelligent decisions on what service lines need extra attention. Daily Marketing Log
  10. 10. We offer various solutions and service line initiatives to our clients. We have worked with ER Express, In-Quicker, MedHost, Fast Pass and Direct-Call. No matter what your hospital needs are, we promise to deliver an objective, informed and actionable plan for improving your bottom line. Our Service Line Initiatives
  11. 11. Questions? More Information? Brett F. Murphy, NRP 825 Cochise Trail SE Conyers, GA 30094 404-862-4434