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In a split second

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  • This is part of the book I have been writing about my life story, which includes things that will help you understand what I have gone through in my life that helps me to connect with troubled teenagers and young adults. My hope is that after you have taken the time to not only read, but also reflect upon what I have written will touch your heart. So, if you are able to financially help by making my vision to become a reality. Please remember every donation matters , regardless, of the amount of the donation due to the fact that they all add up together. What really matters is that it has come from your heart and will help to change troubled teenagers and young adults too become productive citizens instead of an inmate number or another statistic.
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In a split second

  1. 1. In a Split Second: From Tragedy to Triumph with Jesus Christ IntroductionMy day started out like every other ordinary day by waking up, taking a shower, gettingdressed, having breakfast then heading off to work. The day was going like any other day atwork helping people by getting them the auto parts they needed, checking in the stock thatarrived that day, then restocking the store with things such as oil, oil filters, air filters, differenttypes of additives to help your vehicle improve its performance and sharing an occasional laughwith a coworker. I got off early that day, so I could go home to get a shower, get dressed andthen go to pick up my friend Barry due to the fact that we were going to a concert that night.We arrived before the concert started, so we hung out in the parking lot and talked with otherpeople who had arrived early for the concert also. Somehow, between the time when weentered the concert venue and when the concert started my friend Barry and I got separatedfrom each other. We each had a hold of our own tickets, so I decided that I would go down tothe front of the venue where our seats were located. The first band onstage, Biohazard hadbegun playing, but there was still no sign of my friend Barry. I noticed that there was an areawhere there was a group of people slam dancing, so I decided to go down front and have somefun while also getting closer to the band with hopes of catching either a guitar pick or possiblyone of the drummer’sdrumsticks.I remember Biohazard finishing playing and then the next thing I remembered I was on top ofthe crowd that pushed me forward towards the stage. The next thing that I remember wasthat I was pulled off the crowd, then led by a group of guys, which due to legal agreements Iam unable to reveal the names of them or the people who pulled me off the crowd whileallowing me to land on the ground with all my weight. The next thing I knew I was led up a
  2. 2. few steps then pushed through a set of double doors to the outside and then was thrown downon the ground. I stood up on my own then the three guys said to me, “Do you have aproblem?” I replied, “No, I don’t have a problem,” and the next thing they said to me was,“Well you do now!”Then the next thing I knew the group of guys put my arms behind my back,picked me up in the air, slammed me on the ground head first breaking my neck and thencontinued to rough me up. Then they picked me up by my arms and legs, then I felt my rightfoot hit the ground and then the next thing I knew was that my head dropped downwardcausing two vertebraein my neck to slide over top of each other causing my spinal cord to becut which caused my body to lose all feeling from my chest down. They proceeded to carry mewhat had felt like the length of a football field, dropping me face down in a mud puddle outsideof the gates. Fortunately, I was able to turn my head to the left one more time out of the mudpuddle so that I could breathe without drowning in the mud puddle. As they were walking backinto the concert venue I heard one of them yell out to me, “Now try to get up and walk!” Thenext thing I remembered was seeing my friend Anthony kneeling down what looked like to meat the time that he was a mile away from me, and he asked me,” Are you ok?”, and I replied tohim ,”No, they broke my neck”. I also remember the paramedics surrounding me while asking me, “What’s wrong?” I replied, “They broke my neck.” Then one of the paramedics asked me, “How do you know your neck is broken?” since I was in respiratory arrest as loud as I could I yelled to them, “They broke my neck, I heard it snap!” They then turned me onto my side while putting a board behind my back, then stabilizing my neck by putting a neck brace while also placing two blocks or either side of my head and then strapping them down to prevent any further damage to my spinal cord. While the paramedics were putting me into the ambulance I kept
  3. 3. repeating to them, “Please call my mother at [410]686-0384!” The next thing Iremember was waking up in Shock Trauma with a tubegoing down my throat, atube going up my nose, IV’s in both arms while the doctors were screwingscrews into both sides of my head so that they could stabilize my neck by puttingit into traction to align all of the vertebrae in my neck. At that moment I didn’trealize that after all the bad things I had done in my life until that moment, JesusChrist was giving me a Second Chance at life. For