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Set Focus Available Talent List

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Set Focus Available Talent List

  1. 1. Available Talent List<br />Your no-fee link to qualified, <br />pre-screened Microsoft Talent<br />Specializing in training and placementof .NET, SQL Server, <br />Business Intelligence and SharePoint candidates<br />
  2. 2. Become a SetFocus partner<br /><ul><li>No placement or referral fees
  3. 3. Access to a growing pool of skilled Microsoft talent
  4. 4. Gain visibility in front of qualified developers and </li></ul> Microsoft professionals<br /><ul><li> Submit job requisitions – at no cost</li></ul>Learn more about our no-fee partner solutions<br />Contact Bethany Rattray with any questions <br />regarding the Partner Program. <br />Available Talent List<br />
  5. 5. What SetFocus partners are saying<br />“SetFocus is the buzz among our recruiters nationwide! <br />Their graduates are productive from day one and make <br />our engagement a win-win for everyone involved.&quot; <br />“SetFocus is a highly trusted and valued partner for The Henson Group (THG). Because we work so closely with Microsoft and because we are the preferred solution provider for many US and international corporations, there is no room for inexperience. Our consultants have to be the best of the best. That’s why Microsoft turns to The Henson Group, and that’s why The Henson Group turns to SetFocus.”<br />-Director of Recruiting, North America<br />Avanade<br />-Director of Consulting Services<br />The Henson Group, Inc.<br />“The candidates trained at SetFocus have become an <br />integral part of our recruiting strategy now and for the future. <br />Since the graduates come in with the essential skills in the .NET framework and are prepared to enter an evolving market, <br />they advance quickly in our organization.”<br />“SetFocus is a key partner to Microsoft Staffing and we have come to expect great talent from them to help fill our positions and meet opportunities in the marketplace.”<br />-Director of Recruiting<br />Infragistics<br />-Central Sourcing Team Leader<br />Microsoft<br />A sample of other SetFocus partners<br />Available Talent List<br />
  6. 6. East<br />SQL<br />Greater Philadelphia, PA<br />New York City, New York<br /><br />Business Intelligence<br />Barnstable/Yarmouth, Massachusetts<br />Meriden, Connecticut<br />Princeton, New Jersey<br />South Plainfield, New Jersey<br />Oakland, New Jersey<br />Poolesville, Maryland<br />Wilmington, Delaware<br />New York City, New York<br /><br /><br /><br />White Plains, New York<br />Albany, New York<br />.NET<br />Jersey City, NJ<br />Edison, NJ<br /><br />SharePoint<br />Kendall Park, New Jersey<br />Available Talent List<br />Sign up to receive our weekly Hot List<br />
  7. 7. South<br />SQL<br />Orlando, Florida<br />Greensboro, North Carolina<br />Raleigh, North Carolina<br />Shelby, North Carolina<br />Business Intelligence<br />Orlando, Florida<br /><br /> <br />Tulsa, Oklahoma<br />Atlanta, Georgia<br /><br /><br />Raleigh, North Carolina<br />Randleman, North Carolina<br />Charlotte, North Carolina<br />Asheville, North Carolina<br />Pinnacle, North Carolina<br />Plano, Texas<br />Carrollton, Texas<br />Austin, Texas<br />Kemp, Texas<br />Houston, Texas<br />.NET<br />Charlotte, North Carolina<br /><br /><br />Winston Salem, North Carolina<br />El Paso, Texas<br />Sherman/Denison, Texas<br />Grapevine, Texas<br />SharePoint<br />Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina<br />  <br />Available Talent List<br />Sign up to receive our weekly Hot List<br />
  8. 8. Central<br />SQL<br />Louisville, Kentucky<br />Bowling Green, Kentucky<br />Chicago, Illinois<br />Beverly Hills, Michigan<br />Business Intelligence<br />Indianapolis, Indiana<br />Jackson, Michigan<br />Detroit, Michigan<br /><br />Chicago, Illinois<br />Bellwood, Illinois<br />Euclid, Ohio<br />Madison, Wisconsin<br />.NET<br />Cleveland/Akron, Ohio<br />Columbus, Ohio<br />Kokomo, Indiana<br />Cambridge City, Indiana<br />Minneapolis, Minnesota<br />Detroit, Michigan<br />Royal Oak, Michigan<br />Chicago, Illinois<br /><br />Available Talent List<br />Sign up to receive our weekly Hot List<br />
  9. 9. West<br />Business Intelligence<br />Surprise, Arizona<br />Phoenix, Arizona<br />Booney Lake, Washington<br />.NET<br />Salt Lake City, Utah<br />Missoula, Montana<br />Los Angeles, California<br />San Francisco, California<br /><br />Denver, Colorado<br /><br />Kenmore, Washington<br />SQL<br />Los Angeles, California<br />SharePoint<br />Phoenix, Arizona<br />Available Talent List<br />Sign up to receive our weekly Hot List<br />
  10. 10. Contact us today<br />For more information visit<br /><br />For more information about these candidates or to schedule an interview<br />To join our partner program and post no-fee job opportunities<br />For more information about SetFocus’s Client Services<br />Brian E. Galicki<br />Placement Specialist<br />Bethany M. Rattray<br />Corporate Development Specialist<br />Theresa Billy<br />Director of Client Services<br />973-889-0211 x131<br /> <br />brattray<br />bmrattray<br />973-889-0211 x118<br /><br />BGalicki<br />begalicki<br />973-889-0211 x132<br /><br />TBilly<br />TBilly<br />Available Talent List<br />Sign up to receive our weekly Hot List<br />