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Sales on-boarding 30-60-90 day plan - Oct 2014

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Sales on-boarding 30-60-90 day plan - Oct 2014

  1. 1. Sales On-Boarding: 30, 60, 90 Day Plan First 30 Days First 60 Days First 90 Days Process  Read publically availableguides we’ve written and/or shared  Read sales books that the sales team tries to followand adhere to  Read the Sales Playbook to understand our sales process and activities  Have 1-on-1s with your manager to set clear goals  Shadow a peer to learn best practices,focus on basics to start with  Build your Territory & Account Plan  Know the objections we hear and our qualifying questions  Have 1-on-1s with your manager for pipelinemanagement & coaching  Understand how to drivea sequence of events to manage the sale  Understand why your services differentiate your company  Learn how to work with your alliance partners  Start learningthe more advanced activities of your sales process,such as doinga proof-of-concept  Know how we recognize a real opportunity and how to move a deal forward  Have 1-on-1s with your manager for Deal-Level and Skills-Focused coaching  Understand your forecast, how to manage it, and how to report it  Create a plan to work with partners to augment your Territory Plan  Know how your company negotiates (the gives and takes)  Learn what your red flags are duringa sale Products  Watch product and customer videos  Review the opening/introductory pitch and related call scripts  Review horriblefollow-up e-mails and good e-mail tips  Review and practicethe current sales pitch  Master the sales pitch with different personas and industries  Master givingan overview demo  Learn additional details aboutyour solutions  Learn the pricelistand your discountingpolicies  Learn the add-on business and products for your company Tools  Start with the basics of Salesforce.comand similar tools, focusingon the fields to know and how to use it  Advance to some “tricks of the trade” from peers on the tools they use most often  Customize the tools so they work the way you need them to work Industry  Understand the basic concepts of the thing you’re selling  Understand the basic concepts of the industries you’resellingto (or specific job functions if you’re cross-industry)  Learn how to run an efficientand effective sales meeting with a clear agenda, goals and next-steps  Review customer casestudies  Join industry-related groups on LinkedIn  Followand read influential industry-related blogs Last updated:October28, 2014 Contact BrianGroth withquestions: LinkedIn: Twitter: