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Cosmoprof: Your Guide To Your Nail Art Style

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Cosmoprof: Your Guide To Your Nail Art Style

  1. 1. Cosmoprof: Your Guide To Your Nail Art StyleCosmoprof ,Las Vegas, is the biggest make up and beauty show and is your nail art guide tonail style for Fall trends! It’s worldwide beauty trade show that takes place in Las Vegas everyyear- as well as, Hong Kong and Bologna, Italy. It is a beauty lovers heaven! I am bring myfavorite finds to you to guide you through the overwhelming world of nails, to help you chooseyour nail art style!This show is huge! I spend the first day just trying to get myself oriented. However, with nailsbeing one of my main goals, there was a variety of nail art: Ceramic, Magnetic, Gel, 3D, and somuch more! Here are a few of the little gems that will help you rock your personal nail style thisFall!For the Fashion Forward, we are all familiar with the Ciate Cavier Manicure, but hold onto your 1/5
  2. 2. seats. Besides the beautiful glitter of gold hues, Ciate is lauching the Velvet Manicure Kit ($25) which I got to try out first hand! AMAZING! The reason why I am super fond of this brand isbecause they are fashion forward without going too crazy. I mean the 3D Nail Art Designs are cool, but come on- how practical are they for most?For the Ms. Adventurous, Layla Cosmetics is a super up and coming brand that just hit theUnited States. All of their nail polishes are Made in Italy, where the headquarters andwarehouse are located. They contain a variety of different kinds of polishes such as theMagnetic Effect (below $15), Hologram Effect, Ceramic Effect, and the Soft Touch Effect. Wewill be diving into a more detailed post on this nail art, later this week. Quality at it’s best! Checkthem out at and look for more reviews on their products in the weeks tocome! 2/5
  3. 3. For my working 9 to 5 ladies, and all my You Tube Followers, I had a chance to meet up with Julie G aka “JulieG713? launching her new nail polish line Julie G, alongside Jesse’s GirlCosmetics. With the inspiration being to make nail colors easy, fresh, vibrant and pigmented for her You Tube Followers, out came Julie G Polishes ($4)! One of my favorites, “9 to 5? wascreated for the woman who works a day job, but wants to have something a little colorful on hernails thats fun and not too boring, but still work appropriate. It is a gorgeous, light apricot shade (below), and it would certainly look great on a bride for her wedding day, too! 3/5
  4. 4. This is the show for the business minded movers and shakers of the cosmetics industry, and Ieven ran into the famous Jose Eber- the one and only from Beverly Hills. What makes this showespecially unique is that people come from all over the world- even Italy had a special sectionfeaturing the hottest trends stemming from Italian couture. It is very different from the IMATSand The Makeup Show in a way of which it is more focused on each and every element in thecosmetics industry from retail to packaging and manufacturing WORLDWIDE. You Tube’s Julie G and I (TheMakeupMinutes) 4/5
  5. 5. So wether you are a “9 to 5 Working Woman” and want a soft touch of Julie G, “Ms. Adventurous” and try out the Layla’s Magnetic polishes, or “Ms. Fashion Forward” and want to captivate the Ciate’s Velvet Mani, their are nail art designs, at Cosmoprof, Las Vegas, for just about anyone! 5/5Powered by TCPDF (