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The Audience Behind Digital Transformation 2019

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A quick audience analysis of those discussing topics related to digital transformation and the evolution of business in 2019.

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The Audience Behind Digital Transformation 2019

  1. 1. The audience behind Digital Transformation
  2. 2. The analysis The data from this analysis was pulled from Audiense, a leading audience intelligence platform based in London. While most analytics platforms can organize and manage unstructured data, an in-depth human analysis is required to filter through the information, look for patterns and formulate actionable insights. There were 7.2K unique social profiles collected based on the digital transformation conversational analysis. The data was collected, organized and put through machine learning algorithms to find unique interests and characteristics. This data, while only directional, is critical to drive marketing and communications programs, campaigns and day-to-day content initiatives.
  3. 3. Audience segments 3 Business & Technology Customer Experience Digital Marketing Fintech & Insurtech N=7286 total members The digital transformation audience is clustered into four distinct segments, all of which have very unique interests, characteristics, and behavioral patterns. The four segments are as follows: ● Business & Technology ● Customer Experience ● Digital Marketing ● Fintech & Insurtech The following slides go a little deeper into the business & technology audience segment only, and includes a look into their top interests, content, who influences them and what media publications they read and share.
  4. 4. Top interests 4 The below data represents that top interests of the digital transformation audience, specifically the business and technology segment. The data is compared to the broader audience in order to see their unique interests and characteristics. Business & Industrial Technology & Computing Advertising & Marketing Business Operations Energy Companies Manufacturing Current Segment Full Audience Internet & Technology Consumer Electronics Software Enterprise Technology Networking Current Segment Full Audience
  5. 5. Top shared content 5 The below represents a current sampling of content shared by this segment.
  6. 6. Who influences this audience? 6 Eric Knorr Editor in Chief of IDG Enterprise, which includes CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, and Network World Tamara McCleary CEO @ThuliumCo interested in AI, IoT, Robotics, Big Data and the Future of Work Kirk Borne Principal Data Scientist @BoozAllen. Global Speaker interested in Data Science & AI. PhD Astrophysicist Dion Hinchcliffe Thinker, strategist, enterprise architect, keynote speaker, analyst, futurist on IT, @Constellationr @ZDNet Doug Laney Gartner Analyst, Chief Data Officer research & advisory team. Data & Analytics Strategy Daniel Newman Principal Analyst Futurum Research, @Forbes @MarketWatch Contributor | TEDx Alum Mike Gualtieri Forrester VP & Principal Analyst: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Deborah Kay Head of Digital Transformation | Chatbot Evangelist | Speaker | 21 All Star Twitter | School Builder The below data represents a sampling of luminaries, pundits and media that have significant influence over the business and technology audience segment.
  7. 7. Top media consumption 7 TOP BUSINESS MEDIA TOP TECH MEDIA The below data represents the top business and technology media consumed by this audience. It’s calculated based on which media publications this audience follows, shares, interacts with and talks about.