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How to create click bait.

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How to get more traffic, better rankings quickly and easily by giving Google what they want. Your Facebook fans and Pinterest followers will share and re-pin your content.

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How to create click bait.

  1. 1. How to Create Click Bait. How you can quickly and easily increase traffic and rankings organically.
  2. 2. Create a Click Bait Quote Image. The aim is to get a lot of pins, shares and likes it’s a bonus if it goes viral. You put the image on your target site and then share on Facebook, Pinterest etc. from there. This gives you traffic and rankings in the way Google wants you to do it. Unsolicited, unpaid linking from other people.
  3. 3. This is easier than you think. For best results choose one or more of these 1. Make it simple. 2. Make it funny, romantic, controversial. 3. Put a cute image or scene as background.
  4. 4. Start by finding a quote. Get a quote book or go here or here for all the quotes you’ll ever need. Don’t spend too much time searching, you could spend days on these sites but that’s not the point of the exercise. I like short, one sentence quotes because they sit on the page nicely and can be read at small image sizes. I’ll now show you exactly how I do this. For this presentation I’m going with Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love. ~Mildred B. Vermont because it’s topical. It’s a bit longer than I would like but there is time for it to gain some traction before Mother’s day. I need a picture - baby or child. There are multiple places to find such a thing , start at Google images. Make sure you have the right to use the image. I got this one on the right. Ready? Lets go. Go here
  5. 5. This is how you make the click bait image using http://QuotesCover. com this video is in real time. Click the Start Designing button. Paste in your quote and author in the proper fields. Click next , choose viral, choose square, customise your poster by adding the image and playing with
  6. 6. End Result. Easy and fast. Save as png rather than direct to Facebook. Gives you more options as to where you share it. Here is the final result. You can do this, it’s easy.