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Digital collections: Increasing awareness and use

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Your digital collections are online. What's next? Learn how CONTENTdm users including libraries, museums and archives use a variety of ways to increase awareness and promote their digital collections. The session will also highlight the use of the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway that provides you with a self-service tool for uploading the metadata of your unique digital content to WorldCat and is available to all repository managers.

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Digital collections: Increasing awareness and use

  1. 1. CONTENTdm® digital collections: Increasing awareness and use Suzanne Butte OCLC Digital Services Consultant AzLA November 2010
  2. 2. • Your special collections—online! • Special collections • Archival and library materials distinguished from other materials by their physical form, content, depth or subject coverage • Historic, rare, valuable, hard to access, fragile • Now you want everyone to know they are available online CONTENTdm digital collections: Increasing awareness and use
  3. 3. • Increasing awareness of your digital collections to • Your library users (students, faculty and staff) • Your community (campus, geographic, library and subject) • And beyond! • Regional to global Digital collections
  4. 4. Top 6 ways to increase awareness 1. Create print materials 2. Schedule in-person events 3. Contact the media 4. Share your metadata 5. Leverage the Web 6. Wield those Web 2.0 tools
  5. 5. • Print materials may be considered old-fashioned, but they are effective • Write a description, include images • Develop brochures, flyers, bookmarks, table tents and/or posters • Consider student and local newspapers • Work with press or marketing departments • Send full article to a range of publications, especially subject specific Increasing awareness and use: 1. Create print materials
  6. 6. Increasing awareness and use: • Create print materials Hudson River Valley Heritage • Bookmarks • Customizable press release
  7. 7. Increasing awareness and use: • Create print materials Montana Memory Project • Bookmarks
  8. 8. Increasing awareness and use: 2. Schedule in-person events • Participate in faculty informational meetings • Present at conferences and special events • Speak at community events and meetings • Interviews (public radio, newspapers, etc.) • Host a special event, such as an open house • [Remember to provide related brochures, flyers, etc.!]
  9. 9. Increasing awareness and use: • Schedule in-person events
  10. 10. Increasing awareness and use: 3. Contact the Media • Newspapers • Magazines • eNewsletters • External blogs
  11. 11. Western Soundscape Archive, University of Utah Marriott Libraries http://westernsoundscap
  12. 12. Increasing awareness and use: • American Library Association
  13. 13. Increasing awareness and use: • American Library Association • American Libraries Direct, an eNewsletter that features a Digital Library of the Week • Do you know of a digital library collection that they can mention in this AL Direct feature? • Browse previous Digital Libraries of the Week at
  14. 14. Increasing awareness and use: 4. Increase discovery of your digital collections with WorldCat The WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway • Offers self-service tools to upload the metadata of your unique digital collections to WorldCat • Enables you to set your OCLC holdings symbol for each record uploaded to WorldCat, which helps to optimize search results • End users can click through to your local digital content • Freely available for use with any OAI-compliant repository, including CONTENTdm
  15. 15.
  16. 16. WorldCat for global discovery Thumbnail View the item
  17. 17. Providing access to your digital items
  18. 18. Benefits of the WorldCat Gateway • Harvesting schedule. You control your harvesting schedule—monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually • Customization of metadata. You customize the appearance of your metadata in the display • Local identity of your records. Your metadata records maintain their local identity • OCLC holdings symbol. Set your symbol for each record uploaded to WorldCat, to help optimize search results in WorldCat Local
  19. 19. Increasing discovery through
  20. 20. Growing usage, growing features Since July 2009 … • More than 300 institutions registered • More than 1,000,000 metadata records added to WorldCat
  21. 21. Collection visibility Photographs, theses, museum objects, audio clips, oral histories, historical documents & manuscripts, yearbooks, newspapers Milestone record program • Recognizes contributions via the Gateway on significant milestones • Awardees receive professional development grant
  22. 22. Milestone record – 450,000th record University of Michigan
  23. 23. Milestone record – 1,000,000th record Virginia Tech Digital Library and Archives
  24. 24. Penny Baker, Clark Art Institute “The Gateway is an important tool for The Clark to broaden the visibility of its collections, from there we have created WorldCat lists and have also tied in online interactive communities such as Facebook and other Web 2.0 tools.” Penny Baker, Collections Management Librarian The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
  25. 25. Register with search engines • Yahoo! – Getting started promoting your site • ote/promote-07.html • Google – How to register with Google • • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Increasing awareness and use: 5. Leverage the Web
  26. 26. Utilize your library’s Web site • Add to the OPAC (collection and/or item level) • Link from your Library’s Home Page • Showcase your collections online • Feature “What’s New” or “Image of the Month” to increase appeal • Online “slideshows” – images change every X seconds Increasing awareness and use: • Leverage the Web
  27. 27. Increasing awareness and use: • Link from your Library’s Home Page
  28. 28. Increasing awareness and use: • Showcase your digital collections
  29. 29. • Listservs (announcements on professional listservs) • Blogs Increasing awareness and use: • Listservs, blogs, RSS Feeds
  30. 30. • Go to where your users are… • Wikipedia • Flickr • Facebook • YouTube • SlideShare Increasing awareness and use: 6. Web 2.0 tools
  31. 31. • Wikipedia • “Using Wikipedia to Extend Digital Collections,” Ann Lally and Carolyn Dunford, University of Washington Libraries ( • Brigham Young University • Increasing awareness and use: • Wikipedia
  32. 32. Brigham Young University, Digital Collections
  33. 33. Increasing awareness and use: • Web 2.0 tools • “CONTENTdm, Wikipedia and Flickr: What Happens When They Play Together?” Anne Graham, University of Washington Libraries ( Tdm_Wikipedia_and_Flickr.pdf) • Results of using Wikipedia
  34. 34. Increasing awareness and use: • Flickr Flickr • Miami University • • Exported images from CONTENTdm using XML and into Flickr via the API • Linked back to their CONTENTdm digital collections
  35. 35. Increasing awareness and use: • Facebook Facebook • Binghamton University Libraries' Special Collections • “We hope to reach a whole new audience with our page. The page will include hours, contact information, announcements of exhibits and events, photos, and more.” • Denver Public Library Western History and Genealogy Dept.
  36. 36. Increasing awareness and use: • Facebook
  37. 37. Increasing awareness and use: • YouTube
  38. 38. • Help users share your collections by adding buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Delicious Increasing awareness and use: • Encourage sharing
  39. 39. • Create a place for visitors to share stories and photos Increasing awareness and use: • Encourage sharing
  40. 40. CONTENTdm Collection of Collections • • Increasing awareness and use: • With OCLC
  41. 41. For those that use CONTENTdm • CONTENTdm Featured Collections • • • Project Client’s Home Tab • Posting on CONTENTdm USC blog • Twitter Increasing awareness and use: • With OCLC
  42. 42. Summary • There are many strategies to help promote digital collections and increase awareness and use: • Your library’s Web site • Print/PR materials • OCLC and WorldCat • Sharing metadata • Leveraging the Internet • Web 2.0 tools • In-person engagements/events
  43. 43. Questions? • OCLC contact Suzanne Butte Phone: 800-848-5878, ext. 5130 E-mail: