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What is digital asset management for consumer packaged goods

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Digital asset management (DAM) is transforming all industries, but none more than the consumer packaged goods space. Brands in this category typically have countless photos, logos, PDFs, sales materials, event assets, videos, presentations, as well as, different versions based on location and language. And don’t forget about version controls and limited time access for special events and announcements.

All of these assets need to be stored, organized and distributed both internally and to external vendors and partners. The best way to keep up with the never-ending onslaught of assets is with DAM.

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What is digital asset management for consumer packaged goods

  1. 1. The breakdown of digital asset management DAM for consumer packaged goods Digital asset management (DAM) provides an efficient means for centralizing, managing, locating, tracking and sharing digital assets within your organization. It is a central repository for photos, graphics, videos, presentations, documents and other media. Learn the basics A digital asset is any form of rich media in digital form. This includes stock photos, graphics, videos, presentations, documents, audio, etc. The lifecycle of a digital asset. The number of companies already using a digital asset management solution. Without a DAM, the most common file sharing scenarios resulting in file misuse or loss... The value of your organization’s digital assets. 1/10 Time & Creative Investment Accelerates Brand Growth Marketing Enablement My digital assets went where? 71% Email 68% USB Drive 55% 82% Public Drive 70% of companies plan to outsource branded content development in the next 12 months. 7/10 CREATE MANAGE DELIVERTRACK REUSE The value of visual files Importance of brand consistency 96% of people don’t consider security measures before sharing assets with outside vendors. A freelance photographer filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against BuzzFeed Inc. for over $3.6 million in damages! 82% of marketers create and deliver brand assets at every point of customer interaction. 90% of organizations have lost confidential assets over the previous 12 months. File misuse can have expensive repercussions. 65% of your audience are visual learners. Videos are shared 1,200% more than link and text posts combined. Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. On Facebook, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs. To experience rapid brand growth, your brand must be consistent and well managed. The benefits of using a DAM 20% Consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than those who aren’t. 73% Your audience could care less if 73% of the world’s brands disappeared tomorrow. For more information visit: © 2019 Bynder Findability Access Security Brand Growth Collaboration User Experience Time Saving Speed If just 10 people at your company waste 1 hour each week searching for files... Case studies indicate that DAM ROI is betwee are wasted each year at your company. 3.25 months 8:1 and 14:1 Integrate to create an even more seamless experience. Secured Anytime, Anywhere Access. Connect your teams, files and brand. WEB CMS SPEED OF DEPLOYMENT CLOUD ON PREMISE COST SAVING SCALABILITY ACCESSIBILITY CONTINUOUS UPDATES SSO CRM CDS WEB SERVICES Why cloud is #1 VS. Better End-User Experience Faster Business Response Time Better Access: Anytime, Anywhere Better Control of Assets 72% 65% 60% 58%