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QNAP Surveillance Solutions

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QNAP Surveillance Solutions

  1. 1. QNAP Surveillance Solutions
  2. 2. Table Of Content 1. About QNAP 2. Solution Presentation − Small Scale − Medium Scale − Large Scale 3. Resources − Tutorials & Case Studies − Videos − Online Demo 2
  3. 3. About QNAP • Formerly a division of IEI Technology Corp (Industrial PC). • Over 10 years experience in offering the class-leading network storage, network surveillance, and network media solutions. • Founded in: April 2004 • Number of employees: 520 (Nov 2012) • Sales channel: Worldwide IT & Security channels 3
  4. 4. World-class Network Storage • According to a market research conducted by Gartner announced in Mar 2012, QNAP is the 2011 No. 1 supplier of standalone NAS products in the sub-$5,000 price band in terms of vendor revenue by raw terabytes shipped. QNAP: No. 1 supplier of standalone NAS products 4
  5. 5. Solid Development Power Hardware Software Integration Top notch E/E and ME design engineer team Pioneers in embedded Linux technology Camera integration Partner with major chipset vendors High performance and high reliability server & video technology ID/ME/Thermal in house design & simulation capability Extensive experience in RISC I/O processor Testing: Stress, reliability, performance, functional, compatibility, EMI... Facility: SMT/DIP & Assembly 5 Experts in TCP/IP offload engine technology Advanced network distributed management technology Long-term testing
  6. 6. 2 Surveillance Solutions 6
  7. 7. HD Video = Need for Higher Storage Resolution Codec FPS Weekly Monthly Half Year 1 Year VGA H.264 30 41.1GB 175.9GB 1.06TB 2.14TB 720P H.264 30 118.7GB 508.7GB 3.05TB 6.19TB 1080P H.264 30 263.1GB 1.12TB 6.77TB 13.72TB 3M H.264 30 398.4GB 1.70TB 10.24TB 20.77TB 5M H.264 30 621.4GB 2.66TB 15.98TB 32.40TB 35 30 25 VGA 720P 20 1080P 15 3M 5M 10 5 0 7 Weekly Monthly Half Year 1 Year
  8. 8. QNAP vs. VMS QNAP NVR PC –based VMS Operating System Embedded Linux Windows Setup Cost Low High Set up & Operation 6 Steps Difficult Maintenance interval Low High Noise Level 20 dB High Power Consumption 39 W High Remote Power Control Scheduled No Malware Vulnerability Low High System Analysis In-house Vendor dependent Overall Maintenance Improved Performance 8 Low Effective Management (+PC/SATA card.. etc) (software installation) (Manual) High Upgraded Components
  9. 9. Solutions for Different Scenarios
  10. 10. Scalable & Future Proof Platform 1000ch 512ch 128ch 64ch 56ch 48ch 32ch 24ch 16ch 8ch 4ch 10 Edge VMS+ NAS for 4-16CH entry segment
  11. 11. Solution for Small Scale Project • • • • QNAP NAS as Pure Storage Solution for “Edge Storage” Deployment Reduce the cost of VMS (VMS on Camera) 4CH ~ 16CH Easy to Install VMS Camera NAS Storage
  12. 12. NAS Storage for 4 to 16 Channels $139 - $500 $499 - $800 $900 - $1,500 TS-670 Pro TS-470 Pro SMB 2.13GHz CPU + 1GB TS-269 Pro TS-469 Pro TS-569 Pro TS-669 Pro SOHO TS-119P II TS-221 TS-421 2.0 GHz CPU + 1000 MB Home TS-112 1-Bay 12 TS-220 2-Bay TS-420 1.6 GHz CPU + 500 MB 4-bay 5-bay 6-bay
  13. 13. Scalable & Future Proof Platform 1000ch 512ch 128ch 64ch 56ch 48ch 32ch NVR HDMI local display For up to 64CH 24ch 16ch 8ch 4ch 13 Edge VMS+ NAS for 4-16CH entry segment
  14. 14. QNAP’s Versatile Solution for IP Surveillance • NVR (Storage with VMS) for IP Camera Recording • Solution for 16-64 channel per Site • DVR-like experience 1080p @ 200 FPS VMS Storage DVR Replacement
  15. 15. Intuitive Interface • Same interface on : Windows, Mac, HDMI, and Web Browser Monitoring/ Playback/ System Configuration Supports 3D Intelligent Positioning PTZ 15 Deploy E-map
  16. 16. Playback Interface System Event/Alarm logs Date/time video search 16 Instant Preview Playback control
  17. 17. HDMI + USB Mouse Operation • To manage system settings such as network, time and camera settings 17
  18. 18. Solid Reliability • IPC Level internal construction • Advanced passive cooling design 18 (remove single-point of failure)
  19. 19. Data Reliability • Provides flexibility to increase hard drive fault tolerance − Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, − 5 + hot spare, 6 + hot spare, and 10 + hot spare TraditionalArray 5 RAID 5 RAID ARRAY • Online RAID expansion and migration − Upgrade RAID types − Increase RAID volume size 19
  20. 20. Intelligent Monitoring and Notification Intelligent events triggered and notification Email SMS Buzzer & Push-Notification 20
  21. 21. Dual Networkcards • Multi-IP Setting − Dedicated IP video network − IT network for viewing & management • Load Balancing/Failover LAN 1 LAN 2 Work station Work station Work station 21
  22. 22. Export/Backup • One Touch Auto Backup − Backup button at the front of the NVR − Copy the data to an USB when the button is pressed • Network Backup − To another NAS • Social Media Upload − Export to Youtube − Overcome problem of sending large file 22
  23. 23. Storage Expansion Whooping up to additional 200TB mass storage 23
  24. 24. Smart Recording *Refer to website for latest model support status 24
  25. 25. Edge Recording • When network failure occurs − recording are temporarily stored in the network camera’s SD card • When system resumes − NVR can retrieve and merge recordings seamlessly. *Refer to website for latest model support status 25
  26. 26. Multi-streaming 26 IP camera list PTZ control Live monitoring
  27. 27. Stream Transcode for Mobile Devices Single View maintain maximum native stream Multi-View Transcode to CIF or VGA depending (No Extra Port-forwarding needed!) 27
  28. 28. Mobile Monitoring Solution 28
  29. 29. Full Spectrum of NVR Series $300 - $1000 $1000 - $2500 $3500 - $8000 56ch VS-12156U-RP Pro 48ch VS-8148 Pro+ VS-8148U-RP Pro VS-12148U-RP Pro 40ch VS-8140 Pro+ VS-8140U-RP Pro VS-12140U-RP Pro 32ch VS-8132 Pro+ VS-8132U-RP Pro 24ch VS-8124 Pro+ VS-8124U-RP Pro 20ch VS-6120 Pro High Value Entry Level ‘ 16ch 12ch 8ch 4ch Professional VS-6116 Pro VS-4116 Pro VS-4116U-RP Pro VS-2112 ProVS-4112 Pro VS-6112 Pro VS-4112U-RP Pro VS-2008L VS-2108 ProVS-4108 Pro VS-4108U-RP Pro VS-2004L VS-2104 Pro 2-Bay 29 Rackmount 4-bay 6-bay 8-bay 12-bay
  30. 30. Megapixel Throughput Performance NVR Throughput VS-12156U-RP/12148U-RP/12140U-RP Pro+ 40-64 450 Mbps VS-8148U-RP/8140U-RP/8132U-RP/8124U-RP Pro+ 24-48 400 Mbps VS-8148/8140/8132/8124 Pro+ 24-48 400 Mbps VS-6120 Pro+/6116 Pro+/6112 Pro+ 12-20 330 Mbps VS-4116U-RP/4112U-RP/4108U-RP Pro+ 8-16 176 Mbps VS-4116 Pro+/4112 Pro+/4108 Pro+ 8-16 250 Mbps VS-2112 Pro+/2108 Pro+/2104 Pro+ 30 Channels 4-12 180 Mbps
  31. 31. Scalable & Future Proof Platform 1000ch 512ch CMS 128-1000CH 128ch 64ch 56ch 48ch 32ch NVR HDMI local display For up to 64CH 24ch 16ch 8ch 4ch 31 Edge VMS+ NAS for 4-16CH entry segment
  32. 32. Large Scale Deployment. Multi-sites/ Distributed Environment
  33. 33. Multi-Monitor Mode • Support up to 8 monitors. The main screen handles configuration and playback and the sub-screens displays E-map and live view. • Easily switch between E-map and live view on each sub-screen. Liveview Configuration Playback E-Map
  34. 34. Event Notification & Instant Handling • • • • Alarm List Event Log 34 Open live view Open event playback Go to live view layout Go to e-map layer
  35. 35. Playback • Centralized playback up to 16 channels from 16 NVRs • Playback Non-sync & Sync Mode Alarm Recordings Normal Recordings 35
  36. 36. Tree-structure Content List • Tree-structure design makes it more efficient to organize and classify floor layouts 36
  37. 37. Dashboard Event Overview • Event source: • Edge motion • Camera I/O • System Malfunction • • • • 37 NVR disconnection Camera disconnection NVR HDD failure NVR Fan failure
  38. 38. Bookmark for Unexpected Event Management • • • • One-click and set a bookmark with default information. Available in both live view & playback Quick & detailed bookmark Easy for event evidence metadata search
  39. 39. Video Wall Technology Bezel Width Compensation •Keep the aspect ratio on high resolution pictures and video •Adjustable for various bezel width - Mask OFF - Mask ON Smooth View Discrete View Cascade Technology •Extend display configuration larger than 4x4 •Automatic scale up Video wall Controller Video wall Controller 39
  40. 40. Tutorials + Case Studies
  41. 41. Tutorials Case Studies • NAS 1. How to configure Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) to record and archive video recordings from IP cameras to QNAP Turbo NAS 2. How to record video files to QNAP Turbo NAS from AXIS IP cameras via AXIS Camera Station VMS NVR 1. Set up the QNAP VioStor NVR to record and monitor a fisheye network camera 2. How to enable Smart Recording? 3. How to configure Storage Expansion? 41
  42. 42. Live Demo Smart-phone use Vmobile For desktop client software: PC/Mac Or use Web Browser (IE/Chrome/Firefox) http:// P/W: usa/usa
  43. 43. Introduction Video Search QNAP Security
  44. 44. QNAP NVR Highlight Turnkey IP surveillance solution • • Dedicated software and hardware optimized for HD video recording Up to 30 fps at 1080P, 720P, VGA for each channel Easy setup • The NVR can be set up in 6 steps via the web-browser or HDMI display Management via HDMI display • • The NVR can be monitored and managed without any PC required Full screen display, event notification, PTZ control, digital zoom Remote web-based management • • The NVR can be managed by a web browser anytime, anywhere on the network Motion detection, alarm input, connection failure, recording failure, and user-defined event Supports popular IP cameras in the market • • The NVR is compatible with over 1,400 IP camera models ONVIF Profile-S High stability & Capacity • • 44 Scalable storage up to 64TB or more with NAS expansion RAID 1, 5, 6, 5+hot spare for high data redundancy

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  • Storyline: AgendaSpeaker Notes: Today, we’re going profile data storage challenges faced by consumers and small- and medium-businesses. We’ll cover the challenges of accessing, sharing, managing, and protecting important media and data files, and discuss Intel’s vision for centralized storage solutions within each usage model. You’ll see how the Intel® technologies inside these storage solutions help protect your digital life at home—and also ensure business continuity for your small business and provide scalable, centralized data protection as your business grows. And finally, we’ll leave you with some resources that can help you decide which solution is right for you when you’re ready to purchase one of these Intel®-based storage solutions for your home or small business.
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